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eLstar 2003-12-03 00:22

Episode 61 Discussion [Spoilers]
Welcome to the episode discussion thread about this weekís upcoming episode which I will try and post every Monday. Before I say the rules I just want to give out a warning that there might be spoilers of the Manga. You have been warned.

Now for the people who donít know about some of the spoiler tag rules, this thread is marked spoilers in the topic and so you donít HAVE put a spoiler tag unless it has to do with the future manga chapters. But in case you want to put a spoiler tag, and feel more generous then normal you may feel free to use spoiler tags whatever way you wish.

Anyway this is what you should discuss in this thread:

1. Expectations of the episode if not aired or if you haven't seen it yet.
2. Announcements of which fansub groups have released the episode regardless if it is a RAW or Subbed.
3. Your comments on the episode if you have seen it both RAW and Subbed.

Just to make it clear there is to be no making new topics about the above things I have just showed you. I will close them down because I made this thread so all the posts regarding this topic will be in one place. It's alright if you're not used to the idea just yet but if I see a person continuously disregard this topic I will be very annoyed...and I just might have the power to stop you in your tracks.


So there you have it, just so you remember though, there is to be no flaming each other, no posting links that allow others to download the licensed Manga, and try and keep it on topic.

Vicious 2003-12-03 00:31

Wha?? Episode 61 discussion already? Yosh! My expectations for this episode:

- Final of chapter 100
- Chapter 101 from beginning 'till the very end.
- Only the 4 first pages of chapter 102.

I guess this episode will end with Neji showing Naruto the Hyuga's Curse Seal mark on his forehead, and we'll see that bunch of flashbacks in 62, and the end of the fight in 63.

Dragon Flame 2003-12-03 00:57

i just hope for some more bad-ass fighting is all!!

DAK 2003-12-03 01:11

I'm looking forward to seeing some good fighting, and seeing them discuss a little background regarding Neji's curse seal. More leaning towards seeing a good fight.

Mephisto03 2003-12-03 01:34

Ohh man totally forgot about that thing but it was pretty badass. I forgot how long there fight really was and was saying to eps but i'll have to agree on 2 and half three eps for this fight now. I just can't wait for naruto to pull his bag-o-tricks out! And naruto yelling at neji about how he sees things is cool also, I love when he talks back to people.

Tommy 2003-12-03 04:58

I am dying for 61 to come out! I have now watched episode 60 8 times in preperation for 61 and I'll probably wacth 60 at least once more.

Sau 2003-12-03 08:38


Originally Posted by Tommy
I am dying for 61 to come out! I have now watched episode 60 8 times in preperation for 61 and I'll probably wacth 60 at least once more.

yea 60 was awesome, watched it several times, even made my current avatar out of it..

Im sure 61 will be even better...
hopefully the cursed seal story will begin in this ep

Fei-san 2003-12-03 09:23

I hope they finish the curse seal but they wont :(
so much talking in the anime and staring, and fillers
this fight is probably gonna be 2 more episodes they will probably fill in with something :(

Borikua-Otaku 2003-12-03 11:22

i just hope they have more fighting and talk less sh*t in this upcoming ep. can't wait till naruto scores his first hit at neji.....

*eyes burn with optimistic fire*

Badaro 2003-12-03 12:37

Looks like the RAW is out:

[]s Badaro

Mb81 2003-12-03 13:05

Hey, they change the symbol on Nejis head *_*

skillosopher 2003-12-03 14:03

does anyone seem to be having trouble linking to saiyman's BT site for ep61 raw?

i see 150 downloaders and 30 seeds, but i cant link to it anywhere.

post time: 9am west coast

DemonNthaMist 2003-12-03 14:24

umm...i can't even get saiyaman's site to open. o well, i guess i'll jus wait for tha subbed version.

(11:36 cst)

SharinganEye 2003-12-03 14:28

Hey ur wrong vicious. Its not that worse.

It ends after the flash backs. The fight will probably end next ep already.

So everybody it didn't have filler at all. Only if u find the neji flash backs filler u can call this ep a filler one. But the people who do shouldnt watch this serie because this is whats makes the story of naruto supurb.

ARNEL98 2003-12-03 14:50

can't wait to go home to download the raws. and cant wait for tomorrow for the subs..

Hunter 2003-12-03 14:54

haha that's exactly what I have said, this episode stop right after the flashback at the end of the chapter 102 ^^

chImp 2003-12-03 14:57

Can someone post the bittorrent raw?

Dark 2003-12-03 14:58


Originally Posted by DemonNthaMist
umm...i can't even get saiyaman's site to open. o well, i guess i'll jus wait for tha subbed version.

(11:36 cst)

yeah... the site is down... it usually happens after every new BT RAW of Naruto is uploaded each week... :p

kisame 2003-12-03 15:07[SaiyaMan...AW.avi.torrent

well this place has it i guess just wait for the download to start

skillosopher 2003-12-03 15:58

thanks a million kisame. how on earth did you get that link? lol

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