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Mitch 2009-01-28 21:56

HD Episode Would Not Play
This is the first time I downloaded a raw hd anime episode. Everytime I play it. The screen turns back while the audio is playing. Then after that my computer gets an error and the colors on the screen gets messed up.

Here is my computer information

moo: os: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - Service Pack 2 (5.1.2600) up: 4hrs 12mins 21secs cpu: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.40GHz (x86) at 2392MHz (100% Load) gfx: Intel Corporation Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller 64.0MB res: 1024x768 32bit 75Hz ram: 465/766MB (60.74%) [||||||----] hdd: C:\ 11.78GB/37.24GB E:\ 11.77GB/74.51GB F:\ 294.3GB/298.09GB net: Broadcom 440x 10_100 Integrated Controller - Packet Scheduler Miniport - 100MB/s 18.87MB In 2.05MB Out

Here is the file information

Is there a solution for this?

Thank You

Shadow Kira01 2009-01-28 22:16

What player did you use? And what format is it when you mean HD? I am assuming its matroska which requires the CCCP codec pack.

emptyeighty 2009-01-29 04:01


Originally Posted by Shadow Minato (Post 2186855)
I am assuming its matroska which requires the CCCP codec pack.


Originally Posted by Mitch (Post 2186832)
Format : AVI
Codec ID : DX50
Codec ID/Hint : DivX 5

Thanks for playing though :)

Mitch: As Shadow Minato already said state what player(s) you used and also what codec packs (if any) you have installed.

Mitch 2009-01-29 12:55

I use VLC and Media Classic Player. I have ffdshow and xvid. Some videos I have are divx format and they play fine.

emptyeighty 2009-01-29 13:39

Uninstall ffdshow and delete MPC. Then install CCCP and try playing your file with the included MPC. Does that help?

Mitch 2009-01-29 14:47

Unfortunately, it didn't work. I took a screenshot on what shows up after that.

emptyeighty 2009-01-29 15:06

Does a reboot fix that problem?

If not reinstall/update your vidcard driver.

Mitch 2009-01-29 20:56

Yes, a reboot fixes the computer screen. I'll try updating my video card driver.

emptyeighty 2009-01-30 07:38

Can you play the file after reboot or do you get the same message?

Mitch 2009-01-30 07:51

Nope. I got the driver updated and it's now playing. Thanks for all your help emptyeighty.

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