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Obelisk ze Tormentor 2014-09-27 09:15

So, I just watched the finale (Yeah, late I know. This show just makes me too lazy to continue on), and my overall impression of this series can be summed up with one word: underwhelming. The show had such potential in the early eps, until it dropped the ball spectacularly by making a narrative mess that have real bad pacing and not knowing how to focus on the important stuffs. And that lackluster ending.....oh god. All those neglected story-elements that never got resolved, ouch. There’s also one more thing I realize when watching this series: I’m almost never invested in the fights. There’s just no joy in watching Earth Engine getting beaten up again and again and again in its almost every appearance. There’s also something about how Bones executed the fights in this series that made me unable to click with the tension they’re trying to present. All in all: 4.5/10. 2.5 points for the interesting characters alone.

Mr. DJ 2014-10-02 13:11


Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor (Post 5270540)
There’s just no joy in watching Earth Engine getting beaten up again and again and again in its almost every appearance.

About to watch the last ep in a bit...but that's pretty much my main gripe (probably everyone elses) as well...there's very little fighting development in the mech and it just gets under my skin. I hate the fact this team of bad guys gathered up was pointless.

Without knowing the specifics about the novel/manga, this series should have been longer to flesh out everything.

DragoonKain3 2014-10-02 22:13

At first I thought I was watching NGE mk II, but sadly, this show turned up more like a reverse Gurren Lagann. TTGL started real weak, with boring monster of the week episodes for like the first half of the show, only to pick up the pact of the narrative in the second that led to a big bang finish. Captain Earth on the other hand started hella strong, kinda lost me with the kiltgang of the week, then proceeded to end with a whimper.

So disappointing; I thought 1 cour would've done immense things for this show with just them tweaking the end. Oh well, can't win them all.

Guido 2014-10-11 15:06

Captain Earth. Last Impressions
Finally, I did finish Captain Earth after a prolonged hiatus of laziness; my last post was about three months ago, and I got to marathon the last three episodes that I left pending to watch.

Honestly, I'm also of the opinion that the series was strong at the beginning when Daichi met Hana, Teppei, and Akari, and he went to great lengths to show the first two exploring the outside world, and living life in a way without regrets. This series feautred a lot of tech terminology that I got used to thanks to the explanations delivered by the users. However, the subsequent arcs featuring attacks of the Kiltgang of the week dealt a serious blow to the show, and it did not help at all that the pacing went too fast for the last batch of episodes.

Although Daichi through his actions and fervent wish not to give up managed to change the mindset of a few enemy adults like that Salty Dog agent, for example, there are just too many other enemies and loose knots out there that went unresolved even with the threats of both Puck and the Kiltgang gone for good.

Regarding the Kiltgang my best choices were Baku and Setsuna, since their pasts had true depth, but it was a shame that all the Kiltgangs went underdeveloped in character growth due to the show's heavy use of conspiracy theories and monster attacks of the week format.

Nonetheless, I hold in high regard Captain Earth's tropes on living our last moments of childhood and start of our youth living in the world we want with our friends.

Finishing the last show I picked-up for the 2014 Anime Spring season, Captain Earth turned out below average to me with its developments.

bastek66 2014-10-12 05:53

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