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Random14 2020-04-05 17:40

Yeah, probably shouldn't rely on Yor for anything that involves stabbing objects and not ripping them apart.

Aw, so cute seeing the dog and penguin "come to terms" as it were. Too bad they can't just parade Anya around to bring world peace.

Anh_Minh 2020-04-06 00:53

It was interesting that for all his qualities, Bond is still a dog.

~Yami~ 2020-04-06 06:04

Anya is training hard to be the agent of peace between West and East
She'll be the legend :heh:

and is there anything that Yor is good with aside from killing? well she learned how to cook but still...

James Rye 2020-04-06 19:14

^She is good at bear hugs. XD

James Rye 2020-04-19 16:00

Ch. 25 was great! Loved Anya's 4th wall breaking especially because you know she actually ISN'T breaking the fourth wall but just acting like it as if she were in a cartoon. XDDD
Becky falling hard for Anya's daddy is awesome! He needed a fangirl and now Becky got a perfect reason beside the doggy to want see her family and given her family's standing and position as military industrial CEO Loid himself might be interested in getting ties with her family. Becky got good taste in men. <3
Really liked Damian's struggle in impressing his dad. That his father didn't even cared that his son got socked into the face on his first day speaks volume for what kind of man he is and how devoid of affection and attention Damian's life must have been. No wonder he loves his dog so much. Even the Butler Jeeves (at least I assume he is a Butler) feels sorry for him and rather lies than tell his young master the truth.
The Art class was great with how Becky made a Loid puppet and told her "elegant" teacher off by telling the truth: Humans are Animals. XD
But boy, Anya sucks so much at art... she's not great in sports, math, language, philosophy and now even art ain't her thing. Is there any teaching class she is good at? D:
Though it was sweet how she tried to help Damian with his project and she certainly was more in the spirit of the actual task which was to share and help each other and not hoard all the materials for yourself like Damian did. And funnily enough it did won first price with the teacher at the end being like "why....". XDDD
Hope we get a little more school arc next chapter in two weeks or something with Becky and Anya getting closer.^^

Kanon 2020-04-19 18:07

Damian's desire to get acknowledged by his father is stronger than his crush on Anya, apparently. Understandable.

Becky falling for Loid is definitely going to lead somewhere. Lots of comedic potential there.

Wandering Soul 2020-04-19 19:52

I can't say Damien's family situation surprised me, but it still sucks for the kid.

Anya's mission is important m, but she shouldn't ignore the potential homewrecker next to her

James Rye 2020-04-19 20:29

As long as Becky doesn't fall for Damian Anya's future household is safe. :P

I wonder when we will get to learn more about the other kids in class. Like none of them look like a "mob" like in regular school SoL mangas where most have same body build, face and hair style; here they got distinguish outwards appearances of noses, eyes and hair and facial expressions. We see that some like to mock Anya for wearing her Stella in school, while others seem distressed and unwell, some sit with friends, some alone. And this time we had a girl speak up for Anya's defense when Damian got rude to her (though to be fair it did look like she was actively sabotaging him XD), so I don't think it gonna stay with Becky&Anya vs Damian&Emile&Ewin for the whole class for long. Anya might get more friends or even admirers whereas Damian already got buttkissers lying up and probably one girl or more who might fall for him and possibly be jealous of the attention Scion-kun gives Anya the whole time.
Just a guess of mine though.^^

Kanon 2020-04-20 07:01

I'm not sure the author is going to introduce too many kids, maybe one more friend for Anya and a rival for Damian and that's it.

James Rye 2020-04-20 07:32

I didn't meant "learn more" as in full fledged side characters but more like in School Rumble where do everyone having names and not looking samey and us knowing their hobbies, likes, crushes, etc. making SR feel one of the most "alive" school mangas ever. Like the too serious Class Rep, the small delinquent with the large hairdo, the pervert Buddha and his followers, the cute wrestle fangirl, the happy-go-lucky-couple-that-should-just-drop-dead-wait-is-she-cheating-on-him?, the girl skirt chaser and ofc the cool loner delinquent and the clique of girls that were the main focus of the story.
Lots of series based in schools are basically MC and the girls lusting after his D, maybe a friend or two and that's it, the rest is background at best, sometimes not even that is there.
And SxF seems to do the same, a bit at least, with a girl standing up for Anya right now, others badmouthing Anya and trying to kiss up to Damian and others criticizing for being full of herself, etc.

~Yami~ 2020-04-22 02:53

Anya's quest to save the world is going smoothly :heh:

that Griffin interpretation is definitely one of the funniest and unexpected things ever

Random14 2020-05-03 11:15

Huh, so there are limits to Anya's power. Well, of course the story can't just have her copying test answers that easily. I hope she's studied but I'm kind of afraid she's come up with another scheme.

Didn't expect Yuri to show up again, and Anya reading her "uncle's" mind shows just how crazy he is.

With the big test here, maybe the main plot will move along. Glad the humor is still keeping up (like how Bond fell over after tasting Yor's cookies).

Anh_Minh 2020-05-03 13:56

I wonder if Anya being bad in school has to do with being distracted by other people's thoughts 27 days out of 28?

Either way, I fear her chihuahua isn't swole enough.

James Rye 2020-05-03 17:58

If her power is moon-related then it will play a part later during the story for sure. Like meeting someone new for the first time and she cannot read his mind while he is planning to sabotage her dad's mission and she finds out about that only later after meeting said person again.

Gotta say, Damian doing a perfect "heh" imitation of Anya had me in stitches, it was great! Same with Anya doing the evil laughter, I am so worried for her though, no way I can see her getting 4 or even one Stella during this test... I actually worry how many Tontrius she gonna get...

The Best part of this chapter was Bond eating a Yor cookie and laying dead and motionless next panel when Twilight was walking in, it was just done so matter-of-factly that I spit all over my desk. I love this joke to death. XDDD

Kanon 2020-05-03 18:20

Another hilarious chapter. Swole chihuahua :heh:


Originally Posted by Anh_Minh (Post 6415238)
I wonder if Anya being bad in school has to do with being distracted by other people's thoughts 27 days out of 28?

Either way, I fear her chihuahua isn't swole enough.

I thought that's what this chapter implied. She also wasn't all that motivated before though.

Interesting to introduce a weakness to Anya's power.

Wandering Soul 2020-05-03 21:19

Anya and Yuri actually a good comedic duo and I wouldn't mind seeing them interact again.

Interesting to see that Anya's power is connected to the moon.

shanimebib 2020-05-04 01:18

The weakness will come to haunt the manga. If only Anya knew how to disarm the bomb, it was so easy. But she has the exams covered because she studied so hard for foreign languages.

~Yami~ 2020-05-04 02:45

Anya is getting along with her uncle
go and train your swole chihuahua, Anya!!!

I'll assume that Anya is the main character, even if author said there are 3 main characters in this manga.
Anya just outshine everyone :heh:
well she is the key of the mission after all

Anya's evil grin though...

James Rye 2020-05-04 20:06

So how many Stellas or Tonritus do you all expect Anya to get from this mid-term exam? I have a feeling that she superfocused on one part of the 4 and the other four just done the bar minimum in hopes of passing. I think she gets like one Stella and one Tonritus with the other two getting passing grade.

Kanon 2020-05-05 11:15

I doubt she will earn a Stella unless she turns out to be super smart (her test results were pretty abysmal), but she'll probably avoid failing thanks to her last minute cramming. But who knows? It wouldn't be the first time the little peanut surprises me.

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