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Kairin 2010-01-18 23:57

K-On! - Episode 14 (BD/DVD-exclusive) Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for K-On!, Episode 14.

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NOTE: This is a BD/DVD-exclusive episode scheduled to be included on the 7th volume that ships on Wednesday, 20 January 2010.

BakaRanger 2010-01-19 00:16

I thought it was a pretty good episode and had most of the elements that have made me like this series. When I saw the raw for this pop up, I briefly thought the 2nd season was here (it isn't, so don't get your hopes up). I enjoyed this one far more then ep.13. I can't wait for season 2.

Spoiler for Episode 14:

ZGMF-X10A 2010-01-19 00:53

It's been awhile since I last watched K-ON!. Can't wait for the next season :)

serenade_beta 2010-01-19 02:31

How nostalgic... Besides the artwork (thanks to Sora no Oto).
Yui's stupidity is as impossible as ever and the actual live concert scenes are as short as usual and some other unfortunately the same as usual, but it was probably the most keion-like K-ON episode so far... Which is good.

Still, bleh... Caught me off guard. To think this episode would appear today...
*checks time*

And so, 1000 years later...

Cosmic Eagle 2010-01-19 05:27

Ah, an OVA to keep us happy before Season 2.....Many thanks KyoAni

Syntron 2010-01-19 05:58

Is it just me or is this "ova" better then most of the "regular" episodes? I loved Season 1, but if this is where season 2 is going then i would like to extend the poll bar to 11.


Jimmy C 2010-01-19 07:31

It would have been a disappointment if it wasn't better than the previous episodes.

MeoTwister5 2010-01-19 08:30

I have to say that if season 2 will be like this... then I will be one happy human being. Adequately minimal moewhoring, lots of the girls coping with their shortcomings as a new band and of course, rocking it out on stage.

Here's to hoping season 2 gives us more of this.

bladeofdarkness 2010-01-19 09:40

is it just me
or is the guy who hands them the backstage pass the first male character to have a speaking role in the anime ?

Jimmy C 2010-01-19 10:48

Nope, there was Ritsu's younger brother too. He wasn't the first either.
But it says something about the male characters that people barely remember them.

SaintessHeart 2010-01-19 11:40

The director kept putting Azunyan and Mio together. An emphasis on their sisterly relationship? And AZUNYAN WITH TIGER EARS! I WANT!

I don't think a tiger bikini would look good on her though, she is a petan-

*gets slapped and clawed by his waifu*

Yikes! It is a pity that disaster scene with all of them falling down isn't show on full. It would have been great to see all their pant-

*gets poked in the eyes*

MY EYES! MY EYES! ARRRGGGHHHH!!! Right! Let's play a game and guess what is the colour of what they are wear-


Duckbaker 2010-01-19 11:55


Can I expect another OVA? I need more K-on... I have been clean for a couple of months... Why? WHY! Yui's a drug. : ((

Sparvid 2010-01-19 12:08


I was kinda expecting their "Let's throw in anything that sounds good" way of choosing stage settings would result in some rehearsal hilarity, but it didn't go anywhere.

Ritsu suggesting a spotlight on herself = :D

Meatrose 2010-01-19 12:19


Originally Posted by Duckbaker (Post 2874781)

Can I expect another OVA? I need more K-on... I have been clean for a couple of months... Why? WHY! Yui's a drug. : ((

Nope, no more OVAs for now. Season 2 is on the way after all.

Cosmic Eagle 2010-01-19 12:20


More music centric and development. Now balance this out with the moe-entertainment and it'll be perfect.

Really looking forward to season two.

Innocent 2010-01-19 14:22

So awesome!

It was the best episode of anime what i have seen.

But maybe i'm overflowing of nostalgic.

Miyuki-ism 2010-01-19 15:38

It was actually pretty good. I give it an 8.

Squawks 2010-01-19 15:48

So yeah, only the new year's part was manga canon.

That was some pretty good filler, I gotta say, more enjoyable then the manga.

germanturkey 2010-01-19 17:48

so is there actually going to be a season 2? like announced?

anywho, ep was good. i was hoping to hear some of the other bands, but i guess its too much to make music for them too. STILL NO DON'T SAY LAZY!!!!! RAGE. overall a good episode.

Ithekro 2010-01-19 17:49

Yui's in top form. Mio's embarrassment fuse is still fairly delicate. Azu-nyan! Ritsu wants attention, and Mugi, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Needs "Mugi-vision" next season....and yes it was announced they'd have one at their most recent live performance.

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