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Zexas 2012-09-20 03:20

Soul Sacrifice


The main protagonist of Soul Sacrifice is the slave that serves a powerful and cruel sorcerer. Just before the protagonist is going to be sacrificed, a demon in the form of a book appears before him. The book is a collection of stories that describe past fights between monsters and the powerful sorcerer. The player character is able to enter the book's world and experience the fights, thereby gaining experience and power.

Official website (English)

Zexas 2012-09-21 02:54

stage gameplay:

Zexas 2012-11-03 07:55


Neighboring attacks, long distance attacks, indirect magic, recovery magic, rescue, sacrifice, etc.
Every option is related to a player’s level and changes the play style, which in turn changes the story’s outcome.
Abilities can be gained when a sorcerer gives an offering.
Offerings can be discovered with the “mind’s eye.” They can help you make new weapons and protective gear. You can increase the number of times you use offerings.
When you use the mind’s eye technique, the graphics change to thermo-graphic visuals that reveal your enemy’s weak spots.
After death.
If you die, you’re given three choices: “Call for help,” “become a sacrifice,” or “choose death.”
If you opt for death, you become a spirit and can continue fighting with support (by touching comrades and enemies on screen) but you cannot attack.


Be careful what you wish for because in Soul Sacrifice sometimes your dream comes true at a horrific cost. Take the story of the Cyclops, one of the monsters players will fight in the PlayStation Vita game, as a cautionary tale.

The Cyclops was once an aspiring blacksmith who always gave it his all. Although he was very skilled, he was always second best to his rival. He was too proud of his own skills to ever admit that his rival was in fact better than himself. Over time, his jealousy grew into a volatile hatred, as he was consumed by darkness for his sin. One day, he wished to become the greatest blacksmith known to the world, and his wish was granted… by darkness itself.

By sacrificing his own eye, he forged the greatest spear known to man. However, this was not the end to his sad tale. As we all know, evil never plays fair, and didn’t make any exceptions. Instead of settling for just an eye, the darkness also consumed his entire being and transformed him into a Cyclops monster to teach the poor blacksmith a lesson about greed and envy.

After defeating a monster in Soul Sacrifice you have a choice – you can either sacrifice the Cyclops’ pour soul or spare it. Check out our hands on with Soul Sacrifice for more about the monster sacrificing system

can't wait for this game :D

Chaos2Frozen 2012-11-03 21:53

One thing I look forward to about this game is how much more difficult it is to play the 'good guy'... Making it that much more satisfying :).

Zexas 2012-12-03 08:41

Soul Sacrifice demo due out by year’s end

Soul Sacrifice Premium Edition

bloody nice :love:

Xefi 2012-12-03 11:41

^ the heck? i just gotten the white vita from the assass 3 bundle and now they have
the AWESOME COOL red vita? ahhhhhhhhh....looks like i cant get this bundle, what a shame.

if they announced sooner i would have hold out for this red vita.

other than that, the game is looking very good. i'll probably get one for myself and my little bro.
to play some multiplayers together for some fun. ^ ^

Vigo 2012-12-03 16:17


Meet Leviathan

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there were two twin princes. The older twin excelled at everything, and the younger one failed at just as much. The two were so different that it was a wonder that the same blood flowed through their veins. It was like pairing up a giant and a dwarf. The younger brother grew up with a severe inferiority complex and developed an extremely dark personality. He started to enjoy collecting ferocious animals, one in particular being a crocodile from another kingdom. He put the crocodile in a cage, where he tormented it. It was the only time he could ever feel strong.
Years went by, and it was finally time for the heir to take the throne. Of course, the chosen heir was none other than the eldest of the twin brothers. Jealous, the younger prince stormed off to his room. He sat there, staring at his crocodile. “If only I could get the crocodile to kill my brother…” he thought. Just then a strange voice resonated in the room and the prince could feel his body drown in magic…

Live on in Ghost Mode

In addition to revealing this fearsome new monster, I’m excited to share a key new element to the game’s multiplayer experience: Ghost Mode. The co-op multiplayer mode of Soul Sacrifice is not just about playing offense or defense. You will use yourself and allies as a catalyst for magic, and truly battle together.
At times, you’ll use magic to stop time so your allies can attack. Other times, you can choose to help aid your dying friends with your healing power. There are many choices available to you, and your victory depends on your decisions. And it doesn’t end if you fall during a co-op battle. With Ghost Mode, you will become a “ghost” and continue to aid your allies. Players that have become ghosts are able to openly observe the statuses of the enemies and ally members. You can strengthen your team mates or make the enemies vulnerable by touching them on the screen. So even after you die, you can keep aiding your party and continue the co-op battle until the end with your friends.
The artwork of Soul Sacrifice is really awesome.

Vigo 2012-12-03 16:40

Hm I noticed that the official site still has not updated so I might as well post Siliconeras link (of whoever translated this) here for those that interested and have missed it.


