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NeoSam 2007-09-22 14:33

Hatsukoi Limited (Hatsukoi Gentei)
Hatsukoi Gentei
Hatsukoi Limited

A new manga by Kawashita Mizuki (the mangaka of Lilim Kiss and Ichigo 100%).

Its starting serialization in No. 44 of Weekly Shounen Jump magazine (released on October 1, 2007).

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Romance

2H-Dragon 2007-09-24 02:27

Biggest question is has she learned from her mistakes and not drag shit out? Has Shounen jump learned not to cancel manga after 20 chapters?

Can't say I am expecting much. Let's see if she goes for the whimpy type(Ichigo100%) or the cool type(lilim kiss).

NeoSam 2007-09-25 08:48

Yeah, I'm not expecting much too, but I'm hoping this time it will be different.

I have read all of Ichigo 100% manga, and I'm not a fan of it, I was hoping it will turn out like Video Girl Ai or I''s (which both I loved alot), but it didn't.

2H-Dragon 2007-10-01 04:34

Read the first chapter. It seems that there will be multiple main characters. Judging from the into. It's written from the female perspective. Definitely still shounen though.

For what it's worth if the Huge school dude becomes the main interest I'm in.

It's more like a comedy with romance, but the romance is used as the main point of humor. Feels more like Lilim kiss and Akane chan overdrive, but without the super natural stuff.

Nightengale 2007-10-01 11:19

Looks like it's going to be equally episodic in a sense, with different girls but within the same circle. Interesting, but since it looks like it's going to do equal divisions with each girls... let's just hope it's not going to feel repetitive.

Well, the good thing is that, with this, hopefully there wouldn't be any crappy huge overarching love quads and pents, and restrict the girl's stories to one or 2 guys and more rational romances. And more diversity in the kind of romance they're going for.

The bad? Let's just hope it doesn't play on the climax cliffhanger + character jumping too much.

X10A_Freedom 2007-10-02 14:46

Hmm...I think I've outgrown it. Although the story is totally different, it's of a similar "level" with Ichigo 100%. I enjoyed Ichigo back in the days but...growing up stinks. :P

LCeh 2007-10-06 20:18

Not bad. I just read chapter 2, and it indeed focused on another girl. It looks like this story will focus on 4-5 main characters like Nightengale said. It's interesting to see where she will take this, but I am enjoying it so far.

aikming 2007-10-08 01:48

Still early but after 2 chapters, the story plot isn't that interesting. At least the female characters are. Hope the story gets more interesting as it progresses

LCeh 2007-10-13 20:03

Hmm.... once again chapter 3 is about another person. But I am pretty sure that there will be a more central story later on, as all of these chapters are built around the same setting, with the characters all kind of inter-related. Not bad so far, the artwork is great, and the story... well, it's ok, it's not extremely interesting, but they are short and sweet.

physics223 2007-10-16 01:05

This series is awesome. <3

blade82 2007-10-20 11:36

it's look like interisting:p from now and i hope that will become more awsome, there are comedy and fight, I like it with a delinquant like harima kenji from school rumble

LCeh 2007-10-29 17:09

Chapter 5 still introduced and focused on a new girl and guy, but it was interesting. I still think that this will eventually lead to a bigger plot though, even though right now it's been weekly episodic chapters.

rurouni_samurai 2007-10-29 19:05

So um, when will we start to see some developments? I hope that the next chapter doesn't introduce a new story...

blahdida 2007-10-29 20:38

Currently im on ch4 and theres still new characters, im guessing this is gonna be like salad days (which is a collection of small stories)

Freeter 2007-10-29 23:51

I think the whole gimmick of Hatsukoi is introducing a new girl every week ala Boys Be (though some of the previous girls have made background appearances in other chapters). Basically, it gives Kawashita an opportunity to cycle through her entire sketchbook of character designs for weekly material :heh:

Whether the stories of these different girls will intertwine into a bigger plot is still unknown, but right now I wouldn't get my hopes up, especially after the debacle that was Ichigo's "plot". Perhaps the episodic format is a better fit so things don't needlessly drag out.

Freeter 2007-11-03 18:25

Spoiler for ch 6:

rurouni_samurai 2007-11-12 15:33

This whole sibling love relationship is starting to creep me out. I do understand that it's suppose to be the kind of love that transcends the romantic type of love, but the characters are a bit over-affectionate to their respective siblings......

On a sidenote, Lollipops FTW :D

Fran~ 2007-11-12 15:48

Kawashita's art is beautiful as always, but the plot is something bizarre... the siblings relationship is kinda weird :uhoh:

too many characters, i barely manage his/her names though... :heh:

Cadorna 2007-11-12 16:04

the siblings relationship is just a fetish

Fran~ 2007-11-12 20:52


Originally Posted by Cadorna (Post 1251197)
the siblings relationship is just a fetish

But inside that fetish we have the "newlyweeds" fetish AND inside that, the MAID fetish...


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