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readher 2019-02-15 09:38

New illustrations

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Chingaruna517 2019-02-15 09:54


Originally Posted by CCPDarkraiRules (Post 6322408)
@DragonOsman Based on the translation you provided Inu means dog given the monkey part I think it means that Mila and Elen have a relationship like a dog and a monkey which I think it means that they fight with each other.

I think it is equivalent to Japanese version of Cat and Dog where neither side see eye to eye towards each other? Anyway, I already figured this since the Original Timeline's Two Vanadis Arc but how till that play out in the Michelia Series, considering that Lana and Urs are not type of people take Leitmeritz into their liking? I understand Lana's own distrust onto Leitmeritz, but Urs's own is rather sketchy at best...


Originally Posted by Ramero (Post 6322449)
Why i got a feeling that this is not just a traditional feud where Tigre can mediate Elen and Mila? In original series, they give up the traditional feud in exchange of gaining his affection. I wonder if this can escalate even worse than before.

I'm not sure if this version of Tigre manage (or even willing) to quell the rivalry between Elen and Mila considering this timeline changes things. I could only hope that he can actually this couldn't go for the worse.

That being said, my major concern however is the agenda of (doppelganger) Elen attacking Sofy whilst the real Elen is still feuding with Mila for some reason. I mean, its already bad enough for Elen and Mila try to choke each other because of their rivalry, and now suddenly Sofy's arm is broken because of (presumably) the attack of the (fake) Elen on the battlefield. One could really wonder if this reprising the Battle of Boroszlo from the original timeline, where Elen's attack onto Sofy is mirroring Liza's own attack onto Sasha in order to lure Elen to Boroszlo Plain because of the violent feud between the two?


Originally Posted by readher (Post 6323003)
New illustrations

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Go figures about the (fake) Elen attack onto Sofy part, but the question I still have is why. Why would a doppelganger version of Elen try to attack Sofy when this never happened in the Original Timeline.

Ramero 2019-02-16 01:38

One of my expectation is the demons may want for Civil War to happens. If the King was unable to stop them for doing civil war, i think that's what the demons wants. Elen attack Sofy may provoke other Vanadis to put into action as well. We just don't know where this will goes anyway.

I already figure some differences between fake and real though. The main problem and challenge for Tigre is, will he be able to extinguish the feud? In feud against Olmutz, he end it before it goes worse but i don't think in this series it will on the scale, it can be higher than original series.

LeftSeven 2019-02-16 09:03

either it's fake ellen or fake sofy, real ellen wounded fake sofy, knew she has no chance against real ellen, fake sofy ran away to where mila would pass by, then give false info to mila that she got wounded by real ellen which is she accused to be a faker.

if the wounded one is real sofy, i think she's not fool either as to make assumption quickly about ellen, her best friends. let the bad news leak without get enough evidence would make ellen's reputation get worse, i guess this time they'll cooperate to investigate the main problem. besides, fighting between vanadis without involving their whole army like ellen vs liza did in og timeline, can't be considered as trigger of war, but something more personal

Chingaruna517 2019-02-16 15:12

^Dude, Fake Sofy? Really? Take a closer look on that illustration again, man! Does anything remotely "normal" about Elen who clashes with Sofy with Arifa? Her iris doesn't even glow one bit. Clearly that "Elen" must be the fake one! Keep in mind that the Japanese description that the real Elen is having an unusual business with Mila so her attacking Sofy has to be the fake one.

Also, pay attention to the link that I provided some post ago, especially the 4th picture: Sofy is indeed injured from her battle especially with a view of her injured left arm! Take a look at this below! Does this not like not injured to you?

Also, also, manga adaptation teaser below,

BassGSnewtype 2019-02-16 15:24

If it is hopefully they adapt more then the Vanadis Manga did.

Chingaruna517 2019-02-17 01:59


Originally Posted by BassGSnewtype (Post 6323290)
If it is hopefully they adapt more then the Vanadis Manga did.

Well, the very reason why the Original Timeline version of the manga adaptation didn't adapt the stories of Arc Two and even Arc Three is because the anime adaptation only stopped as Arc One (with Regin Arc as the conclusion episodes). Not to mention the mangaka for the said manga adaptation have some other business with his own manga series.

And don't get too optimistic about this adaptation either because, due to the big difference between both Michelia and Original, we barely even know what;s going in the Light Novel version, much less the manga adaptation.