The Harpy

The Harpy was a woman of noble birth who fell in love with a fruit vendor. Everyday she stopped by and bought a bunch of fruit hoping to attract his attention. As her love deepened so did her appetite and she grew in girth.

One day, without warning the merchant moved to another town. The heartbroken woman heard the whispers of darkness and transformed. Her extra baggage became clay. Wings sprouted from her back and she flew to the next town. Rather than being overwhelmed with jealousy, her appetite took over and she swallowed the man whole. Now, the Harpy flies in the sky looking to swoop down on her next meal.


Cerberus was once a man who longed to protect his hometown from savages. With a sword in hand and two dogs by his side, he held his mission in his heart. What the man couldn’t defend his home from was a disease that spread throughout the town. Corpses piled on the street and despair set in as the man sealed the gates. Barbarians raided the town one night and stabbed the man in the back with a spear.

While knocking on death’s door, the man heard a voice asking if he would sacrifice for the "most important thing" to him, which was defending the town. He followed the voice and with a sorrowful shout the man was fused with his pet dogs.

It is said this town still exists in the world, but once you enter you can never leave.

Anyone else get the feeling that the monsters are based on the seven sins?

Chaos2Frozen 2012-12-03 19:14


Originally Posted by Vigo (Post 4460918)

Anyone else get the feeling that the monsters are based on the seven sins?

A bit of divine comedy as well.

Leviathan was also known as the demon of envy, hence the story of the jealous younger brother.

Cerberus guards the circle of gluttony, while the man was no glutton, his town was filled with the rotting corpse of the dead. And the circle of gluttony is said to be filled with the murk of all things filthy and disgusting. Alternatively, Cerberus was originally the guard of Hades, and so it could also be viewed that his town is now the 'realm of the dead'.

Zexas 2012-12-04 19:11



There once existed an empty valley of nothingness without even a glimpse of life. One day, a cloud of seeds appeared out of nowhere, and a single dandelion flower was born. Every Spring, the number of dandelions multiplied, and before long, the entire field was covered in yellow flowers. Everything was going great for the dandelions, but over time, they would face a problem. No matter how much the dandelions tried to spread outside the valley, their seeds could never make it over the towering cliffs surrounding the land. Over-crowded and in despair, the dandelions were no longer able to spread their offspring as nature intended.

One day, a young girl fell into the ravine, covered in blood and mysteriously without a single scratch on her body. When she awoke, she was stunned by her surrounding and quickly realized that she was stuck in a land full of dandelions. The girl continuously tried to find a way out, but her attempts all ended in failure. She eventually came to peace with the idea of being stuck forever in the ravine; as she spent her days looking back at her life and telling herself that everything happens for a reason. She spent the rest of her life alone with the dandelions engulfed with an inexplicable desire to have children.
kind of fuck up... my kind of game :D

Xellos-_^ 2012-12-04 19:19

the description of the monsters and their origin sounds a lot like the Dark Lords of Ravenloft.

Chaos2Frozen 2012-12-04 20:38

A medieval fantasy horror story :uhoh:

Vigo 2012-12-04 21:01

Poor girl but the Elf looks awesome. I really want a dev diary or something for this game.

Vigo 2012-12-19 22:22

Just a reminder. The demo is out today on the Jp PSN. It should support multiplayer and covers a bit of the story. The savedata can be transfered to the full version later.

Zexas 2012-12-19 22:46

daaaaaaaaammmn awesome people buy this game!


Chaos2Frozen 2012-12-19 22:48


Originally Posted by Zexas (Post 4482252)
daaaaaaaaammmn awesome people buy this game!

Unfortunately, that means getting the VITA... That's pretty much the only thing holding me back...

Zexas 2012-12-19 22:54


Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen (Post 4482257)
Unfortunately, that means getting the VITA... That's pretty much the only thing holding me back...

definitely worth it why not? with pso2, Gravity Rush 2 and god eater 2 etc etc

Vigo 2012-12-19 23:06

Game looks great but dunno if its native. Didn't noticed any big framedrops. The demo at least for me runs solid and fluid. AI may need some tweaking but is overall solid. I am impressed. Must buy for Vita owners imo.

Ground textures need improvement but models and environment are great. Areas are fairly small to big.

Saving and sacrificing gives you light(?) or dark(?) exp. When sacrificed the monsters disappear in black smoke, when saved they vanish in white light uncorrupted. Nice touch.

Atmosphere is awesome. Nice gory moments. AOE spine attack.

Looks good, runs great. Bought. But it is definitively not for everyone. People will rip it apart fo not being Monster Hunter.

Chaos2Frozen 2012-12-19 23:43

Fighting a cyclops multiplayer... I get that the 4 player co-op is the main feature, but I'm hoping they would some of the single player campaign... Unless there's none :uhoh:


Originally Posted by Zexas (Post 4482268)
definitely worth it why not? with pso2, Gravity Rush 2 and god eater 2 etc etc

Really just the issue of price... Plus I've bought the 3DS at the start of the year.

Zexas 2012-12-20 00:46

now that red bundle really tempting me....

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