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Pellissier 2008-07-13 01:56

Zero no Tsukaima (third season) - Episode 2 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Zero no Tsukaima (third season), Episode 2.

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serenade_beta 2008-07-13 05:22

Episode 2...
Just hoping the whole episode isn't about breasts, yes? Probably wouldn't be, but I'm still worried. Well, let's see what happens...

Kitsune 2008-07-13 08:56

Yep I'm also hoping for not a big-breasts episode... (better a Louise flat-chest episode xDDDDD :D)

Fynal_Fyre 2008-07-13 09:31


Originally Posted by <Suigintou> (Post 1725296)
(better a Louise flat-chest episode xDDDDD :D)

DFC is <3.

But I have this urge for MOAR Tiffania. I want to see how they develop her character. (And whether she'll have some kind of dojikko-style intro. I don't know 'bout you guys but to me she seems the type.)

Seravy 2008-07-13 14:40


M.Marangio 2008-07-13 15:52

The episode aired already, there is a thread in the usual place with some screenshots.

Farplaner 2008-07-13 16:27

Two words...


I thought the episode was very funny, even though the majority of the episode was about breasts...

Also, some scenes were censored... so look forward to the DVD?

aroduc 2008-07-13 17:20

That was... remarkably anticlimatic.

D a m i e n 2008-07-13 17:33

was that mikuru or did i mistook this character with someone from another serie?

crystalalien87 2008-07-13 17:51

i think siesta fans will be very happy.... i liked the episode even though i couldnt quite grasp what they where hopefully tomorrow another speed sub will be out :) tiffania is pretty cool...

Sterling01 2008-07-13 18:48


Originally Posted by aroduc (Post 1726295)
That was... remarkably anticlimatic.

It was quite disappointing...

Taiyakikung 2008-07-13 19:08

Some scenes were sensor? How can that be possible for japan? I think only my country have perverted scene censored.

gugumomu 2008-07-13 20:38


Originally Posted by Farplaner (Post 1726201)
Also, some scenes were censored... so look forward to the DVD?

another reason to bash the producers. but till now ZnT didnt need censoring. cheap method to boost DVD sales or are they really turning ecchi?

serenade_beta 2008-07-13 21:07

Spoiler for ep2:

Fynal_Fyre 2008-07-13 22:41

Siesta seems to be appearing very conveniently these days...

Darknemo2000 2008-07-14 05:03

The art in this one was truly atrocious in some parts...

Yeah Siesta gets more focus but her character in terms of personality still looks rather pathetic.

And as expected boob-jokes are back at full force... Actually novels do have quite a bit of fan-service but it is still much less annoying than in here.

A solid 5 from me as it still had a few good moments, but artwork was really horrible at places, pacing too and the plot looks kind of forced and silly (well thats what happens when you try to go back to butchered novel parts).

siber222000 2008-07-14 13:54

another episode that didn't fail me at all :))) i love tiffania hahaha, i gotta love how louise and siesta became an ally LOL

minhtam1638 2008-07-14 14:03

Hearing the comments right now and already I have the gut feeling to just drop this season...

CapoExecutor 2008-07-14 14:21


Originally Posted by minhtam2448 (Post 1728831)
Hearing the comments right now and already I have the gut feeling to just drop this season...

Don't jump too soon.

Anyways, will Saito ever reach his breaking point and become, as Louise might look at it, "the dog that bit his master's hand?

longshot 2008-07-14 14:47


Originally Posted by CapoExecutor (Post 1728862)
Don't jump too soon.

Anyways, will Saito ever reach his breaking point and become, as Louise might look at it, "the dog that bit his master's hand?

doubt it saito's one of those knight in shining armor type of guys..... so far in the series hes been a lot better than those nobles little more perverted but hey nicer counts...
he can handle rejection, put others before his pride and has a bigger harem than any of them can muster up lets see it think it included ( louise(master/off-lover),siesta(friend/possible girlfriend), tabitha(assistant/jailbait),Henrietta(royal authority/possible one nightstand), Agnes(mentor/sparring partner), and last tiffania(someone to talk to/friend/somewhere to rest his head *cough**Cough*)
this is the info i can see so far in the episodes and whats been posted on baka tsuki from the novels

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