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Rikichi 2006-04-05 09:33

Ohran High School Host Club (General Discussion)
First shoujo romance by Bones.

Ohran Academy is a high school which rich people go to, but Haruhi is a common girl who won a scholarship. Because her mother died and she has been reaised only by her father, she isn't interested in fashion, and she acts like a boy.

One day, she happens to enter the Host Club(*) room, and breaks 8 million yen vase. Because her family is not rich, she cannot afford to compensate the vase. The leader of the club ordered her to gather 100 guests as setoff against the debts. In this way, Haruhi become the 7th member to host girl students.

(*) Generally, the “Host Club” is a nightclub for ladies where male staffs serve female guests sitting next to them.,3...koko_host.html

MrProphet 2006-04-05 09:39

Ouran High School Host Club
AAAAAA!!! The BEST! 8)

This is truly the funniest show this season and the one I can honestly say I enjoyed the most. I love shoujo in general, but this anime is simply above simple shoujo. It THE shoujo of shoujo. Love it!

Here's the quick rundown of the plot (based on episode 1, which just aired).


Oh, I loved this show so much. I am sure the girls will like the bishounen that are all over the place, but as a guy I must say this is truly one of the best shows this season. The way they are lampooning classical shoujo is simply beyond belief.

You all gotta see it! 8))))

cheesie 2006-04-05 09:43

Yeah, I'm waiting for this. :)

(The yaoi twins never fail to make me giggle. :bow: )

zgmf-x19a 2006-04-05 10:39

Ohran High School Host Club
I just watched the raw and liked it
I'm also reading the manga too
anyone else sharing my opinion out there?
if so please answer :)

Kaoru Chujo 2006-04-05 13:33

Well, maybe I'm not as enthusiastic yet as MrProphet, but I enjoyed this show, too. This is the first time I've knowingly heard Maaya Sakamoto, and all I have to say is: wow!

Very promising show. I was expecting a little more seriousness with the comedy, but perhaps that will come. Or perhaps the comedy will be enough.

All the characters are interesting and attractive. And the girl-surrounded-by-attractive-guys feel is so well done that even I can almost get the thrill of it.

MrProphet 2006-04-05 13:48

I kept laughing when Kyoya went on refering to Hani as "Hani-senpai". Shows how much respect he has for the little guy who works hard to catch the fangirls in the Host Club's net.

It's hard out there for a shota... 8)

lavielove 2006-04-05 13:57

>_> alot of got to see these days. yeah yeah I'm spending more than 4 hours on animes and crawling the office by four everydays right now....geez..

Skuld 2006-04-05 17:57

I've been waiting for this!

Truly a great adaption from the manga. I really enjoyed the animation, it was smooth and very clean. The only disappointment were the voices... as a fan of the drama CD series cast, it was difficult for me to see the character and not hear the voice I'd expect come out. The new cast, besides Suzumura Kenichi (who actually just switched roles), needs to work on their voice distinctiveness a bit... They don't sound very "special". However, besides that, everything else was well done, especially the humor. I think I'll try a few more episodes and see how it goes... :3

gknight 2006-04-05 18:45

i've been waiting for this anime for a long time, it's from one of the very few directors i actually Admire in anime (also directed amazing Ashita no Nadja),
can't wait for it to end.. :(

Akirasuto. 2006-04-05 18:52

Saw ep 1 and it's surpringly funny. I didn't give it much thought and brushed it aside until today. I am glad I took a chance on it.

Maceart 2006-04-05 20:01

Great. Even better than I have ever expected from BONES.

But the, it's from the director of Ojamajo Doremi, so it has to be flawless.

Doremi-fansubs will definately pick up this title.

sukreih 2006-04-06 10:23

I personally liked the anime version wayyy more than the manga. Honestly I didn't enjoy the manga that much but the anime was great.

hi no ken Jebus 2006-04-06 10:41

This more than exceeded my expections. I didn't know much about the anime just that bones was working on it. Walked away very happy, everything in the first ep is very balanced the drama bits were nicely done. Definitely looking forward to this one.

Srin Tuar 2006-04-06 11:20

A fairly well done first episode.
I think this series will be worth watching.


Julius Firefocht 2006-04-06 11:42

Hey, we have Maaya Sakamoto and Kenichi Suzumura in the same show! This sure sounds like Gundam SEED Destiny.

KJlost 2006-04-06 19:07

I walked in on this completely blind, and was going to abandon it, deeming it a BL show. Okay, the ending caught me by complete surprise. It's decent enough first episode that I might continue it, though I think my sister is going to LOVE this show, so I might not have much of a choice anyway.

shiroppumusume 2006-04-07 01:22

HOST CLUB; fansubs?
has anyone here read the manga Ouran High School Host Club? it's currently being printed by Shoujo Beat in USA.

Anyway. this shoujou is complete gold. it's a comedy- and yes, trust me, it's funny. :) it's a MUST read!!!

well, to get to the point, it already started airing in Japan so the raw should be available but I haven't seen any notices from any fansub groups... :confused: does anyone know if it's going to get fansubbed at all???

PS. the opening and ending are up at just incase anyone's interested...

lavielove 2006-04-07 01:27

kindly go and read posts there.

be patient (^_^||)

Ori 2006-04-07 02:54

I can't wait for someone to sub this or something. =D This is such an awsome show (yes, i saw the raw).

Erroll 2006-04-07 05:09

I'm already in love with show. As someone commented before I, too, expected it to be a bit more serious but the extra comedy elements really had me giggling. Once I see it subbed, I know I'll be on the floor rolling. I don't think I've seen that many rose petals outside of an Utena episode. I think Tamaki was having them shipped in by the truckloads. I'm definitely in for the long haul on this series. Maybe if it's successful in Japan we can get a Hana Kimi anime.

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