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MakubeX2 2004-10-15 06:15

Anime Figurines Thread
Any one of you guys collect anime figurines here ? Just talk about your collections or upcoming releases be it Gashapons,Trading Figures or PVCs model kit.

But no Gundams/mecha model kits please.

Just to share the latest additions I have in my collection.

To Heart 2 Part 1 by Yujin

GustaveElazul 2004-10-15 09:58


sOnJoOL 2004-10-15 18:33

i wanna try get some, but when i try to buy it, the people at the store with a
"what a loser" look. and saying thank you very much or come again.
but i ordered some gashapon figures of FMA from yesasia. yes the wonders of online shopping. ^^

Kyuven 2004-10-15 21:20

i've got a lot of figures, but my cat knocked them over so their heads came off (they're not held together by anything)
i'll try and take some pictures

7thMethuselah 2004-10-16 02:14

I have a small collection of figures, going from PVC action figures to resin statues, I don't have a camera so it's hard to post pics but these are a few pics I found of them on the net.

Spoiler for Kenshin pvc figure:

Spoiler for motoko pvc figure:

Spoiler for more motoko, I absolutely love this statue:

Spoiler for Asuka statue from NGE:

BTW Does my Zoids collection count as anime figures :) If so then I have a BIG collection :p

Inuzuka 2004-10-16 02:46

Evan 2004-10-16 03:22

Kasumi 1/5.5 Pre-Painted PVC Figure

Est Price: 8190 Yen
Est Release: Early December 2004

I love this Figure~ :love:

MakubeX2 2004-10-16 06:13

Just got this in today.....

Spoiler for Cute little loli Fig Arina Shinyokohama in Akihabara:

Comes bundle in a box with a 62 page booklet that explain what being an Otaku is all about, Comiket, Akihabara etc all thing otaku related in 3 languages of Japanese,English and Italian. Sources say that this release in extremly rare in Japan already,so.....

That DOA Xtrem Beach Volley Ball is a Gashapon Release by Bandai right ? You should go with the Kotobukiya releases. Much more beautifully done though much more expensive at 500 yen.Bandai are not exactly well known for their figures releases. Here's the next DOA release by Bandai for you if you're interested :-

That Kasumi fig seems a bit over expensive at 8000 plus yen.But if you are her fan,then why not.I've seem a custom made paint job of that fig having Kasumi nude....if you interested, then.....

MakubeX2 2004-10-16 09:29

Mai-Hime- Gashapon By Bandai 380 yen

LK_LoA 2004-10-20 09:03

You want figurines? Check these links out.

Bottle Fairies!!

Battle Natsumi!


Rei and Asuka


LK_LoA 2004-10-26 07:42

Anime figurines
Eva figurines for all!

Yoska 2004-10-26 08:14

If I would have enough extra money I would buy this two.

LK_LoA 2004-10-27 03:17


MakubeX2 2004-10-27 04:39

1/8 moetan @ 190 mm tall.

Prepaint Figure releasing in December.

Radd 2004-10-27 08:23

The pictures aren't all that great, but here's my Herlock set, the kind that come in the little plastic bubbles.

All of them, except Tochiro, are from the Endless Odyssey set. Tochiro is from the Herlock Saga set. Nice quality overall, though not quite as nice looking as the Herlock Saga set wich I'd also like to get, provided I can find it open box. I hate buying blind.

I also collect Macross Valkyrie toys, and the Transformers: Alternators line.

Sakaki 2004-10-27 12:05

These are some Evangelion figures that I picked up on trips to Japan.

Spoiler for Xmas figures+manga:

Spoiler for Xmas figure 2:

Spoiler for eva interchangeable pose figures:

Spoiler for cheapu:

Spoiler for Engrish:

I also saw a really nice Kanzaki Akari (from Battle Athletes) statue of her stretching in her sports outfit, that I would of loved to have bought, but it was priced at almost $180, so I had to pass.

LK_LoA 2004-10-28 02:27

To coincide with the release of lastest Macross Zero, check this out:
Too bad, it's fixed mode only. =(

sOnJoOL 2004-10-28 23:47

i got an Al trading art figure and ed gashapon!!!
ill post their pics if i get a digital cam.... or webcam... maybe a scanner? :heh:

Radd 2004-10-29 00:02


Originally Posted by LK_LoA
To coincide with the release of lastest Macross Zero, check this out:
Too bad, it's fixed mode only. =(

A toy is due out from Yamato. However, many fans were dissapointed to learn their VF-0 toy required swapping a lot of parts to transform it. It's really a low quality toy compared to their previous Macross offerings. I'll pass on those and just pick up the 1/100 Konig Monster they're releasing in November.

Maybe Yamato will do a higher quality toy later on? We can only hope, but prospects are not likely.

LynnieS 2004-10-30 06:16

The images aren't the best; they came out a bit too dark. I was fooling around with my digital camera awhile back, and haven't figured out what I did yet.


Originally Posted by MakubeX2
Mai-Hime- Gashapon By Bandai 380 yen

It looks like the Infoseek page being linked got wiped. Do you mean these capsule figures? Not really sure since the machine charges 200 yen instead.

I want a Natsuki figure, though, and instead I got Mikoto...

Only Sera from "Love Hina" so far...

These "Gun Parade March" figures come with bases that hook together so you get a presentation of sorts. It seems to be something of a crapshoot, though, with their colors; I got one that is pure black and another that's bronze... and a Ciel figure (from "Shingetsutan Tsukihime") that's colorless...

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