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NeoSam 2008-03-27 04:53

The shounen manga Hyakko by Katou Haruaki will be getting animated:

Official anime site:


The manga is serialized online on the shounen web comic magazine FlexComix Blood, a free web magazine that serializes shounen manga.

Currently 3 manga volumes have been released.

Mangaka: Katou Haruaki

The free web magazine FlexComix Blood is hosted on Yahoo! Comic, and the page for the Hyakko manga is here:

FlexComix's page for the manga:

Genre: Shounen, School

NeoSam 2008-04-10 11:22

An obi strip on volume 3 of the manga is announcing the anime adaptation.

It can be seen in this AkibaOS post:

And also read this AkibaBlog post:

tigerwoods 2008-07-01 10:24

It seems Moon Phase Diary has some news on this series:


Does anyone know what it's saying? What I have understood with the help of a translator is that the series will premier in autumn and that the site has preopened and will open in nine days.

Midonin 2008-07-09 10:24

The official website got a complete overhaul about 20 minutes ago.

The main cast:
Kageyama Torako: Orikasa Fumiko
Saotome Suzume: Neya Michiko
Iiduka Tatsuki: Ochiai Yurika
Nonomura Ayumi: Hirano Aya

Midonin 2008-08-08 20:22

Website updated again, with a few things of note.

Houko Kuwashima, Yuko Kaida, and Yui Horie added to the cast.

The OP is "Suppin Rock" by Mana Ogawa
The ED is "Namida Namida Namida" by Aya Hirano

Kaoru Chujo 2008-08-09 23:36

There's a little feature on the Oricon site about the fact that this will be the first musical collaboration between Hirano Aya and Tsunku つんく♂, the producer of all the Hello! Project groups (Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, C-ute , Canary Club, etc.) He wrote and produced just about all the songs by all those groups and is one of the biggest names in the Japanese music industry.

Ogawa Mana, 15, who will do the OP, is a member of Canary Club. Both she and Aya are represented by branches of the Spacecraft agency.

Here's a pic of the three of them -- Ogawa Mana, Tsunku, and Hirano Aya (l-r) -- at the announcement on Saturday:

Hirano looks a little non-plussed at the pose she asked to take. More normal for the Hello! Project girls to hang all over the dashing Tsunku (39). Tsunku gets a lot of flak for producing simple teen-pop, but I actually like some of the songs of Berryz Koubou and C-ute. MoMusu not so much.

xxmimixx 2008-08-10 16:38

^ Wow, Mana is tall xD. But still, a Aya Hirano and Tsunku combination would be great!

Kaoru Chujo 2008-08-11 14:26

I've read a bit of the manga now, and actually it seems fairly hilarious. There is a lot of possibility here, depending on how they play it.

The staff seems a bit questionable, though, so here's hoping things work out. Director Michio Fukuda has done lots of storyboards (in Ayakashi Ayashi, PaniPoni Dash, Honey & Clover) but this is his first directing job. Writer Tomizawa Yoshihiko wrote Starship Operators and was the mangaka of Onmyou Taisenki.

The cast is strangely varied, with 20-year-old idol seiyuu Hirano Aya playing the innocent transfer student Ayumi; top performer Orikasa Fumiko (34) playing irrepressibly happy and aggressive Torako; old pro Neya Michiko (42, she was Riza Hawkeye in FMA and Melissa Mao in FMP, as well as the tough elder sister in Goshuushousama Ninomiyakun) playing bossy Tatsuki; and tiny-voiced Ochiai Yurika (26) playing strong, silent Suzume.

I am happy to see Ochiai Yurika getting a bit more work. She is a capable voice but has been a pariah in the industry for a few years, probably because of her emotional nature and her popular blog detailing all her misfortunes and complaints about the industry and life in general, sometimes in several posts a day -- and possibly also because of the nude photo shoots she did as a teen.

Orikasa Fumiko's role seems like it could be a variation on her work as Miu in Ichigo Mashimaro. And that can't be bad, since Miu was one of the best comic performances I've heard.

Potatochobit 2008-08-19 04:36

that picture looks so wrong to me
I guess associating anime production with glamor is an unavoidable outcome

kyouray 2008-09-09 15:08

Officiel website is streaming a trailer. (Source : ANN)

Midonin 2008-09-09 15:14

Ah, beat me to it. But just got done watching it. Looks nice.

2H-Dragon 2008-09-09 15:52

I've read another manga of the same author. Have to say it was good. Definitly gonna check this one out. =o

ZODDGUTS 2008-09-09 22:28

Who's animating this? The animation looks pretty good.

Edit: I see this is being animated by Nippon animation haven't seen much of their work hopefully their good.

2H-Dragon 2008-09-18 04:01


Originally Posted by ZODDGUTS (Post 1885228)
Who's animating this? The animation looks pretty good.

Edit: I see this is being animated by Nippon animation haven't seen much of their work hopefully their good.

They weren't that good a few years back. I don't know how they are now haven't seen any recent stuff. The trailer make me hopefull though. =o

kyouray 2008-09-18 17:26

Design of the characters on Dengeki Online.

It's weird, heads seem too big for the body.
This character reminds me Kiri Komori from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei :D

Midonin 2008-09-18 19:36

Not bad overall. Looking forward to the show.

Bathory Area 2008-09-19 10:03

The anime is filled with various characters such as tsundere,the sweet girl who

won't harm a fly,the bizarre "always hungry".:heh:

cicido 2008-09-25 19:50

The first thing I noticed about Hyakko is how Torako and Ayumi resembled MariAli, the trailer only confirmed it.

Also, Fumiko Orikasa voicing Torako was just the cherry on top :hyper-^v^:
Definitely checking this one out.

Vexx 2008-09-26 01:02


Originally Posted by kyouray (Post 1884056)
Officiel website is streaming a trailer. (Source : ANN)

Well, that was obnoxious (it wanting me to install WMP 11 to watch a simple trailer.....). Ah well, not doing that.

kyouray 2008-09-29 09:38

New short trailer (from Otaku News Notes) on TV Tokyo website (yeah you need WMP again...).

It seems kinda cool :)

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