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duotiga 2007-11-25 04:58


Originally Posted by Meehlimo (Post 1269766)
That strike is kinda cool.. but i wish they woulda released wit with the laucher n sword striker packs it would make ppl buy them. if i buy that one it will be my 5th strike..

i wld like to see the launcher n sword striker packs also......:heh: that will be the 5th strike for me also if i get this :eyespin:

LynnieS 2007-11-25 05:08


Originally Posted by LoweGear (Post 1268541)
Some Custom models from the Dengeki 15th Anniversary fair:

HG 1/144 Exia with Astraea mod parts sold with January's Dengeki mag:

One correction, if you don't mind :) : The Astraea modification parts will be sold with the February issue of "Dengeki Hobby". The January issue has a sheet of Gundam marking stickers instead. There was also an 1/60 (no grade - based on the box beside the model) model of Exia being shown; I don't remember the date listed, but will see if it got captured by a photo.

Edit: No, I didn't get the release date, but this is what it looks like:

It's a bigger no-grade, it looks like, and I'm not sure if that is the real box art either. Warning: Images are pretty large in size.

The girls at "Dengeki 15th Anniversary" who were there at the same time I was looking at the new figures (in those small boxes) were all gushing over the Lockon one... The Setsuna one got barely a look from them. :heh:

duotiga 2007-11-25 06:49

frm official site

1/60 Exia Gundam

Skane 2007-11-25 07:41

Just a quick question... has there ever been a MG and/or PG release of Justice and/or Infinite Justice? Hmm... I also forsee that Bandai will forsaken me again and not release a higher grade version of my favourite model from Gundam 00 thus far, Dynames.

Still dreaming of that MG/PG version of Heavy Arms from Gundam Wing:Endless Waltz too... and Lunamaria's Zaku as well...

I'm cursed, I tell you. Bandai never releases MG/PG versions of the models I actually WANT in MG/PG version...


Keeping myself content with the 1/144 HG kits from Gundam 00. Got Exia, Union Flag and Dynames so far.


duotiga 2007-11-25 09:13

1/100 Dynames Gundam Preview

Copy Ninja Kakashi 2007-11-25 10:59

Dynames looks good, will get it

LightningZERO 2007-11-25 11:02

Yeah. There won't be a MG for this one

dodgethis_sg 2007-11-25 11:55

lol Arblade Custom.

Critias 2007-11-25 16:12

Jeez MG Strike E and IWSP?

Way to milk it Bandai.

MG Gundam X plz instead.

LightningZERO 2007-11-25 20:45

Sooner or later we will even have Strike E pink color custom

Meehlimo 2007-11-25 21:27


Originally Posted by LightningZERO (Post 1270881)
Sooner or later we will even have Strike E pink color custom

thats so NOT funny :heh:

But hell yea im all for a MG gundam X been wanting for for a very long time
same wit a mg deathscythe hell custom.

duotiga 2007-11-26 07:16

i am waiting for this if possible for Strike E variant

Strike E + Sword Pack

Strike E + launcher pack

but notheless...where is HG V/V2 ??? MG V//V2?????

mikoo 2007-11-26 10:11

avalanche exia

15th Annual Dengeki Figure Festival

mdauben 2007-11-26 11:11


Originally Posted by duotiga (Post 1270164)
1/100 Dynames Gundam Preview

Oooh! Me like! :love:

dagr81 2007-11-26 15:17

avalanche exia??
ummm what is that?

duotiga 2007-11-26 18:34

from Model Graphix

MG Unicorn

LightningZERO 2007-11-26 18:46

Unicorn and Avalanche Exia are awesome!

supperrfreek 2007-11-26 22:19

just a side question, I didn't want to start another thread for a small question. Does anyone know if they're making a green astray model?
yes there is a green astray, I'm not a joking, bandwidth wasting troll.

U<3Anime 2007-11-26 22:59

How strong is Unicorn's destroy mode anyway?

Cherudim Arche 2007-11-27 01:31

I hope it isn't as strong as tranformers' unicorn weapon.:rolleyes:

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