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Mazryonh 2007-11-27 21:08

Touka Gettan (Game by ROOT)
I understand that its usual to ask questions about game-based series in the thread that discusses the series. I tried to watch it, but it eventually diverged too much from what the game appeared to depict (I'm basing this on the CG collection of the game) and got too fanservicey for my taste.

Since the anime doesn't seem to be the place to go to get questions about what the game was about answered, I thought I'd get some more answers here. I know some users here have played it, as since I've seen it being mentioned in "the favourite eroge" thread. If some of those users might be so gracious as to share their knowledge with fans like me who who like visual novels but have no knowledge of Japanese, I (and the rest of the posters here who might fit that category) would be most grateful.

There are SPOILERS from here on in. Please remember that the little I can divine from game comes from the CG pack.

Spoiler for Touka Gettan:

I think those questions will do for now. I'll ask more if someone is so kind as to answer my current questions. Why not share the wealth?

Aurelia aurita 2008-02-22 19:47

Alright, I have the game and I started playing it today. My Japanese skills leave much to be desired, but I think I have a very general grasp of what's going on. The music is awesome.

That's all for today. This is my first time playing a visual novel, so I'm very confused....:eyespin:

Oppius 2008-02-23 02:25

Does the game went backward too like its anime?

Aurelia aurita 2008-02-23 11:45

No. The introduction is an epilogue, and then the real game goes back to the beginning and tells the rest of the story. It's a common plot device.

Mazryonh 2008-02-23 22:44

Wow, I never thought anyone would ever reply to my thread. Thank you.

Is "Gotanda Sachiko" the maid with the long blue hair? She shows up in a very odd CG where she and Nene are serving tea to Touka and Haruhiko--while wearing PLAYBOY BUNNY costumes. Hope you fill us in on the rest of the details!

Aurelia aurita 2008-02-24 00:30

Sachiko is the old fat maid. She's nice though. Someone made a character chart at Hongfire, and I'll dig it up sometime.

Blah. Reading all the scrolling text gives me a headache.

Mazryonh 2008-02-24 10:18

Spoiler for Touka Gettan:

Sounds great! Would that more people have shared the wealth of info earlier . . .

Aurelia aurita 2008-03-01 22:54

Spoiler for previous stuff:

And then a little bit more today...Silly game requires Japanese settings to work.

I didn't mean to play that long today, but that path still isn't finished yet...haha...

Mazryonh 2008-03-04 20:09

Looking better and better. Keep us posted.

I'm still at a loss as to why Nene wasn't given her own ending though. And I KNOW that there have been more than a few people on this forum who have played the game; why can't they contribute to this thread as well?

Kaifu Atsuko has a rather interesting speech sample at the game's main site, something that starts with "Eh? Honto ni . . . " Maybe someone could translate it here.

Aurelia aurita 2008-03-06 18:37

Today's installment:

Mazryonh, you should give the anime another try. It's really beautiful and modern. I really, really liked it, and I was curious how this story turned out, so I got my hands on the game and started to play. It has fanservice, but it's hardly as H as the game CG's.

Touka in Touka Gettan - 桃華
Touka the person - 桃香
Touka in Touka Academy - 桃歌
Momoka - 桃花
Too many of them....

Mazryonh 2008-03-06 21:42

Yeah, I was wondering as to why there was a CG in game featuring Nene kicking Touka into what looked like water.

I ditched the TG anime because while it had a fair share of Glitz and Flash, I didn't like the amount of yuri (something I've never had a taste for) and the fanservice didn't quite work with me. Things like the inclusion of the Yamibou cast just screamed "LOOK AT THIS!" in the wrong way to me (and I didn't quite like Yamibou either).

Then there's the matter of the art. I know that making every frame of the anime look as good as Carnelian's original art is nearly impossible (in fact, the closest I've seen is probably the H-OVA for Kao no nai tsuki), but the more I looked at it the more it struck me as wrong or out of place with Carnelian's originals. I've looked at the Megami promotional art for the anime and somehow the eyes and hair (something which Carnelian often gets impeccably right) just turned me off.

I was also looking into the anime in the hope that it would provide answers as to what happened in the game. No luck there (in fact I think no anime based on Carnelian-illustrated games have ever stayed close to the plot of the originals). Just a quick look at the character selection screen for the game's official website shows lots of characters that never made it or were reduced to cameos for the anime (such as Asuna, Riko, Atsuko, etc.). Even Sei is pretty different in the game than she is in the anime (in fact I believe that Juna is purely an invention by the anime's creators). Since it didn't have the answers I was looking for, I saw no reason to keep watching the show.

