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TRUETBOY 2004-01-12 14:05

i cant get anything to work
ive followed the instructions to level one. from the media playback section but everytime i press play i get sound and no picture., all i get are some messed up colours.. so i have updated windows media player to version 9.. got the latest divX and the bundle pake that came with it.. got this ffs.exe thing.. and its all been the same.. please help me.. i also installed a xvid codec i found on the net. im usin a lap top but that shouldnt affect anything.. should it? i normally play the anime on my pc but i have moved to laptop cos i am to lazy to move.. heheh but none of the players seems to work.. could it be with my graphics card. ? but i can play vcds. it just wont work for avis and anything i have d/l. i been tryin to watch old esps of naruto and full metal alchemist. all work on my desktop but not laptop... please help me..
usin windows 98. but i have done the same as my desktop so there shouldnt be a problem.. but there is :( some help please.

ElvenPath 2004-01-12 14:08

Uninstall all your current codecs (DivX bundle, etc.) and reinstall only ffdshow:

TRUETBOY 2004-01-12 15:28

it still doesnt work :(

Cruzz 2004-01-13 17:24


Originally Posted by TRUETBOY
it still doesnt work :(

Try installing the VideoLan media player and using it to open the files, if the file works in VideoLan but not in other media players there is something wrong with your codecs (VideoLan has a bunch of them integrated so it doesn't use the ones you've installed seperately).

You could also try using Gspot to get file info and see what it says about your codecs.

TRUETBOY 2004-01-13 18:34

thanks cruzz it works with the lan players. cheers

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