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Go-lytely 2004-01-21 00:59

Diamond Dust Drops!!
So what did everyone think? Too early for me to say, but it seems very j-dramaish. The one thing I dont like is the main characters voice. Sounds more like a 12 year old than a 20 year old.

Shinasuki 2004-01-21 01:16

I agree, It seems like a series worth watching. But I thought she was a little girl until they showed her driving the delivery truck, lol.

Racheal 2004-01-21 01:30

Could that Kurata be a mafia hitman?
Buying 3 boxes of music records during economic depression at around 500 yen a piece. He did say 2,000,000 yen per hour and he sounded like he meant it.

Imo the only thing is that her voice and look did not match her personality. Overall, If this was a shoujo novel, the publishers have struck goldmine.

btw, remember the guy who was hit with the squids, doesn`t he look like a certain robot pilot from another animation.

Kamui4356 2004-01-21 01:55

I liked this series. I think it has real potential. So far it's the best new anime this season. I think it got into things a little too quickly though. A few more episodes of background on the characters would have made the story flow more smoothly.


Originally Posted by Racheal
btw, remember the guy who was hit with the squids, doesn`t he look like a certain robot pilot from another animation.

Heh heh. Yeah, the character designs reminded me a lot of original gundam, but with much better animation.

Walküre 2004-01-21 07:08

Just watched the first Episode, and i have to say,
I really like it, great Animation and very nice Characters.

well, yeah the voice sounds a bit too young, but i still like it :)

I think im going to keep watchng this series.

Tboz 2004-01-21 07:29

Can someone give me the lowdown on what this series is about?

No luck searching on google, Animenfo hasn't update their database with a summary yet.

Thanks. :)

Kensuke 2004-01-21 08:15

To me animation wasn't so great and first episode didn't give very good image of this series, but I will continue watching at least couple episodes before I deside is this really worth following.

Diamond Dust Drops is about 20-year old girl, Atsuko, who is going to have arranged marriage (at least it looks like that since she doesn't like the guy). And it seems that she has feeling for other guy, Kurata.
May this is next "Onegai Twins"-relationship series since there is big age difference...

_DT_ 2004-01-21 09:46

I like it soo far. It great to have some new shoujo to get a rest from all the other fanservice pack anime. The art style goes well with the genre. Will see how the story develop.

after some google search I found that it's base on


Tboz 2004-01-21 10:47

Hmm... indeed very like J-dorama, think I will check it out too. Thanks guys. :)

Go-lytely 2004-01-21 19:23

ok, it seems like the show revolves around several girls and their connection to a jazz night club.

u&t 2004-01-21 21:11


Originally Posted by Go-lytely
Ick, my opinion of this show went down a notch once I found out it is probably going to be episodic with each girl we see in the intro having her own story. While not totally terrible, the chances for an engaging storyline are almost nil.

Yeah but there are only 5 chicks and episodes enough to weave the different story threads together.

Episodic dramas can be extremly engaging. They give much more room for character development than purely linear stories. Watch the movie "Magnolia" and you'll know what I mean.

Iron Monkey 2004-01-21 21:37


Originally Posted by Go-lytely
Ick, my opinion of this show went down a notch once I found out it is probably going to be episodic with each girl we see in the intro having her own story. While not totally terrible, the chances for an engaging storyline are almost nil.

Maybe it will be kind of like that Simpsons episode, where all these unrelated events occur to different characters, and then they ultimately link together in the end.

davFunereal 2004-01-22 07:21

Just saw episode one.

I think it's good.

babbito2k 2004-01-22 20:09

Yet another game-related show. Character design seems to be hard to translate from the game (never used to be a problem...), was a bit lumpy IMO. OP sequence odd.

If they do as much for the rest of the characters as they did for Atsuko it will at least be better than most of these game-based shows. OK plot. Worth trying given alternatives this winter.

davFunereal 2004-01-22 20:32

I don't know anything about the game, but why does everyone think it will be a chain of stories?

This series is twelve episodes long -- short. But that OP, that OP that delights me, sings and shows a lot of things about going north. It shows all the girls together in the north, the snow. I thought at least half, six episodes, of this series at least, after introductions, would be about the girls' vacation together. Then they would come back to their stressful lives; I thought it was likely.

GipFace 2004-01-26 21:21

Call my bet!
Who wants to bet a virtual five bucks that this show will jump the seriousness boat like AYA after episode three? It's sure setting itself up like that ... which would make the show a disappointment.

But episode one was nice.

Asakura_Y0h 2004-01-26 22:05

So, would this be another drama like KGNE ... short but sweet???/

Relentless 2004-01-26 22:07

What version do you peeps recommend, Ideology or Froth-Bite, both are new groups AFAIK

Fntc 2004-01-27 21:29

You folks should *REALLY* play the 'Kita e' ("To the North") game series that this anime is based off of. I cannot stress enough how utterly awesome they are. "Kita e: White Illumination" is what made me buy a Dreamcast the day they came out in Japan (only to have the game -- which was supposed to be a launch title -- delayed for months :( I got it eventually though :) )

The games are not traditional Romance Adventures or Romance Simulations. The "official" genre that is stated on the packaging is "Travel Communication"... Structure-wise the game is basically an Adventure but at its core it's a TRAVEL SIMULATION. The stories are romantic stories set in real-life present-day Hokkaido. The stories are all very down-to-earth simple slice-of-life romances that you get involved with. My favorite character from the first game was Kawahara Ayu, the daughter of a sushi restaurant who wants to be a professional singer...

What gives the stories their flavor is SETTING, SETTING, SETTING. All the places you go to visit are real places! The restaurants are real, the parks and beaches are real! Tourist attractions are real... The girls take on the role of tour guides telling you about the places you visit. In fact, you can even visit the places without the girls and simply use the game as an interactive travel guide! I really want to visit Hokkaido someday, and now I can and know exactly where to get a good bite to eat!

The Dreamcast version would even put links to the websites of the attractions onto your browser!

I remember when I was 15, and I had the best vacation ever. I met lots of nice girls and visited interesting places with them. These games take me back to those days when I could find adventure and romance away from home.

People might draw comparisons to Sentimental Graffiti, which was also a travel game... but they are not comparable at all. Senti focused on the actual act of TRANSPORTATION -- figuring out if you could afford to fly or take a train or hitchhike to get to your date on time. "Kita e" is all about the DESTINATION. Getting to see incredible volcanoes or the stunning fortress at Hakodate, or even silly biggest-ball-of-twine style tourist attractions (in Kita e: Diamond Dust there's a park you can visit thats claim to fame is the "world's longest park bench" that stretches to the horizon.)

People expecting a story like Kanon with magic and high drama will be disappointed. The places you visit and the girls you meet are all completely realistic (aside from being a bit prettier than might be considered realistic). Nothing out-of-the-ordinary happens. ...but the stories are sweet slice-of-life stories about people living real lives. It makes you feel like you're really there.

Most of all, if you ever want to visit Hokkaido, this game will show you where you can go. In particular there's these beautiful waterfalls I want to visit. ^^

You can pick up Kita e: White Illumination and the add-on disc Kita e: Photo Memories for the Dreamcast, as well as the new game Kita e: Diamond Dust for the PS2 at ! Get these games now if you like travel and romance!

Diedrupo 2004-01-28 01:38

no wonder there was so much emphasis on the scenery! Kita e is an awesome show.

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