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xris 2006-10-31 12:35

Code Geass Episode 4 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Code Geass, Episode 4!

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LuckyCat 2006-11-01 00:29

Hooray for
Spoiler for episode ending:

Owaranai Destiny 2006-11-01 06:33

I knew this was coming...Code Geass having a forum thread of its own in the Current series discussion, I mean. ;)

Episode 4 was...surprising. It certainly does set up well for the next episode, though, and

As for C.C...

Sonhex 2006-11-01 10:26

Thought I'd repost my musings on C.C's apparent ressurection:

Firstly, the obvious one, she did not die and has been ressurected either by her own wierd skills or by the military. However there is no evidence that C.C's body was retrieved by the military after Lelouch takes the Knightmare Frame from Viletta. Also we don't know yet what Lelouch, if it was him, did with her body and those of the soldiers he geassed. I suspect we'll find out in coming episodes. Let's assume C.C came back to life somehow despite the head-shot. Another thing to think about is how C.C knows about Nanaly. Let's assume C.C scanned Lelouch's memories when she activated his Geass power and discovered his secrets i.e. where he lives, Nanally as his weakness/strength, his past with Britannia etc...

Secondly she did die and the C.C we see at the end of ep 4 is a clone or another version created in Nagita by the military. You could speculate that the multiple chambers and suits (wherein C.C was contained) may suggest cloning or at least transport of multiple subjects. But then how would the clone know about Nanaly? The clone would have been made from the source, not the dead C.C (assuming her body was not recovered, see above). This is the stumbling block for the clone theory as I see it.

Another thing I noticed - that despite being shot in the head, there wasn't much mess beside some blood. Whereas the soldier's heads all exploded nicely, C.C merely slumps and bleeds. Maybe that was just an artistic choice, to prevent us seeing the messy death of a cute character?

I find the whole C.C mystery more and more compelling as we see more snippets of who or what she is and what the wish was that she apparently wanted Lelouch to fulfill. Clues in the OP - the shot of Jupiter's Red Spot and the multitudes of C.C's people. That strange silver globe/planet thing in ep 1. It's worth noting that we have already seen evidence that someone looking suspiciously like C.C was around well over a 100 years before the present time in Code Geass so her being immortal may well be a possibility. Eternal life and the power to manipulate the masses = holy grail? Intriguing stuff.

monstratboy 2006-11-01 16:52

Seeing as the General declared the experiment a failure I doubt the military got their hands on C.C. again.

My speculation is she is an alien and it is her race's abillities/knowledge that allowed the Brittania family to rise to such power. Clovis got a whiff of some secrets and found a source in Area Eleven to do his own research.

Spoiler for manga:

Hopefully we see alot of C.C. in the future and she's not just some wandering spirit. She throws Lulu some real sultry glances that I thought were real hot, one just before she faints as she is released from her capsule and one as she is lying on the ground after tripping.

What I really want to know is what kind of organisation Toudou's group is. They're all wearing full military uniforms so I wonder what kind of power base they have. Ougi's group remind me of the resistance fighting zaft in the desert arc of Seed.

EragonJeriel 2006-11-05 06:48

Suzaku , a kira wanna be moron!! i hate gundam seed cos of kira and now suzaku! i hope lelouch pwns him soon!!!
--Lelouch fanboy

Lotiman 2006-11-05 08:35

Lelouch appearance is kinda similar to Kira to me. As for Toudou, they might be a much organized japan rebel. Some sort of Shinsengumi maybe.

JediNight 2006-11-05 08:44

Toudou's group seems like the main core of the resistance, with Ougi's merely being a local resistance cell. Kinda like you have Osama bin Laden, and then the different cells operating around the world.

lavarock 2006-11-05 12:36

Anyone have the picture of CC sitting with Nanaly? Saw the episode but never noticed that...
Never mind, found out where it was, (silly me).

Shiroth 2006-11-05 13:43

This episode screamed out 'epic' from start to finish. I loved Zero's intro, it had the awesome feeling all over it. & as it was posted above - the ending was done perfectly, i look forward to seeing how she'll take part in the future story.

mit7059 2006-11-05 20:49

I really hate in anime when they have the whole, "I can't let anyone figure out who I am," everytime I just wish they would tell the people close to them their identity, its just become cliche now to have the whole double-identity even with your allies thing.

Nightengale 2006-11-06 00:21

Lelouch has allies? First time I've heard of it.

Last I recall, pawns seem more like an appropriate term on how he's using the Resistance.


