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Kaioshin Sama 2010-05-26 01:36

Anime North 2010
Oh my god I can't believe it! I'm going to my first convention and will be summoning all of my willpower to behave myself and not get my buddies kicked out on the first day. :uhoh:

But seriously I can't believe I'm actually going to this thing. From what I hear the big guest will be Nobuyuki Hiyama and I hope to get his autograph. Other than that my first day goals are to try and avoid flash mob dances that breakout and to find the mecha related goodies as quickly as possible and then take it from there. The convention is taking place in Toronto as always and I'm going to be staying at the Doubletree Hilton from Thursday to Sunday. If you want to try and find me the best odds are too look for the sullen guy who isn't cosplaying hanging around with Arakune (Blazblue), Izaya (Durarara) and Hollow Ichigo (Bleach) cosplayers. Odds are also good I'll be in the mecha section if there is one or just browsing model kits etc. :cool:

Feel free to post if you are going and what plans or cosplaying you are doing. Other than that have fun! :D

FlareKnight 2010-05-28 00:10

Hard to believe another year has passed. I'm definitely looking forward to going though will only be there on Saturday.

Should be fun to see everything that's going on and also pick up some stuff. No idea what I'm actually going to focus on, but can always fall back on walking around randomly. Also looking forward to checking out a few panels since the ones I went to last year were interesting.

Sister Princess 2010-05-28 23:02

Kaioshin Sama, are you the one who wield a regular camera with "Staff" badge during Nobuyuki Hiyama session?

Nerroth 2010-05-29 23:10

I was there! (Saturday only.)

Got a modest haul, but one I like:

including a few commissions done!

Saw some Noel Vermillion cosplayers, too.

Didn't see much of the events on, but there's always TFCon in Julynext time...

Kaioshin Sama 2010-05-30 12:59


Originally Posted by Sister Princess (Post 3068681)
Kaioshin Sama, are you the one who wield a regular camera with "Staff" badge during Nobuyuki Hiyama session?

I was there on Friday for his Q&A panel, but I didn't have a staff badge or a regular camera. I asked him what his favourite sport was hoping he would say Hockey against all odds being on baseball (which was his favourite of course) as well as what he likes to do in his spare time between voice acting. Turns out he's a history buff like me and has a particular interest in castles and the Sengoku Era. I also loved the one answer he gave to a question about and embarrassing story from his youth where he said that there was a mountain he used to walk around after school to get home and then one day he just decided it's quicker to go over it. He actually is kind of gar in real life it seems. Also has a great sense of humour and apparently something of a friendly rival with the "legend" Norio Wakamoto.

It was great fun. I came back with two model kits, one of the Unicorn Gundam in Unicorn mode and also one of the V2 Buster Gundam. People might have possibly seen me at some of the rave parties where I was told by the people I was hanging with that I busted a groove. I was also at the Blazblue tourney for a bit as well where my 2 buddies got knocked out in the first round. Unfortunately my name never got called even though I signed up for it, but it seemed a little disorganized so that wasn't terribly surprising.

Redcavalier 2010-05-31 21:41


Originally Posted by Kaioshin Sama (Post 3070798)
Also has a great sense of humour and apparently something of a friendly rival with the "legend" Norio Wakamoto.

I'm the guy who asked that question. I bet you can't believe how much I was laughing alone in my hotel room on that night, while my friends were away.

DragoonKain3 2010-06-03 01:48

Oddly enough, I didn't go to Anime North mainly for the anime. Either it was the 404's (who were UTTERLY hilarious), or went there playing some casual SSF4 (didn't participate in main tourney because it conflicted with time schedule), or going to some of the gaming panels; those were the things I actually spent most of my time on.

Probably the only thing I went there for anime was either buying anime in the dealers room, or participating in the anime contests. Although to be fair, the main event I go for is the skit contest, and apart from that girl who played as human Luna, was actualy above average for the most part.

Ironically, though, it was Bruno who was the highlight of the skit contest. Man, people were rolling half-dead with laughter the moment he entered... :heh:

Next year though, I hope they get a different Japanese guest of honor. As much as I like Noboyuki, doing it three in a row is way too much lol.

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