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Zu Ra 2010-09-29 03:31

[MANGA] Bleach Chapter 422 Discussion

* The Vizards gathered around Kensei .

* Yammi is alive but he's been defeated .

* (???) is laughing his head off while there with Yammi .

* Byakuya and Kenpachi appear .

* Tesla & Menoli/Loly on the spine . Next week is Harribel

Credits : SpaceCat / Sheetz
// Ohana / 69Ruma


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Calca 2010-09-29 03:39

I'm assuming the ??? is Mayuri?

Lendial 2010-09-29 03:44

poor yammi, readers hate him and apparently so does kubo. zeroth espada? more like 19th.

akire_and_atem 2010-09-29 04:20

why would the vizards gather around Kensei? someone please remind me what happened to in, was he his deathbed..what?!

shouldn't they like, gather around Hiyori instead??? or are they carrying her around one half at a time :p

...ok that was really mean :/ sorry Hiyori-tan :uhoh:

Haak 2010-09-29 04:21

AHAHAHA so he's finally dedicating a whole chapter to explain wtf happened to all those guys when he ought to have done it beforehand.

Wiggy Fuzz 2010-09-29 04:56

the vizards must also include hiyori - meaning she must still be alive. whether she's still in two pieces, though...

Justice Knight 2010-09-29 06:29

i hope bleach ends next week but i sensed some random story gonna start soon.....

cheese no koma 2010-09-29 06:40

dealt with by central 46? haven't they learned anything?

lol, I suppose Kubo needed a plothole in order for Aizen to make his comeback in Bankai mode.

Wiggy Fuzz 2010-09-29 06:48


Originally Posted by rajin (Post 3270983)
Ichigo touches Aizen's zanpakuto which is left behind.

this, if it's true, is just asking for a new arc: "ichigo and the zombie invasion that's all in his head!"

Kyero Fox 2010-09-29 07:06

:O its been Aizens Zanpakuto thats been controling everything, it even hypnotized its master! NExt next Chapter "The Evil Zanpakuto" BUM BUM BUMMMMM~

Thewanderer 2010-09-29 07:47

This chapter seems too... long. Kubo must've been replaced by an alien clone:uhoh:


Originally Posted by Kyero Fox (Post 3271060)
:O its been Aizens Zanpakuto thats been controling everything, it even hypnotized its master! NExt next Chapter "The Evil Zanpakuto" BUM BUM BUMMMMM~

If that's true, it'll be Kubo's excuse to use those Zanpakuto spirit designs he made for the anime. =O

Ichy 2010-09-29 07:55

Either Kubo died and someone took over or this is fake.

This has the content of 5 average Bleach chapters.

Slayerx 2010-09-29 08:20


Originally Posted by akire_and_atem (Post 3270937)
why would the vizards gather around Kensei? someone please remind me what happened to in, was he his deathbed..what?!

Unknown... last we saw he was going Bankai on wonderweiss
it's assumed he was beaten offscreen

Alchemist007 2010-09-29 08:29

That's definitely fake. Things don't happen in Bleach.

Zu Ra 2010-09-29 08:52


* Chapter Begins In SS's Karakura, Karakura's repairs and recovery are underway, while Mayuri's subordinates prepare to transition it back. In the middle of town, Mayuri tells the shinigami taking stock of the situation for transfer that there won't be Senkaimon for transfer because it's dangerous, so they halt. "The margin of error is only 10!" says Mayuri, while his subordinates scream, "Hurry-! We're gonna die--!"

* "Your naivete makes me puke", says Mayuri.for now she'll be alright, says Unohana, to Lisa who's been asking if she could help, "Wel, the kidou's done all that it could, but afterwards it's up to whether she hasn't given up her will to live." Unohana continues, "But I think you know better than me how that goes." Thank you... Unohana-san, says Hirako.

