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molle 2003-11-28 21:31

new character
new guy has showed up and seems to become trouble! =P

dot|hack 2003-11-28 21:40

WOW, this is fucking great!!! If this was a licensed manga i would definatly buy it!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!

molle 2003-11-29 12:04

thx a lot dot|hack! You give me the will to draw 50 pages a day, but that wouldn't make them good =(. I so wanna finish this comic even though I got a story that extends beyond 500 pages at this point =P. But my promess to myself was to complete 180 pages until New year, that means 1 page a day since the day I started in the middle of the summer. I got 50 pages to do in 30 days, it's gonna get tough, but hopefully I will soon be so into the story that I won't be able to stop drawing.

calavera spain 2003-11-29 13:09

thats a lot of work.... hope u can acomplish the 50 pages.

Lord Raiden 2003-11-29 13:10

Keep going. I like it. :) Don't stop at just 180 pages. We'd get withdrawl if you did. :)

Tboz 2003-11-29 13:58

Nice... more of those splash page will be good. :D

molle 2003-11-30 19:30

EVEN MORE NEW CHARACTERS! gah! it's gonna be hell coming up with names! If you got any suggestions, plz post them! =)

dot|hack 2003-12-02 00:57

hahaha that was halirous with the nose ;D

fenrihr 2003-12-02 01:18

names eh? Snoz. heh. that's the only thing that came to mind on seeing that one....

Love Witch 2003-12-02 13:18

Oh my god! Sooo funny! Plot as well as the drawings are great and hilarious

calavera spain 2003-12-03 17:22

"mia", "gonzo", "aby", "manolo":joke:, "lily", "quan", "josh"

think im a bit bored jejejeje

MonkeyP 2003-12-04 02:14

Very Impressive! I would never be able to do a manga, in fact, I can barely even do homework. If I wasnt so lazy... Anyways, great job. I salute you.

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