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Ichigo_Strife728 2007-06-18 22:46

[Manga] Do you feel sorry for Orihime?
I do. I mean look what's happened to her. She gets abused by her parents, her brother dies, she loves a boy who doesn't lover her back, she gets captured to a horrendous world, gets beat up by little girls, and gets treated like crap in HM. She needs a break.

Zu Ra 2007-06-18 23:25

Nope against sadism but it would have been better if Loli & Menoli beat some sense into her :heh:

Forever_young 2007-06-18 23:36

I have no idea where KT wants to go with Orihime’s character, whether he wants us to see her as this helpless tragic character or an independent girl.
There is a good chance of her becoming more independent but so far all we see is her going “Kurosaki-kun this and that”, completely forgetting about the rest of her nakama (and don’t say “She can’t help it! She’s in love” cause that’s the most selfish reason to not care about the rest of her friends)

The Espada Arc sorta focuses on Orihime abit more compared to other characters so more people might start feeling sorry for her but because she’s not my favourite character I can’t feel sorry for her :heh:
I'm feeling sorry for Chad cause everyone is forgetting about him

Zu Ra 2007-06-18 23:40

As Forever Young young said Chad always gets no love >.< and yeah Ichi and Rukia had a far worser childhood life : )

evenex 2007-06-18 23:45


Originally Posted by Forever_young (Post 1000779)
I'm feeling sorry for Chad cause everyone is forgetting about him

I know! Show some love peoplez! Then again, Chad is quite a boring character:heh:

I think other people had it worse but managed to keep themselves strong no matter how tough their life was. Take Zaraki for example. He had no family and friends and was all by himself before he met Yachiru. He just didn't cry about it, unlike Orihime

deadroot 2007-06-19 00:54

My vote goes to...other characters have suffered more.

I hate to always feel sorry for her and I hate Kubo Tite for doing this to her character. Why always make her the sad case? Now whenever I read any chapter that deals with Orihime I have to listen to sad music :( (I suggest Canon in D by Pachelbels :D)

If have to feel sorry for someone that person would be Rukia. She had it much worse than Orihime IMO. She died when she was an infant, she was then abandoned in Rukongai by her sister, grew up in one of the worst district in SS, most of her friends she grew up with died, then she was adopted by a stoic noble family which made her even more insecure and lonely, then she was almost executed by Aizen. In Orihime's case, her life story is just a less extreme version of Rukia's.

SaraPandora27 2007-06-19 02:35

I actually thought she was okay pre-SS arc. Funny, ditzy, and nice. But then things started going downhill with her ditzyness but I still can tolerate her.

Until she getting obsessed with Ichigo. It's Kurosaki-kun this, Kurosaki-kun that. And she beats herself up when she thought she's the weakest link, beat herself up even more when realised that there's more to friendship when it comes to the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia.

Man, she's got good friends who like her (Hello? Tatsuki & co.?) As well as other people who thinks that she's cool, .. her fairies love her. Ishida *might* have a crush on her .. But because of her precious Kurosaki-kun she's blind to all this.

And that, my friends, is why I have no sympathy for her. If only she's grow a backbone, wisen up a lil' bit and get real for once.

And NO, please don't tell me the wishy-washy princessy blinded by love act is what she's all about. It's boring. It's pathetic.

Hisago 2007-06-19 06:08

What? With her trapped in there with all those handsome Arrancar and Shinigami?

Heck noes :D

sorbet 2007-06-19 09:41

Hell no! I can't feel sorry for a girl who has powers but fail to use it in a good way. All she ever did is cry and wanting to do something. But the moment Kurosaki kun apprear she'll forget whatever she has on her mind and use all of her energy focus on 'believing' in him.

I don't care about Orihime character anymore. She fails to get my respect.

UnderscoreX 2007-06-19 11:10

She hasn't had enough done to her to need sympathy, and isn't popular enough to get sympathy.

whatasob 2007-06-19 15:59

quite honestly, i don't really think people care enough about her to even try to feel sorry for her. kill her off, and we'll talk >:D

Vicious108 2007-06-19 16:05

Nope. Why?

"Kurosaki-kun! Kurosaki-kun! Kurosaki-kun! Kurosaki-kun! Kurosaki-kun!"

Nuff said.

shenzu 2007-06-19 17:59

I feel sorry for her when she was taken to Huece Mundo..

especially when she was forced to see what happened to Rukia :(

cellardoor 2007-06-19 18:27

No, none at all. I felt sorry for her when she had to watch Rukia being impaled but it lasted for one week. She just lets people to abuse her. Unlike the SS arc, she doesn't have the guts of trying to fight back most of the times and I'm just annoyed by her passivist and defeatist attitude. I don't know, I think she's responsible for what she's been suffering first and the foremost, not because of the external factors but because her inner issues. Other characters have suffered as much as her, if not more, so I think she lacks in the inner strength department badly.

FrostyIsShibby 2007-06-20 00:59

I'm getting really sick of her character, she's always saying how she's a burden on everyone and doesn't help anybody but it's always her who heals everyone.

She keeps defining herself in the wrong context, she needs to realize what her powers are, and those powers are so obviously healing, without her Ichigo would've been screwed after getting cut by Aizen.

Yet, she still defines herself based of a battle prowess, which we all know isn't her style, it's ridiculous in my opinion. I hope she comes to terms with what type of person she is and stops wasting everyones time trying to fight. It's getting too annoying.

Adam E 2007-06-20 04:11

No. I reject characters when I feel authors are trying too hard to make me pity them. This is the case with Orihime.

yahoosoda 2007-06-20 04:32

Nearly everyone in Bleach had some emotional trauma or whatsoever...Orihime is no exception to that. But what is annoying about her character is that rather than being stronger for herself she refuses to be and simply waits around as a damsel in distress.

As mentioned earlier, I would rather have more Chad than Orihime!

Thewanderer 2007-06-20 06:11

I feel sorry for her. But I feel more sorry for Hinamori. Orihime hasn't seen pain like that.

comixA 2007-06-20 09:39

hmm.. i do feel sorry for orihime, unfortunately i notice a negative majority response that: everyone doesn't seem to sympathise her much, its like the poor girl is not even likeable T_T!
Anyways, for some reason i keep having the feeling that her "ladylikeness" will be her forte, you know something like the achika; tenchi's mother from the movie; tenchi muyo in love..well except that her guy is aware of her love ^_^;
Besides that...i think orihime will start to find a better guy than day, when the time is right,...ganbatte orihime ^o^ !

Shikimori Kazuki 2007-06-20 15:19

I feel sorry for her not getting any senses knock into her. Seriously, someone like Ichigo should go and slap her and tell her that she can get stronger and dont get depress over being weak. Orihime's character development is always going around in circles. Seeing her somehow gives me a feeling of "not strong enough to do anything"

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