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Stark700 2016-12-26 11:57

Blend S the Animation

Plot Summary

Sakura Nomiya is by nature a person with bad luck and always gets into trouble, but knows Dino, who manages a cafeteria, however it is not any cafeteria, and the waitresses will have to act as characters according to their "attributes."
'Blend S' is getting a TV anime adaptation. Another series from Manga Time Kirara.


Stark700 2017-05-25 09:05

Starts October (Fall 2017)

To be animated by A-1 Pictures

Stark700 2017-06-25 02:55

Cast and PV

bastek66 2017-08-28 21:13

New promo pic. BTW there are 4 girls and 3 boys on this picture
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Stark700 2017-10-07 11:54

Episode 1:

Oh God, this show is adorable. Even the OP song gave me a smile.

Maika is absolutely adorable to watch! She is a bit timid but I think her character is really charming to watch. I also think Kaho is cute to watch and she seems like a popular girl.

One of the cutest anime of the season. Definitely will be watching more.

Xical 2017-10-07 13:53

Looks good but I feel it a little ... bland?
Maybe the seiyuu choice or the way it feel Maika was toned down from manga is what giving me this feeling, but still enjoyable, will stick to this until the end.

Random Wanderer 2017-10-07 15:18

...Maika really doesn't have a mean look in her eyes naturally, or anything. I don't know why everyone keeps saying she does.

serenade_beta 2017-10-07 15:48

Spoiler for ep1:

FlareKnight 2017-10-08 04:16

That was an alright first episode. Maika seems to be a pretty nice person and her coworkers are pretty solid. Should be a decent show to relax and watch once a week.

I'd guess the issue with her eyes is more of a nerves based thing. Gets nervous during interviews or while working and such is how it goes. But when hanging out with friends or family she's pretty relaxed and thus nothing out of the ordinary.

Nothing unbelievably good, but not bad either.

James Rye 2017-10-08 05:40

Big boobed blonde gamer tsundere, grown up cold acting lovey-dovey little sister and a innocent yet sadistic looking moe girl? This cafe is set for profit! GJ, pervert manager from another country! And you even got a kiss at the end of the first episode already. XD

LKK 2017-10-08 10:03

Crunchyroll is streaming the series. [Source]

SamCurt 2017-10-08 10:18

Hm, The art style reminds me of anything from Karino Takatsu.

BTW, Maika's seiyuu is also... Galko's, which means it's Azumi Waki's second time on the protagonist position?

HandofFate 2017-10-08 11:37

Love this series.
Had me cracking up.
Reminds me of Working!
I like how there's a good line that 'yea these girls are doing a character' and their real life stuff.

HandofFate 2017-10-08 11:56


Originally Posted by Random Wanderer (Post 6148207)
...Maika really doesn't have a mean look in her eyes naturally, or anything. I don't know why everyone keeps saying she does.

From the scenes that we're shown.
Whenever she gets nervous, her eyes and voice go all S.

And since she was mentioning how she had trouble getting past the interview, she was always nervous during them and hence, the S eyes shows up.

DragoonKain3 2017-10-09 00:12

Very much like Working, but not as crazy. Or more like their crazy personalities is just an act, barring Tenchou of course who looks and acts like someone from that insane diner. But as long as they do shiptease, I'm in it. XD

Ultragunner 2017-10-09 05:25

Holy sh*t:

are those actual "balls" on a cat?? How? Why? :heh:

Faux Mecha 2017-10-09 05:57

creepy Italian guy opens a fetish cafe in Japan & has a crush on a highschool girl, yep totally nothing wrong with that. :heh:

MeoTwister5 2017-10-09 09:58

Are there real Japanese cafes like this?

I need to know for... uh... science! Yes scientific research!

Oberstein 2017-10-09 10:15


Surprise (Trap)?
Where is yandere maid?

grecefar 2017-10-09 11:15

It was a nice first chapter, but I'm still in doubt so for now I'll follow.

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