Karnot 2006-11-06 04:42

Its funny how the anime heroes get their "uber-cool" designed costumes overnight.

Its also funny how the rebels dress just like typical anime rebels. LOL. Those CLAMPians have their imagination restricted by some serious stereotypes. I swear, you can send the police to arrest anyone looking like that - and it will be some rebel, 100%.

JediNight 2006-11-06 04:54

You have to understand Lelouche's position though -- He has been used as a pawn by the other royals, politicians, etc. his entire life and they killed his mother and assumed he was dead as well.

From that kind of life experience, it's no wonder he's not about to trust random terrorists that might sell him out for their own convenience. He's used to not being able to trust anyone basically.

Klashikari 2006-11-06 11:08

... also, revealing his identity to close people around him woudn't help him at all, yet it would give him more problem.

nanaly : how the heck would he explain that to his sister? how would she react if she knew that her brother is able to kill just for his end?

classmate : again, they wouldn't really understand lelouch motives. also, it would set the place under some paranoia towards lelouch, etc

suzaku : do i need to explain it?

rebels : jedinight said everything.

@karnot : the rebels are not clamp design at all...
the staff used some clamp designs for a very few number of characters in CG

JediNight 2006-11-06 11:14

Sadly CC is one of those designs .... CC's chara design is painful to look at .... 80% legs =\

Xellos-_^ 2006-11-06 14:18


Originally Posted by Nightengale (Post 731012)
Lelouch has allies? First time I've heard of it.

Last I recall, pawns seem more like an appropriate term on how he's using the Resistance.


Lulu has allies, he mention in either the 2nd or 3rd eps about a count who has been sheltering him and his sister and he wonders how long can the count do it.

As for the resistance, i doubt he really cares what happen to them. They are pieces on a chess board ntohing more.

It is high time we have a main charactrer like this who can kill in cold blood. We have way too many idealist types who can't/won't kill.

As for the character design, I happent o like clamp's style. To each thier own.

Sinestra 2006-11-06 18:54

Ill have to had it to Lelouch that was pretty ballzie move but whatever works. He has a point thought guerrilla tatics are not going to win them their country back. If anything its more like an annoyence to the Britannans. If they want to win they have to be Britanna its self not just their troops. A full blown out war may occure out of this. In terms of Lelouch powers as the series goes on I think hes going to have to start getting more creative with whom he uses his powers on. If he uses it on too many high ranking officals it may cost him later. I just wish he change that horrible custome damn does it sucks but i love the name Zero. But i can see striking fear in the heart of normal citizens.

and God does Suzaku scream Kira wanna be. His holier then thou commitment to changing Britanna from the inside out. Hes what a Lt no ones listens or gives a damn about Lts. I just dont want the series to go forever and ever with out these 2 knowing they are fighting each other. it would be a pain in the ass and very repeative for that kind of song and dance to go round and round

AvianWing 2006-11-06 19:54

Well, similar to GS & GSD, the characters reeks of incredibility. How does Lelouch figure out the extent of his ability only after a single test? (He hasn't narrowed anything down and jumped to conclusion immediately). How can an individual undermine an entire military structure so easily? (Okay, Sunrise hasn't done anything respectable in this aspect since 08th MS team). So far, Code Geass has targetted the audience from GS, and I don't see any deviation anytime near. To sum up the main characters, Suzaku is a naive idiot (many people have pointed this out before me) and Lelouch is a mastermind who needs a reality check (zero's costume pretty much epitomizes his absurdity).

However, I do appreciate Lelouch's ability to manipulate other people's thoughts rather than going all out on physical prowess. Instead of the cliched beserking, he manages to squeeze out a plan (not that I'm saying the plans were believable, either).

Episode four is rather decent, and it would be greater had it not for the pseudo-politics. I don't suppose Sunrise will ever withdraw from the unrealistic scenario now that it has become a fad and generate more dollars than any other trend it has ever created. Still, it is a great series if the politics aren't taken seriously or if people want a break from all that neural firing.

kazekiri 2006-11-06 20:16


Originally Posted by Sinestra (Post 731754)
and God does Suzaku scream Kira wanna be. His holier then thou commitment to changing Britanna from the inside out. Hes what a Lt no ones listens or gives a damn about Lts.

You're forgetting two things. One: He was already considered a hero by some of the Japanese and his recent accusation and aquittal in murdering Clovis helped make him into something of a celebrity (whether that's good or bad is another matter but people recognize him). Two:

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