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cangri23_ 2007-02-22 14:47

romance with any other genre
any good romance from 2000's up will be hepful, my list so to see:

gunparade march
shakugan no shana
yoake mae yori ruri iro na crescent love
full metal panic- all 3 series
green green
hani hani operation sanctuary
dacapo 2 seasons
tokimeki memorial only love
kimi ga nozomu eien
ai yori aoshi and enishi
gift eternal rainbow
onegai teacher and twins
elemental gelade
ikki tousen
steel angel kurumi
maboraha heartful days
happy lesson and advanced
kamisama kazoku
busou renkin
zero no tsukaima
midori no hibi

Skyfall 2007-02-22 14:59

I suggest you organize that ... thing ... in a way that it is possible to read it without getting one's eyes in a knot, and then maybe you will get some responses ;)

jedinat 2007-02-22 15:52

Yeah, lol... interesting formatting there.

Hachimitsu to Clover
Full Moon wo Sagashite
Aishiteruze Baby
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Seikai no Monshou
D.N. Angel

cangri23_ 2007-02-22 17:00

my bad did not realize sorry but now i fixed it so it should look better

Deathkillz 2007-02-22 17:56

fate/stay night
Rozen maiden
Canvas 2

capture 2007-02-22 18:10

maybe not from 2000 but still a very nice anime Kare Kano

also try if you haven't watched....

Fruits Basket
Love Hina
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

Skyfall 2007-02-22 18:46

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu
Futakoi Alternative
I``s Pure
Natsuiro no Sunadokei

Ziv 2007-02-23 04:03


Originally Posted by Deathkillz (Post 841294)
fate/stay night
Rozen maiden
Canvas 2

What about Rozen Maiden is "Romance"?

miaka 2007-02-23 04:56

Good witch of the west - 13 episodes
Lamune - 12 episode
Nodame Cantabile - currently ongoing
saiunkoku monogatari - 39 episodes

DarkDemonz 2007-02-23 07:58

Saikano, a really really good romance anime, a 13episode, should give it a try

xcxcxcc 2007-02-23 21:20

eureka seven really good anime 50 eps and my personal favorite

Kleo Scanti 2007-02-24 01:43

Ah! My Goddess! - romance/comedy/fantasy/some action
My HiME - action/comedy/drama/romance

holyman282 2007-02-24 05:40

Elfen Lied- well you did say mixed with any genre so a bit of guts and gore won't hurt, if you look past it then it's a great romance anime.

To Heart: Remember my Memories- very slice of life, if you like this then you'll like the prequel which was made before the year 2000

To Heart 2- It's not a sequel to the original to heart, it has new characters but is based around the same area

Da Capo- quite surprised you never watched this, but it isn't on your list so here... There is also a second season Da Capo 2

Tokyo Underground- Action/Romance, need i say more...

Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora- Still ongoing, only 13 eps, but by the looks of it, it's a really good one and one of the first romance anime for 2007

cangri23_ 2007-02-24 12:44

thanks for all the suggestion they were of great help in finding new good anime to watch!!!!!

Duckinator 2007-02-24 22:45

I second Fate/Stay Night

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