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Ceral 2009-04-25 17:02

K-1 fighter performs Haruka Nogizaka ending theme before bout
HAH, I was watching a k-1 match(Kickboxing) and as they are doing fighter entrances I hear a very familiar song... One of the fighters, undefeated Yuichiro Nagashima decided to do the full ending theme dance from Nogizaka Haruka, complete with the song blaring, a full set of 6 real maids and of course Nogizaka Haruka, who is actually the cosplay'ing fighter in question.

Just imagine being the opponent backstage, pumping yourself up getting ready to knock out your opponent and he comes out in as a cosplay'ing school girl... ahh, priceless. I thought I would share it for kicks, maybe it'll bring a smile to someones face.

Here's the video with the entrance and the complete fight...

Spoiler for Man in a dress... be warned:

(The current K-1 champion, Maeda had a similar entrance a couple weeks ago, which was the first time I saw such an entrance. I couldn't tell what media the song or the cosplay was from though. He went on to win both his matches that night and become the grand prix champion as a 1:8 underdog. Nagashima doesn't seem to fare so well though...)

Ahh, I like that these fighters are comfortable enough with what they like to do such a thing. Crazy buff fighters who beat eachother to a bloody pulp who are moe fans, I love this world.

-Kh- 2009-04-25 17:36

Disgusting, just as his usual stuff. Dude has no shame, and neither does the promotion allowing him to cosplay like that.

NSFW link for many more of his cosplays.

Ceral 2009-04-25 18:41

Disgusting? I don't see anything offensive in his entrance. He's more clothed during his dance than when he gets in the ring. The guy is just cosplaying and showing his love for anime. Why would they ban that? You get to pick your song and show your personality during the entrance, why take that away and make them all the same... fighters rarely ever get the opportunity to talk about their hobbies and personal interests. I love that he is expressing his enthusiasm for Haruhi and saying stupid stuff like “I have no interest in any ordinary Thai. What concerns me are aliens, people from the future, and ESPers. I’ll definitely destroy him.” in an interview :). The crowd seems to get into it too. He's spreading the gospel, why hate on him?

Poor taste in having himself dress up as Haruka? Maybe, but he is the star and it is his dance. Just a dude showing his enthusiasm for anime by cosplaying. I don't think that insinuates anything except that he's a hardcore fan.

Claude 2009-04-25 19:15

I don't see anything wrong with his entrance. It's very interesting. Much more entertaining than his opponent's entrance. The fight was pretty short though.
I like the announcer's comment. Ohh.. look like he's on a whole different level. :heh:

-Kh- 2009-04-25 19:35


Originally Posted by Ceral (Post 2362333)
I don't think that insinuates anything except that he's a hardcore fan.

It certainly does, but I just won't discuss anything on the matter here.

It is just a personal opinion anyway.

Zu Ra 2009-04-26 11:07

I am all up for crossplay when it comes to girls . I have never seen a good trap crossplay .. And this dude who is been in the news for all the wrong reasons is hairy manly and no way in hell can pass off as a girl . As he hasn't crossplayed animes I enjoy so its not been a big deal for me ... but fans of these anime will be pulling there hair out ....

There have been a transgender fighters in the past namely Nong Tum who made name for himself herself with her combat skills . But they never indulged in mockery of the ring or themselves for cheap publicity.

Every Fujoshis dream come true O.O (source)

Terrestrial Dream 2009-04-27 18:44

Oh man that was hilarious, gotta respect a man who isn't afraid express his love of anime :D. Though should have done better and hope that he will cosplay something more nekketsu.

musume_no_hoshi 2009-05-01 12:59

At the very least, . it captures people's typical of the other guy playing Eye of the tiger, be a little more creative next time okay?

And oh my...his ARMY of maids...and isn't that his girlfriend that the camera kept shooting at the audience? She looks quite pretty. There seems to be a couple of cosplayers at the audience, probally his fans/supporters.

This is probally the largest venue this song would ever play in.

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