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Arwyn 2004-04-26 12:05

Haruka or Mitsuki? Why?
Im kind of curious, folks seem to strongly favor either Haruka or Mitsuki, and dislike the other. Im wondering how this splits percentage wise and gender wise.

Do you identify with the character? Or is it that you find one more attractive than the other? Or is it a dislike for the actions of one or the other? Or is it the characters personality?

This is more of of a sociology/psychology poll. Im just curious to see who is more identified with, and if there is a gender bias as well.

What do you think? :)

Mr_Paper 2004-04-26 12:47

I voted Mitsuki, and respondent is male.

At the beginning of the series, much like the game, I was a big fan of Haruka. I guess I'm weak against the quiet-shy types, but even early into the series it is made clear that Mitsuki actually had a crush on Takayuki too. Which leads the view to think that she is betraying her own affections for him so Haruka will be happy. I found this quite touching.

Later on in the series, as Mitsuki begins to break down, I found myself able to empathize with the situation. I had a friend who broke down in much the same way, less the sex, and eventually tried to take their own life. So I guess Mitsuki's character was the deciding factor for me.

Arwyn 2004-04-27 14:55

I felt for both girls, although I felt a little more for Haruka. In her case it was more because she hadnt done anything wrong, or deserved any of the things that happened. Despite that, she still wound up being the stronger of the three main characters, and was the honest with herself and others throughout the series.

For you others that voted;

Why did you vote the way you did?

Mentar 2004-04-27 16:32

Mitsuki. She worked much harder and suffered much more for her love. Taking care of someone destitute for over a year while keeping your own interests in check is a major thing, I admire that.

I liked everybody but Takayuki in the end, by the way.

HelloMuggle 2004-04-28 03:52

mitsuki for me too.. because her character suffered the most, and had the most character development ... making her to me, the most realistic and sympathetic =(

i can understand why she did everything she did and i dont think any of it was (completely) bad.


Kracus 2004-05-01 18:45

I chose Haruka and I'm male

Mitsuki, yes suffered alot because she had to go through it all. But she did betray, shinji warned her about babying Takayuki. After a while I got tired of her zoning out and being so helpless.

I've never lost 3 years of my life and I wouldn't know how that feels or not being able to walk (going back to haruka's speech to herself that Takayuki, alot of desparation there.) But Haruka, like someone already said, had more strength then all of them.

My favorite girl though was Akane, I liked her for some odd reason.

I do however like how the series ended. I would have rather liked to see Takayuki and Haruka end up together, but that is my personal feelings about it and how it ended was best.

I saw a fancier way to do it on this board, but for now this works. Have to highlight it to read it without hurting your eyes.

Kamui4356 2004-05-02 01:10

If you had been here when the series was still airing, you wouldn't need this poll to figure out who favored Haruka or Mitsuki. :) I favor Haruka, and I'm male. Mitsuki was the one who caused all the problems in the first place. Instead of ignoring her feelings to help Haruka, as Mr_Paper suggested, Mitsuki was actively trying to sabotage her relationship with Takayuki. Several times she knew takayuki had a date with Haruka, yet she came up with some excuse to make him late.
Before the festival, she said she had something important to tell takayuki, but really didn't. When the accident occured, Mitsuki was making Takayuki buy her a ring for her birthday. Are these really the actions of someone who is selflessly standing by to support her friend, even against her own interests? It seemed to me like she was trying to make Takayuki look bad, so Haruka would break up with him. Then Mitsuki is free to pursue Takayuki, and keep Haruka as a friend. Both Haruka and Takayuki, especially Haruka, paid the price for Mitsuki's selfishness.

Haruka 4-ever 2004-05-03 19:56

Of course Haruka is the best..

I'm a male, but it doesn't matter.. Let me tell you that the poll result for both gender will ALWAYS favor Haruka.. mark my words :heh:

the creator of this thread knows the same, but he just want to show all those Mitski supportor that something in the world will never change..

Mitski is just lame.. :fingers:

end of stroy.. :)

Paranoia Rebirth 2004-05-03 22:14

Omg... Curse you all who like mitski.. Shes a best friend cheater!!!

I am male and I voted for Haruka because she is a sweet and loving character.

Mitski is a dumb *&%^@$# #@$@#$ because she stole her friends boyfriend and does not understand what it means to MOVE ON. I hate Mitski.. And all you that like her.. There. -.-... :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:

Mentar 2004-05-04 04:38

Feel the hate ^_^

I'm a bit surprised, because Mitsuki had a clear lead in the beginning. I'd have expected the result to be fairly even, maybe I should call in some Mitsuki supporters.