* "Why would you need to thank me? I'm merely saving the lives of our nakama, your words of gratitude are unnecessary", says Unohana."I wasn't planning on being called nakama, but that idiot Hiyori got that badly hurt..." Hirako sighs. "So I will thank you again.... Unohana san," says Hirako. Kenpachi (and Yachiru) and Byakuya arrive at SS and meet their divisions.

* They call for the medical division for their wounds. "How was the fighting?", asks his division, "it wasn't boring," says Kenpachi.Hueco Mundo. The puppy approaches the fallen Yammi. It barks loudly. A blank eye opens, and Yammi looks toward the barking. The puppy wags it's tail happily. "Why'd ya come here... Stupid dog..." sighs Yammi. Then his eyes go white. (he died?)

* In SS's Karakura town, Ichigo's loitering around while Urahara's shouting at him. While Ichigo asks for everyone, Urahara tells him they've gone home."I know everyone wants to talk to Kurosaki-san, but it'll gonna be the same story anyway so...," Urahara continues, "No way, what're you gonna do to their memory?" says Ichigo.

* "This time I won't change it", Urahara laughs, "Oh, that's good, I won't have to hide it anymore, and I don't want to have to explain again, " smiles Ichigo."Well, Aizen's seal and soul containment will all be dealt with by central 46," says Urahara."Oh yeah, that.." Ichigo says. "Why are you making that face?" asks Urahara.

* "I don't really know myself," Ichigo smiles, "You don't need to make that face when you did the right thing," says Urahara.Ichigo asks, "Are you sure that Aizen's truly been rejected by the Hougyoku now? Dad says that the Hougyoku has the ability to detect and confuse "It that's so, what if Aizen's desired power wasn't actually gone..." he wonders.

* "While I was fighting on par with him, I was able to feel his sword," says Ichigo, "That sword was asking not to be left in solitude.""From the time of it's birth, it's always had it's gaze focused on the same one that Aizen's did, as if it was searching for someone,that's why, the moment Aizen gave up because he couldn't see it " .

* " I wonder where his desire to be a shinigami in his heart went to...." says Ichigo.Someone asks, "IS that Kurosaki-kun?". The view pans around to Orihime, then Ishida, Chad, Rukia and Renji."You ok? You look like you just awoke, you idiot, what..." says Rukia . Orihime says, "It's really Kurosaki-kun... I thought I couldn't be wrong but your hair's gotten long so.... Thank.... Thank goodness,"

* While tears well up in her eyes."Of course it's me, my head's just messed up all over... " and Ichigo collapses."Ichigo!" everyone shouts, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Ichigo calls out, and the Chapter Ends .

Credits : SpaceCat / Sheetz
// Ohana / 69Ruma

Marcus H. 2010-09-29 08:55


"While I was fighting on par with him, I was able to feel his sword," says Ichigo,
Here we go again with the sexual innuendos. :uhoh:

Langus 2010-09-29 09:21

Did Aizen actually use his sword at all on Ichigo? Must be forgetting if he did...

Anyway, this chapter kind of makes me want to *headdesk* with frustration if these spoilers are true. Worst, worst, worst way to tie up loose ends ever. Some TV shows do it when they get cancelled suddenly and it's just terrible all round.

My guess is still that that hougyoku has now chosen Ichigo as its master.

Freya 2010-09-29 09:23

What is this? Bleach didn't end yet?? :heh: :heh:

Ai-chan forgot his bankai.

Shinji103 2010-09-29 09:32

So whatever the heck happened to Grimjaw and Ulkiora talking about Orihime having been changed in some way? Did Kubo just decide to toss that away? :eyebrow: This better not be how it ends after that.

I don't think it's the end though; besides the bit with Orihime, if it ends right now just like this, then Ichigo's newer Hollow form really was nothing more than just a plot-hole to get Ichigo past his fight with Ulkiora.

Aqua Knight 2010-09-29 10:01

Chapter's name is "the silent story", not deicide shit.

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