Well, at least I do get to know the game in some small measure thanks to your generousity. Would that others would be so kind . . .

Aurelia aurita 2008-03-07 17:27

Different doesn't mean it's bad. The Touka Gettan anime is probably the most beautiful series I've seen so far. Exotic backgrounds, detailed costumes, the black and white episode, the play...I have a long list. The ending (...or the beginning if you want to think about it that way) was so beautiful that I almost cried, and I know I wasn't the only one. Plus, things are a lot more fun when they're in motion. So far, I think I've played maybe about one or two episodes' worth of the game, and the anime grabbed my attention much more because of the WTF factor.
Spoiler for March 7th Evening Edition:

Mazryonh 2008-03-07 20:58

That "little red bird" is most likely this game's homage to Ken-chan from Yamibou.

Maybe you'll stumble on why Kikyou didn't get any CGs of her own or why the Midou Sisters get h-scenes but not endings of their own?

Aurelia aurita 2008-03-08 20:07

I've made a list to help you guys put names to faces for the secondary characters here. If they were in the anime (with a few exceptions), then they're not here.
Spoiler for Lots of images:

Yes, Ken-chan was the thing I thought of first when I saw Urashima. The Thanks Disk update has new scenarios, so there's a chance Kikyou does appear in CG's now. I'm pretty sure she has her own character sprite thing though.

I might go play a little bit more tonight, so stay tuned.
I didn't really feel like it tonight, but here are a few videos to hold you over for a little bit (will be very busy next week).
Game commercial - it got stuck in my head last spring when I started watching my anime, and it popped up again when I finished

Opening song "Gekka no Rasen" (Spirals of the Moon Flowers) by Feiran

Track from the first drama CD "Tou" (Fight) at Nico Nico. (I wasn't paying attention to the torrents I missed them:( )

Mazryonh 2008-03-08 20:42

Thanks a lot! I finally know who the five "winnable girls" are!

That reminds me; there were a number of other characters not displayed in the character chart too, such as a man who looks suspiciously like Shouko's brother, or a man in a white suit and hat who talks to Yumiko in one CG.

Perhaps as you play on you'll discover why the characters wear eyeless masks at times, or why Fuu has no other facial expressions in her character files.

Aurelia aurita 2008-03-13 15:22

Back again, after a busy week.

There's a lot I left out. That's all for now.

Mazryonh 2008-03-14 15:58

Wow, thanks. Has the game ever actually prompted you to make a choice like in Visual Novels?

I'm a little intrigued by Atsuko. According to the character pose files, she's only a part-time made, since there are CGs of her wearing the Touka Academy uniform.

How are you liking the art?

Aurelia aurita 2008-03-14 18:03

Just that one part in the beginning where I chose to go to different rooms, and that random fight. The rest is just clicking to continue. Nevermind. I got to an option thing right after I started playing today.

The art is...I don't know...Carnelian? Lots of pretty girls, everything seems to have an erotic touch and occasional lapses into chibi mode (but she's done hardcore yaoi games too, I think, so she can make bishies). The focus is definitely on the people, not the backgrounds, even in the CG's. The general backgrounds are kind of hazy looking. I haven't seen too many of those exotic backgrounds that I loved in the anime.

Haruhiko always seems to be either some sort of tsundere or just plain old grumpy. :heh:

Spoiler for More character pictures:

Blah, everything that furigana is probably important, so I'll just keep track of it for myself here...
Spoiler for random kanji that may be important later:

Mazryonh 2008-03-15 15:59

Oh, so the "blonde bombshell" Riko Futaba is a singer and priestess too? That would explain two of the CGs I've seen of her, one where she appears to be singing and another where she's doing a ceremonial dance in miko costume. Oddly enough, she seems to

Spoiler for Touka Gettan:

Is there actual singing by the heroine's voice actresses in this game? That would be awesome to witness firsthand.

Aurelia aurita 2008-03-15 18:22

Maybe the last update for a few days. Real life is calling again.
Spoiler: up for tonight. I'm stuck. I picked through all the places again, but I can't seem to get anything new.

Oh, and no singing, as far as I've heard/read.

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