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duotiga 2006-08-29 19:40


Originally Posted by DarkWarrior
Wow, BeeCraft has struck again, this time having fun with Saviour. :twitch: Wasn't I-Justice enough for them? I really don't like the new wings, and the curved shoulder vents look weird. Damn you BeeCraft, what did you do to my favorite MS from GSD! :frustrated:

Yes, I'm overreacting, but I was really hoping that they'd stick more to the lineart.

i find the wings design kinda weird though i like the head now....1 of my fave MS in Destiny also.....:uhoh: :eyespin:

SNT1 2006-08-29 22:00

I hate original okawara lineart. Glad BEECRAFT is doing this :P (better if katoki, but o well)

Tak 2006-08-29 22:41


Originally Posted by Silent Soldier
That's a good deal but why did a cellphone store owner have a Master Grade Aile Strike in the first place. :heh:

It is my personal philosphy that, sometimes, there are things better left unknown...

- Tak

aikming 2006-08-30 03:44


Originally Posted by theOtherGuy
I'd get those too...but, not enough $$. :upset:

Good for you. Freedom is excellent. I have both MG freedom and MG wing zero custom. Had thought of MG rouge before.. but then... got other stuff to collect so... but you should be proud of those 2 that you got.

grandmaster192 2006-08-30 16:46

Have any of you guys ever try making something like this?

Tak 2006-08-30 17:09

My precious models on a third-rate video production? NEVER!! NEVER I TELL YOU! It'd be a degrading act to perform!

- Tak

SNT1 2006-08-30 17:23

posted by kaito-kid in the ridiculous images thread.... it CAN be done!

Nesty 2006-08-30 23:01

omg he even had how to setup weapon vids O_O

igloo models, bandai better make em!

Sety 2006-08-31 15:02

Can anyone suggest a good store with a large selection of SD Gundam models?

Tried Tisinc99 but I'm looking for certain models.

-Double X
-F91 Twin VSBR
-Crossbone any version

KNETTER2000 2006-08-31 15:26


Originally Posted by Sety
Can anyone suggest a good store with a large selection of SD Gundam models?

Tried Tisinc99 but I'm looking for certain models.

-Double X
-F91 Twin VSBR
-Crossbone any version

-F91 Twin VSBR
-Crossbone any version Http://

lots of SD.. only two you seek..

Sety 2006-08-31 15:39

The X1 is unfortunately backordered and I'd rather they all be from one place as its less hassle (and shipping)

Gundam Pilot 2006-08-31 19:41

The Gundam Models are awesome but pretty expensive though!

SNT1 2006-08-31 19:52

have you tried:


Tak 2006-08-31 20:03

Personally I use for most of my Gundam needs...

- Tak

The_Marshal_AEB 2006-09-01 03:07

I ALWAYS use and I have used hlj once before and it pissed me off, even tisinc99 pissed me off

srb 2006-09-01 18:51

Wow, the Powered GM kit looks lovely! All of Bandai's new engineering thingies seems to give us an impressively posable kit.

It's kind of funny when you look at how well it's done, and then look at SF Lightning Edition, which costs like ten times as much and has MUCH less posability - which isn't surprising, considering it uses old 1/144 engineering scaled up to 1/60.

How suitable it is that my favourite GM lays such a smackdown on my least favourite Gundam, SF.

subaruhess 2006-09-02 15:34

Is this a 1/100 blast impulse?

Sety 2006-09-02 15:50

I'm pretty sure thats the 1/144, theres no 1/100 Blast Impulse and also the detail on the white bits looks way too simple to be any 1/100 model. Only thing which looks that basic are the SEED line of 1/144 No Grades.

DarkWarrior 2006-09-02 15:55

Actually that's probably the MSiA Blast Impulse. There's absolutely no way that a NG could pull off poses like that.

subaruhess 2006-09-02 16:22

Sety the detail looks off because the photo is a bit blurry, I can make out the detail is similar to the 1/100 version. Darkwarrior this is definately not the MSIA, because I compared it & the MISA blast impulse has a massive thick shield/body proportion. The shield this blast impulse has is really thin, plus the body is exactly the same design as the existing 1/100 force/sword impulse. A good way to tell the scale is the design of the proportions, and I'm pretty sure that this is a 1/100 scale blast impulse. Either that or it is an extremely well made kitbash.

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