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Pellissier 2011-06-16 07:41

AnoHana - Episode 10 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for AnoHana, Episode 10.

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deadite 2011-06-16 12:08

That was an emotional roller coaster

Mizz-Bubblez 2011-06-16 12:11

^Spoilers pretty please : D ?

shibakun 2011-06-16 12:42

Well , just to put a brief note on the keypoints of this episode for those who didn't watch the raw:

1) Menma's father convinced the mother to watch the fireworks along with their son.

2) The gang forced Jintan to confess how he currently feels about Menma at the hideout. He finally says "he likes her" and this causes Anjou to leave the meeting along with Tsuruko.

3) Tsuruko's & Anjou talk about their feelings for the ones they like and how they are both unrequited. Anjou is crying non-stop (because of Jintan's indirect rejection) and clarifies that it's truly Jintan that she likes and not Yukiatsu. So it's still :

Anaru -- > Jintan --> Menma <-- Yukiatsu <-- Tsuruko

4) Yukiatsu has a short freaky moment with his Menma wig. (in short, the scene is saying that he is still 'stuck' with Menma)

5) The firework construction comes to an end and the gang (along with Menma's family) watch it explode in the sky.

6) Menma is still there after the firework display and everyone is now questioning Jintan and her wish.

Lastly, Tsuruko cuts her hair!!! NO!!!!! :( I personally am not fond of her short hair. ;/ sadface

Well, that was a very "short" input on what happened but when you guys get the chance to watch it, it will be one heck of an emotional roller coaster :D

Sebasu 2011-06-16 12:45

Spoiler for episode:

mayumi 2011-06-16 12:54

It really sucks for the girls anaru and tsukuro really. Its bad for yukiatsu aswell but if he wanted to move on atleast tsukuro is still there for him. Anaru on the other hand might not get jintan. Always competing with menma's memory. its besy for her to move on from the whole group itself.

miketyson 2011-06-16 13:57

Let's not forget:

Spoiler for Cold-Hearted Tsuruko:

But, overall, another week another episode full of surprises. Whatever happens in the finale is going to be a real doozy at this point. As always I have some theories but they'll almost surely be proven wrong.

pampz21 2011-06-16 13:57

Wow....that was painfully awkward to watch!!

hentai Yukiatsu came back to lyf and hes so funny at the end!!!

He was like "huh?? whatttttttttttt???? is she still they huh???/ Oi Yadomi!!!!! What did you do????!!!"

Manji Midou 2011-06-16 14:11

if it weren't for yukiatsu's creepy act.... then popo would had taken my most awkward disturbing alarm setting switch on. hmm l bet mr popo has some skeletons in his closet.

.x.crii.x. 2011-06-16 14:35

Was I the only who was crying endlessly while they were forcing Jintan to come clean about his feelings? D; And then when the rocket firework lit up and the ED started playing, I completely lost it....even though I knew Menma

Spoiler for ...:

Anyway 10000000/10. BEST SHOW THIS SEASON.

BRB. Gonna go cry some more. I can't even imagine the emotional wreck I'm going to be next week when the final ep airs. D:

serenade_beta 2011-06-16 14:41

As much as I like this anime, I have to say it was hard taking this episode seriously. I was laughing so hard, I almost choked on my dumpling...
It was still fun to watch though. Just... in a different meaning.

The rocket part, Jintan's emotions towards Menma disappearing, Anal crying, and Poppo's feelings were done good.
Kind of surprised it was solved so quickly though @ Menpapa defeating Menmama, but still okay.

But Yukiatsu was terrifically priceless. Be it saying "It is something only Anal can do!", be it talking to a wig, be it jealousy (again and again), be it the last part where he was so damn panicked.
Tsuruko's little thing towards Yukiatsu and her confessing to the audience and pretty much everything surrounding this plot point just felt... odd? Fast? It just didn't work. It didn't help that her haircut fit so poorly, I'd have believed anyone who told me that it was actually Yukiatsu crossdressing again. Also, we have her stalking and attacking him.
And then, the shame that Menma didn't disappear. Though maybe the real goal is to get the other people to be friends with each other, which clearly is not happening yet.

nishiura 2011-06-16 15:09


Originally Posted by serenade_beta (Post 3654997)
As much as I like this anime, I have to say it was hard taking this episode seriously. I was laughing so hard, I almost choked on my dumpling...

I didn't laugh that hard, heh o.o But I was laughing a few times. It's hard not to laugh at broken Poppo.

