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dark44 2021-03-07 01:30

Western digital HDD
hi all i want to buy WD HDD 18 TB but i want to ask about Ultrastar series and purple ones cause purple is pricer than ultrastar why?

P.S i need the HDD for storage only manga and anime and movies and so on and i leave my PC online all the time

so any info about which is better

Renegade334 2021-03-09 05:34

I haven't kept an eye on the evolution of WD's lineup, so I don't know why Purple is better than Ultrastar. To be honest, I have no personal use case for either of these product types, or even the disposable moolah to afford them, so I cannot speak the Word of God(tm) either way.

The only thing that juts out at a glance is that Ultrastar potentially has a much longer lifespan and data transfer volume (the yearly amount of data read and written to and from the HDD itself), and the warranty is five years instead of Purple's three.

Also, US is designed for DataCenters, whereas Purple is aimed towards the 24/7 storage of security video footage (CCTV, DVR).

No clue about the (actual, not advertised) failure rate of either product line.

dark44 2021-03-11 05:30

thanx for help

Strahan 2021-06-23 00:30

A bit late to this, but just wanted to chime in that buying the WD 18 would be a waste of money. It's way overpriced. The sweet spot for drive value is around 8 TB. For the price of the single 18 TB drive you can get 3 8s for 24 TB. Yes, not as convenient as all in one, but I'll take capacity over convenience any day.

My anime server is 16 HGST 3 TB drives on an Areca ARC-1160ML2 controller in RAID6 for a 42 TB volume. When it ran out of space, I started buying drives and throwing in my PC in the office. That has a 2 TB, a 3 TB and 3 8 TB drives aside from the OS drive. To make it convenient since I'm not about to drop $900 on another Areca RAID controller I made a C:\Mount folder and the five extra drives are folders in there. So I can just shared out the C:\Mount as shared$ and it appears as a single drive to my other systems.

Instead of blowing $600+ on an 18 TB drive, that's what I'd do instead. Buy 3 8s and use path mounting to tie them all together easily.

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