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Gravi-T 2004-03-26 19:10

Sailor Moon Live Action
(or Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon)
Come on! I know you have seen at LEAST one episode!
And the dl/ul on AnimeSuki is ALWAYS over 500, so don't try to lie!

What are you're thoughts about this anime-to-liveaction series?

At first, I hated it. Then it got a little bit weird, when they started to stray off the anime version (in story sense that is) and the whole love thing between Usagi and Mamoru is just stupid. That was better portrayed in the anime...

Also I think that the series is improving now. If you look at the last two episodes, they are really cool! The storyline is beginning to get more exciting and they always have surprises for us who watched the anime. Furthermore, the special effects is getting better too and the direction of the show, I think. Just watch Kunzite's attack in the latest episode! It looks very Final Fantasy-inspired. The games, not the movies/anime.

I also like the bad cliff-hangers. They're not really cliff-hangers that makes you "want the next episode NOW!!" like Naruto's cliff-hangers (which by the way is getting a little annoying now), but they're more like cliff-hangers that are REALLY obvious and not just because one has watched the anime. Everyone knows who the Moon Princess is and who she was married to and that means Sailor Moon will be married to Tuxedo Mask, which means Mamoru will fall in love with Usagi. Nooo?

Well... the storyline is pretty obvious and basically, the show is just a Power Rangers-rip off (just think about the Youma in SMLA and the bad guys in PR) and unless it does something cool soon (like turning Mamoru into the evil Master Endymion and turn him against everyone), they will probably lose a lot of fans. :)

Kaoru 2004-03-26 19:41

This doesn't really belong in Anime. ^_^ Check out the other existing thread.
And yeah the SM live action is something else! At first I thought it was soo cheesy, but it's become highly addictive! :heh:

Gravi-T 2004-03-27 06:59

I'll cross-post my post there (if I'm allowed to do that) :)
Even if it is cheesy, I still watch. Don't know why really.

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