Ramero 2019-02-17 02:27

In the anime itself, it got lot of cuts from original series. I hope that in this Michelia, we won't get any much cuts at manga, not to mention if this goes to anime as well.

Still, i wonder if Mila also holds the library about demons in this series. She is, after all, the first one to encounter demon in original series right after Battle of Ormea. Maybe Sofya is the first one to encounter demons on this series.

AndySimpson96 2019-02-17 17:33

Apologies bit behind (email notifications haven't been working), what's this with fake Elen?

Also I really like the like of the illustrations in this version.

Chingaruna517 2019-02-19 01:28


Originally Posted by AndySimpson96 (Post 6323503)
Apologies bit behind (email notifications haven't been working), what's this with fake Elen?

Also I really like the like of the illustrations in this version.

To recap, there is an illustration featuring "Elen" attacking Sofy out of the blue, all while having a sinister smirk on her face; meanwhile, the real Elen is having a meeting with Mila for some reason despite their cat-and-dog relationship (which still retained in the Original Timeline). Not helping matters is that we have 2 more threats aside from the doppelganger: Asvarre's invasion attempt onto Zhcted and the rise of this version of Ganelon and his demon buddies alongside their taste for bloodshed and war.

As far as the Original Timeline goes, Elen wasn't would never even once attack Sofy as the latter is the one of few Vanadis she allied with alongside Sasha. Here, however, the opposite happens because somebody/something decides to stir up some trouble from within. And unless the reason behind such attack is rehashing the Battle of Boroszlo from the original series, you know when Liza lured Elen into Boroszlo Plain by attacking Sasha, then we don't know the story should the one who attack Sofy is the real Elen. For now, considers that as a fake....

DragonOsman 2019-02-20 08:46

If the one attacking Sofy is a doppelganger, which is likely since the real one should be with Mila while the fight between "Elen" and Sofy is happening, then Elen should still be fine because she has an alibi in Mila. And Sofy will also vouch for her since, going by the illustration where she's injured and talking to Mila, she can still talk (unless the doppelganger is blackmailing her or something). If the one who attacked Sofy is the real one, she (Elen) could be under the control of a demon which Sofy will probably figure out and vouch for her with.

Anyway, I also wonder why Elen and Mila had a meeting and if they also fought.

Chingaruna517 2019-02-21 06:31

^We will going to see that when the official book is coming out. Then again, though, I have an ill feeling that some ominous event will happen in the foreseeable future...

Either way, one question still bothers around me though: If Elen are introduced in the chapter, where are Lim and Rurick? Shouldn't they also appear alongside Elen?

Ramero 2019-02-21 09:55

Well, i was wondering the same thing as well. Elen usually has an adjutant, Lim. I prefer that she makes Lim appear first rather than Rurick, though. Hopefully the daily and battle armor remain same as before or also receive changes. Both Elen and Lim got similar light armor, but only have few differences.

DragonOsman 2019-02-21 10:29

Yeah, I'm also waiting for Lim and Rurick to be introduced. And I also want to see if Tigre and Elen can get along.

As far as their armor goes. Since there already seem to be some differences in Elen's battle outfit in this series compared to the one in the original series, there could be differences in the armor too.

AndySimpson96 2019-02-21 18:12

Chingaruna517 2019-02-21 19:54

^A poster?!

Anyhow, while we are waiting for the illustration

Spoiler for Volume 2 preview reader spoiler (Prologue and Incomplete Chapter 1) :

DragonOsman 2019-02-23 05:46

So in this series, it's possible to have more than one wife? Doesn't that mean that if this series has a True Harem ending (which hopefully it will), and Tigre does decide to become King of Zhcted somehow, he could really have more than wife? If so then hopefully this time he'll marry all of the Vanadis plus Titta (good thing she's there in this series as well and loves him like in the original series).

Marx-93 2019-02-23 08:43

Considering how this half-brother is actually a peasant instead of a noble I would say Chingaruna juts made a small mistake and is concubine/lover instead of wife. Children of title-holding nobles are nobles themselves even if they hold no title.

DragonOsman 2019-02-23 12:03

Yeah, that would indeed make more sense. But if in this one, he somehow does manage to marry them all, that would make it a lot better compared to the original already.

Ramero 2019-02-23 13:46

Well, since in this case Mila got parents, i guess that she can't resist if her mother actually gave her and Tigre a marriage blessing. In original series though, King Faron bless Tigre's marriage with Regin through entitlement of Lumiere.

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