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Skyfall 2007-10-29 05:37

School Days ~Magical Heart☆Kokoro-chan~ OVA
Welcome to the discussion thread for School Days, ~Magical Heart☆Kokoro-chan~ OVA.

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CJL13 2007-10-29 15:05

It's kinda hard to convince people after the events of the anime that this will be all hunky-donky. Sailor Moon for adults? :uhoh:

cors8 2007-10-29 16:09

So who's Kokoro going to kill?

kamo 2007-10-29 17:21

My speculation:
Kokoro will use her magical powers to bring back Sekai and Makoto.
Makoto will sleep with Kokoro as a thank you present.
Kotonoha will kill Makoto.

ToxicNarcotic 2007-10-29 18:39

I ended up choking on my milk when I saw her manifest that Beretta.

CJL13 2007-10-29 21:28


Originally Posted by ToxicNarcotic (Post 1227630)
I ended up choking on my milk when I saw her manifest that Beretta.

You choked on a liquid? That's a bad omen.

Kang Seung Jae 2007-10-29 22:09


Originally Posted by CJL13 (Post 1227856)
You choked on a liquid? That's a bad omen.

It's pretty easy to choke on liquid....

serenade_beta 2007-10-29 23:58


Of all the things to animate!

Maybe this means the chances of a Summer Days anime isn't impossible.

KholdStare 2007-10-30 00:41

OMG an OVA for Kokoro? :love:

Edgewalker 2007-10-30 01:04

Wheres the source on this info ?

Ultima_Rasengan05 2007-10-30 05:07

This news actually surprised me when I first found out about it. I mean after what everyone has experienced about the ending for School Days, I guess they just want to erase that feeling and create a spinoff with a "magical" title to it.
Since all of the cast members will be "revived" and come back for this OVA, I wonder how it will play out...who will be the bad guy and such...
Even though School Days has ended in a very murderous note, I don't feel like looking forward to watching this spinoff...although its about Kokoro-chan, Kotonoha's little sister, but still...

Deathkillz 2007-10-30 05:16

now now guys...remember how mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha started out? that was a spin off too :heh:

kokoro is going to befriend someone :cool:

Ultima_Rasengan05 2007-10-30 05:19


Originally Posted by Deathkillz (Post 1228365)
now now guys...remember how mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha started out? that was a spin off too :heh:

kokoro is going to befriend someone :cool:

you might have a point and since we are talking about how School Days was violent, maybe we might get deadly magical violence from Kokoro and friends.:heh:
I guess I'll be fine with this spinoff as long as Makoto doesn't show signs of wanting to bang anyone again...

Ravenblitz 2007-10-30 06:22

i want kokoro-chan! lol im very curious about this one

patnam 2007-10-30 06:49

i bet there will be a lot of Makoto's clones (dark version)......

kenjiharima 2007-10-30 11:13

more Makoto's to kill in this OVA the better.

Shana 2007-10-30 11:17

Kokoro will be a Magical Girl who fights for the world's (Japan's?) good. Then, Kokoro will found another girl (Kyon's imouto LOL) who's by the dark side. Kokoro will say "Please stop doing this!" and then Kyon's imouto will throw a lot of bubbles with Taisuke-form. Kokoro-chan notices that Kyon's imouto is only a marionette who's being controled by Taisuke (The very, very bad guy), then she cuts the cable that's the conexion of Taisuke to Kyon's Imouto. Kokoro punchs Taisuke, but Taisuke punchs Kokoro too, and Kokoro faints. Taisuke tried to do "weird things" to Kokoro, but Kotonoha appears and fight with Taisuke...

It'll continue...

Mad Dog 2007-10-30 12:24

Here is some better infor about it:

School Days is getting a Kokoro-chan OVA DVD to be released next year. This was originally an April Fool’s Day project by 0verflow (see here:,) and from that clip alone, I was on the floor laughing. I had expected the School Days series to be done for now unless they were planning on animating Summer Days, but I’m very intrigued by this, especially if they’re going to be using all the characters in a magical girl setting. The release date is in late March 2008 (right before April Fool’s Day), and MOON PHASE is reporting that it’ll be out March 26th, though Sofmap’s listing indicates a release on the 28th. In any case, it might be something to look forward to.

Now this is SERIOUS. This is real. :lol: Is anyone else having a Magical Girl Sammy flashback?

ToxicNarcotic 2007-10-30 14:16


Originally Posted by CJL13 (Post 1227856)
You choked on a liquid? That's a bad omen.

Maybe I should rephrase that. It went down the wrong tube.

puretsundere 2007-10-30 15:19

A School Days Kokoro-chan OVA..??
I knew it was coming..

LOL ok not really..

But for some reason I'm not as shocked about the announcement of this OVA.
For me, any other anime making an OVA like this probably would have left me confused and bewildered.

But then I realized, this is School Days.

This could be interesting. I'm hoping this will be good.

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