I'll wait until I watch the subbed episode before I judge it, since I was just quickly skipping through the scenes while watching the ugly low-quality raw.

Kaoru Chujo 2011-06-16 15:27

I enjoyed the emotions. Melodrama doesn't bother me. I felt very sad for Anaru and Tsuruko, but actually enjoyed their pain, too. The whole fireworks thing was such a stupid red herring. Jintan continues to be a black hole for me, an emotional emptiness sucking the show in behind it. And much as I like Menma, I so wish there was more to her and she had a better seiyuu. The characters I care about are Anaru and Tsuruko. Hayami Saori was terrific in this episode. Not just a singer, after all.

ars89 2011-06-16 17:59

Lol hot Tsuroku told the girls about Yukiatsu's habits. Quite sad listening to her and Anaru's conversation.

Yukiatsu went crazy again but this time it was the wig.

Didn't want them to re-enact it, but glad that he finally confessed to Menma. Have to agree with Jintan that i was happy to see her still here, was is in tears when he couldn't stop the firework from launching.

So mother has turned around i guess. Nice to see her the father and her brother show up to see it.

recover 2011-06-16 18:03

this series would be awesome if it did the unexpected and didnt let menma disappear

rather jintan gets married to invisible girl and lives happily ever after

Reckoner 2011-06-16 18:11

I find funny how many people have been jumping ship from this show the last episode or two and going back to Hanasaku Iroha for their fix. I'll say it now though. Hanasaku has nothing on Ano Hana at the moment. The quality of this show, episode by episode, continues to impress, while Hanasaku has consistently gone up and down in quality. Sure Ano Hana can be a tad melodramatic at times, but the cast here is just so well developed in comparison to the one man show that is Hanasaku.

The episode manages to blend in all the characters desires, worries and problems, showcasing they're wishes and desires before the curtain closes next episode. It's a perfect setup for what I am sure will be as emotional of a conclusion as this episode was.

This episode finally presented a good amount of insight into Poppo's character. He has always been the odd ball in the group, and the one who has felt always left behind. It's why he is always trying to be the show of the party, the class clown in some ways. He expresses a clear frustration about not really being involved and being sidelined in the past, and that frustration comes out this episode as he tries to rectify the past through Yukiatsu's reenactment.

Overall there were some really great moments this episode, from the ending of the episode, to the reenactment scene, but no scene striked me better than the emotion Memma felt when her brother showed up to help with the fireworks. Maybe people see this as all a bit overwrought, but the melodrama manages to hit me spot on this episode quite perfectly.

I speculated this from the beginning, but I still believe that Memma will not disappear until Jintan finally lets go of her. Next episode will be focused on Jintan finally letting go, and it will all come with an apology to her.

Another rather perfect episode for me, 10/10.

Narzia 2011-06-16 19:06

I'm quite worried whether or not they manage to give the series a satisfying conclusion and answer enough of the questions left without rushing the whole thing.

Poppo freaked me out this episode.

Manji Midou 2011-06-16 19:09

hmm so gintan's mom spoke of reincarnation to mema....
how one can be reborn as a flower a kitty or a baby..

next ep gintan reluctantly let's go of menma and she passes on.... we have a time skip and menma is reborn as gintan and anaru's baby....?

hmm....l think popo saw menma drown/die back then and him being a kid he was helpless ... he really acted scary there for a sec...

hypergolic 2011-06-16 19:27

Anime of Yukiatsu, for Yukiatsu, by Yukiatsu...

kitten320 2011-06-16 19:48

I feel damn bad for Tsuruko and Anaru, they had chosen real jerks as their love interests =/
I really want to see them happy and probably with someone else...

I just started to like Yukiatsu but now he is back to sniffing wigs... I totally give up on him. He is a total lost case as Jinta, at least Jinta sees Menma so he has some kind of excuse. But still they both need to see a specialist and none of them is worthy of Anaru and Tsuruko -_-

Why do I have a feeling that Poppo was there when Menma was sinking? Like he actually witnessed whole scene but was damn scared to move and help...

Awww, short hair does not suit Tsuruko but I can see why she did that... Come on girl! You are too cool and good for that wig-sniffing freak! Please find someone better! Same goes to Anaru, give up on those idiots!

It is good to still remeber and care about passed ones but being stuck in the past is simply not acceptable.

P.S. Jinta saying that he would marry ghost Menma was creepy...
I don't care about anyone, just let Menma finally dissapear and give Anaru and Tsuruko some light.

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