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Liddo-kun 2021-08-10 08:29

Question on renaming drive letter.
is it safe to rename local disk G: to E: ?? The reason is, one of my games, Otomedius G, wants a drive E:, so that it can save high scores and ranks.

local disk C and D are one disk (this is the one that boots the pc), local disk F and G are one disk, and I don't know which disk System Reserved E: belongs.

Renegade334 2021-08-10 09:03

System Reserved should be on the main disk, right alongside the Windows installation. If you're not certain, click on the Windows Start Button, type diskmgmt and press "Enter". It'll open the Disk Manager and you'll see which disk the SR is physically on.

As for the System Reserved partition, I usually leave that alone and do not push my luck. However, in the event that the letter change option is NOT available in Disk Manager (greyed out), it should be possible to do it with DISKPART console commands.

That said, before tinkering with anything related to System partitions and whatnot, I suggest you do a full backup of your hard drive using backup & restore software, just to be safe, as I don't know whether it's going to break something on your rig or will pass by completely unnoticed.

demonix 2021-08-10 09:13

System reserved shouldn't even be visible or assigned a drive letter, so something is definitely amiss there.

Liddo-kun 2021-08-10 09:45

this pc used to only have C: and D: .. then one of my other pc broke down, I got the HDD from that pc and put it into this one... causing F: and G: to appear .. but I can't remember when the System Reserved E: appeared.

my thoughts is, since G: is not really a part of the boot disk, then it could be renamed safely to E: ... or maybe this would affect system reserved in some way, since it's also named E: ??

after reading the comments. I suppose, leaving things alone would be better. :uhoh:

SeijiSensei 2021-08-10 10:55

Don't use Windows much these days, but maybe you can use aliasing? DK if that still exists in modern Windows,


Renegade334 2021-08-10 16:53

Better leave SR alone. That stuff contains data pertaining to the boot process, including the Boot Manager and even some BitLocker stuff if you have that enabled.

By the way, this smaller partition is typically created when you make a new Windows install OR when your current Windows receives a major update (e.g. Windows 10's 20H2 "October 2020 Update"). It's pretty normal.

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