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Pellissier 2007-09-02 03:06

Lucky Star - Episode 22 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Lucky Star, Episode 22.

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darksider 2007-09-02 11:37

It's strangely quiet today...

Me? Yep, I have to wait for the broadcast here. Not everyone in Japan is in the Kanto region...

Sheba 2007-09-02 12:15

Judging from the screencaps at 2chan,

Around the last minutes of this episode:


bayoab 2007-09-02 12:43

And it appears they are finally out of Shirashi endings. Maybe now we can get Tsukasa's va singing something. Although after this episode... who knows.

Luminisk 2007-09-02 13:17


Nemo_N 2007-09-02 13:17

Spoiler for Episode 22:

frustra 2007-09-02 13:43

oh my... this is <3

panzerfan 2007-09-02 13:51


I agree with kj about pre-CLANNAD. Notice the kind of treatment background wise that KyoAni reserved for the Izumi family.

kj1980 2007-09-02 13:55

Kanata voiced by Shimamoto Sumi (Nausicaš, Clarisse d'Cagliostro, Otonashi Kyoko) warrants an 11/10 in itself. And the B part made me teary-eyed. I wonder if Kyo-Ani is pulling a pre-CLANNAD showcase with this part?

Nice puns:

Konata: "So when are they going to make the fourth anime installment of that series?"

www. Are you asking that question towards Kyo-Ani?

Kinny Riddle 2007-09-02 14:25

Today's highlights:

- Kona-chan trying to ask Kagamin and Mi-wiki some questions. Normally this is expected, only that these questions were taken straight out of a quiz game Kona-chan has. :D

- Kona-chan deduces that Miyuki's "assets" was due to her sleeping early. After telling Yu-chan about it, Yu-chan in turn tells Minami-chan. As a result, Minami-chan is already asleep at nine at night. lol

- Yu-chan singing out loud as she listens to her music on her headphones (KAWAII~~ :love: :love: :love: ) And gets busted by Kona-chan for it. :D

- Kagamin does a lot of body language when she is on the phone, even though the other side can't see her doing it, Kona-chan duly pointed out. But she probably couldn't help herself, so I know how she feels. :D

- Kagamin chastises Misao for being childish for playing with her food. She then talks about how everyone used to play "Bread Factory" with their bread, and gets a stunned silence from Ayano and Misao. :heh:

- Misao calls Kagamin for something "important", but then totally forgot what it was after accidentally bumping into something.

- Tsukasa-chan feels sleepy, so decides to go to the bathroom and call it a day, but then finds she couldn't sleep.
- Tsukasa-chan doesn't feel like going to the bathroom, so decides to sleep while she's still feeling sleepy, but awakens completely the moment she tucks into the freesing blanket.

- Kagamin frantically finding all sorts of excuses to justify buying snacks to Kona-chan

- Yu-chan has troubles screwing a jar lid shut, so Kona-chan helps her out. But then Yu-chan finds out that Kona-chan may have screwed the lid too tight. lol

- Don't you just hate how they make these bags of crisps so damn hard to open. Though unlike Kona-chan's persistance, I usually just find the nearest scissors and cut the damn thing open.

- Kona-chan performing amazing acrobatics while trying to catch mosquitoes

Hirano Aya at her best while doing the above two sketches.

- Soujirou tells Kanata: "It's because you never went out with me that I ended up spending time with bishoujo games." Apparently, this moved Kanata to marry Soujirou in the end.

- Konata: Dad, if I were a boy, would you still hug me like you always used to?
Soujirou hesitates for a few seconds before answering: Of course!

- Poor Kanata must be disappointed that her daughter ended up with her mother's height and her father's interests. :D

- Previous eps have seen warming Kagamin and Tsukasa moments, this time it's Kona-chan's turn as Kanata returns from the beyond to see how her family is doing. Kanata is voiced by veteren seiyuu Shimamoto Sumi.

- Kanata decides to give Soujirou and Kona-chan a surprise by taking a photo with them. Though they mistook her presence as a haunted photo. lol

- Today's Hiyorin moment: Hiyorin struggles not to think dirty yuri thoughts of her friends again. :D

- Today's Lucky Channel: THERE IS NO LUCKY CHANNEL! LOL All we get is the carnage after the destruction last week. :heh: The crew realizes that the camera is still on and hastily turns it off.

- Today's Shiraishi ED: A mix of all of Shiraishi's previous songs, switched randomly by Fukuhara Kaori (Tsukasa) and Konno Hiromi (Akira) blowing their whistles. All in all, a silly ED, as usual.

A 10 from me, but easily more than that.

Decagon 2007-09-02 15:02

I'm amazed at how well the second part flowed. Especially how naturally they blended the jokes and the emotional Kanata backstory. Kanata's part of the episode was really wow.

41nano 2007-09-02 15:33

Kanata part was so well done, it's amazing, very sad/joyful moment for me.
I almost cryed :heh:
No Lucky Channel and best-of shiraishi....IT FEELS LIKE END T_T
Not like last week, but a very very good ep for me, lots of emotions, 10/10.

Kaioshin Sama 2007-09-02 15:37

OH MY GOD! This episode looks awesome, I can almost give this one a 10/10 just by looking at the screenshots, I don't even need to see it. I mean it's not like there would be anything wrong with not seeing the episode for myself and giving it a 10, would there? Looks solid enough.

That's right the screenshots I've seen alone warrant a 10/10.

Spoiler for Comparison To Kodomo No Jikan:

Outside of that, if people enjoy this episode I'd also recommend Kodomo No Jikan to them. If Vexx is here he can vouch for this as well. I think he knows what I'm getting at.

takumi2k4 2007-09-02 15:48

OMFG, 10 more minutes????!!!!

Damn you slow internets!!!!

I can't wait for this episode, I saw the screenshots over at RC and holy **** this is gonna be so awesome!!!

z3phyr.mp3 2007-09-02 15:51

what a great ep to start the week...
even though kanata only appeared in this ep i felt that i have already known her character...
the up in animation quality also helped...

Kaoru Chujo 2007-09-02 17:11

The first thing I want to mention is Shimamoto Sumi as Kanata. Beautiful, beautiful voice. That whole part when she was a ghostly presence in the room with Konata and Soujirou, along with the flashbacks, was quite moving. Like 41nano, I almost cried. Shimamoto-san also plays William Jones's mother Aurelia in Emma II. She's 52.

The scene of Yu-chan humming along to her earphones was like a definition of moe. Kawaiiiii.

As a big fan of Marimite, I couldn't help loving the very brief Sachiko-Yumi scarf-tying scene -- and of course poor Hiyori's contradictory reactions.

I enjoyed the scenery in the ED -- the beautiful mountains and the beautiful humans.

Nice review by Kinny Riddle.

Only two more episodes.... The next episode (23) is partly written by Yamamoto Yutaka, the original director who was "fired."

Wavedash 2007-09-02 17:50

Perhaps I'm in that sort of mood today, but I cried. Really did.

Vexx 2007-09-02 18:15

... .... ... this episode is going to kick some emotional heart strings.... looks like a winner from the screen caps.

Shiroth 2007-09-02 18:41


Originally Posted by Wavedash (Post 1128143)
Perhaps I'm in that sort of mood today, but I cried. Really did.

Well if it helps, i cried my heart about. The production by Kyoani makes this episode a huge winner.

Meophist 2007-09-02 18:51


Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo (Post 1128097)
The first thing I want to mention is Shimamoto Sumi as Konata.

I'm just going to assume that you know the difference between Konata and Kanata.

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