Seriously now - for fans of the show, here's a KimiNozo no Hibi pic I've stumbled across which you shouldn't miss - it's slightly offensive though, so watch at your own risk! :D

HelloMuggle 2004-05-04 16:54

hahaha mentar that picture is pretty funny -_- but definitely can't take yourself too seriously to find the humor =) oh and you also have to watch midori no hibi to get it too.. Haha..

anyways..yea! feel the hate is right =)

mitsuki isnt a best friend cheater stealer or whatever! she's just in love, man, cmon! dont you know what its like to be in love... it never works out the way you want it to.

unfunf 2004-05-06 21:14

Hello, I am new to this forum.

Anyway... I voted for Haruka (I'm male) because Mitsuki's cheating really made me hate her. I have a thing against disloyalty, I always have. I really liked Haruka from the beginning (while she is not in a coma) and when it gets near the end (*spoiler*: when she wakes up). I never really hated Mitsuki until she had sex with the other guy, it bothered me too much and just made me despise her.

If I was in such a situation, I would have been with Haruka without a second thought.

Haruka was just everything I would define as a truly good person.

Grandmaster Moron 2004-05-07 04:46

I feel the same way about haruka, but you guys are missing something. Could you guys endure 3 years alone.

kujoe 2004-05-07 05:50

Mitsuki for me. My reasons for my choice have already been voiced out by many others more eloquent than me throughout these forums.

But one thing I like about Mitsuki is that, she strives in displaying a proactive attitude despite the lows she's reached. It's also probably one of the reasons for her despair, but nevertheless I just had to respect that kind of a person who is so beautifully flawed. "Betraying your best friend, she's just obssessed...etc."--such stark criticism can never fully describe the shades of gray that are in this story.

And yeah--about the 3 years thing. That's a very looong time, you know. By that time, you're either living with your girlfriend, or your friends have begun wondering when the both of you are going to tie the knot. Then again, maybe not. Plus, we viewers can't feel the passing of three whole years from a 14 episode series, which is why its importance feels rather underplayed.

Grandmaster Moron 2004-05-07 05:59

*agrees* :)

Kracus 2004-05-10 07:45


Originally Posted by Grandmaster Moron
I feel the same way about haruka, but you guys are missing something. Could you guys endure 3 years alone.

Yes, (I have not lengthened this message to at least 10 characters).

And just as a side note, it had only been about a year after the accident when Mitsuki got naked.

Kracus 2004-05-10 07:47


Originally Posted by HelloMuggle
mitsuki isnt a best friend cheater stealer or whatever! she's just in love, man, cmon! dont you know what its like to be in love... it never works out the way you want it to.

a cheat is a cheat. I know what it means to be in love and I also know what it means to have respect for my best
friend's relationship.

Grandmaster Moron 2004-05-10 09:46

well even though I like haruka more than mitsuki, I still think that mitsuki isn't that bad. Maybe if I were in her shoes maybe I would have backstabbed my friend 2.

Arwyn 2004-05-10 10:55

I think Mitsuki's actions are understandable to a certain extent. But as much as I can understand her actions, I can neccessarily agree with them. For me personally, betrayal is the ultimate sin, and that colors my perceptions of her actions.

I can understander her actions, and feel sorry for her, but I cant excuse what she did. "You make your bed and lie in it" is something my grandmother used to say. She was the one that set up Haruka and Takayuki, and she carries a good deal of the blame for Haruka's accident, and yet despite her suffering, she ends up with what she wanted.

Did she deserve it? Thats a good question, and as you all can see, we all have differeing opinions. :)

chuckert 2004-05-10 15:17

I voted for Haruka. But I don't despise Mitsuki for what she did. If you're in love with someone, you'll do just about anything to get closer to them, and that's exactly what she did basically. Being that Takayuki suffered emotionally the whole time while Haruka was in her coma, Mitsuki worried about him and wanted to take care of him. She acted on her feelings and Takayuki accepted them which I thought was wrong if he truly loved Haruka. So if I had to blame someone, it would be Takayuki in the end. Yeah waiting 3 yrs might be a long time, but if it's someone you truly love, you'll wait for them no matter how long it takes. 3 yrs is nothing compared to your whole life. He should have spent the time he mourned looking forward to the day when Haruka would wake up and see her smiling face when he saw her. That should have given him motivation by itself, but he was just too emotional wrecked and blamed himself for everything.

Haruka was the only victim here. When Mitsuki first found out that Haruka liked Takayuki, she should have declared Haruka her rival then and there. Sometimes friends make sacrifices for other friends, but it shouldn't be for love.

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