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marvelB 2013-01-30 00:27

One Piece - Chapter 697 [manga]
Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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Spoilers are here! Credit goes to the folks at AP for the summary + translation:

-Chapter title is "Deal". The ministory involves the old lady chasing those soldier guys away from Caribou.

-Continuing from Law's flashback from the previous chapter, he tells Luffy that challenging all four of the emperors would be taking them too lightly, as they competed with Whitebeard for control of the New World. Furthermore, their target Kaidou is known as "The World's Strongest Creature". He also says that the chances of his plan to topple Kaidou being successful is 30 percent. Nonetheless, Luffy still agrees to the plan.

-Back in the current time, Law tells Smoker that there was no special purpose in sparing his life. He also apparently plans to go to a place called "Green Bit". The children are then taken aboard the tanker with the marines, and say their farewells (turns out the kids want to be pirates now and the marines find themselves fond of the Straw-Hats, though they try to pretend otherwise, heh :p).

-Back in the middle of the ocean, Dofla is still flying through the air when he comes across a boat, which contains..... the heads of Baby-5 and Buffalo! Obviously, they're kept alive through Law's ability. Speaking of Law, he left behind a denden mushi on the boat, and tells his former boss that he not only has Caesar in his possession, but the bodies of Dofla's two subordinates as well. The senior warlord demands he return the bodies of his crewmen, and it's here that Law offers him a deal: He's well aware that Kaidou is his most important client, and that he would be in heaps of trouble with him if the emperor were to find out that he can't provide him with "Smiles" anymore. That being said, Law's deal goes as thus: He wants Doflamingo to quit the Shichibukai. Doing so would earn him the wrath of the admirals, but if he doesn't quit by the arrival of next morning's newspaper, then the deal will be cut off. This puts Dofla in a tight spot indeed, as he's very worried by this new turn of events....!!!!!

Whoa, now that's one hell of a blackmail that Law is pulling there, isn't he? So looks like that theory of him creating tension between Dofla and the yonkou was true, after all (as well as Kaidou being his primary customer). Speaking of Kaidou, his title of "World's strongest creature" reminds me of the Grappler Baki series (the titular character's father holds the same title, you see ;)). So I guess he's the current strongest pirate now that Whitebeard is gone.....

Still, I wonder why Law didn't leave Monet and Vergo on that boat too? Or I guess he assumes them dead? If so, that could bite him back in the ass later. Anyways, I guess "Green Bit" is going to be the next location for now. Really can't wait to see what happens from this point on...!!!

james0246 2013-01-30 01:04

Cool spoilers. Can't wait to see DoFlamingo's reaction shots :).

game2007 2013-01-30 01:10

Actually, the way "creature" is used here refers to an animal or something like that. Nami even comments that he's not human after that.

Rawrz 2013-01-30 01:12

For someone following the code "Only the strongest will survive." and even going as far as killing his own failed henchmen without thinking twice...Flamingo shouldnt give any least damn about B5&Buffalo now. His only concern is clearly Caesar and keeping gas/fruit production.

I must admit however that Flamingo was acting weird back there. He had that "plotting villain" theme surrounded so far and now its almost like he is cluelessly flowing with the storyline. Im sure he will think of something.

Also Kaidou's mystery thickens..."The Strongest CREATURE In The World"? Excuse me, that sounds way much more badass and scarier than "The Strongest MAN In The World" :D
Seems like another awesome Zoan boss fight may appear in future.

marvelB 2013-01-30 01:16

I think what I like best about these spoilers is that it confirms the following info:

-Doflamingo is NOT the almighty emperor-level threat many (myself included, admittedly) assumed him to be. That is, the guy has plenty of power and influence, but in the end he's still pretty much an emperor's bitch. :p

-The fact that Dofla genuinely DOES care about his crew. We had hints of it in previous chapters, but the fact that he wants B5 and Buffalo's bodies back instead of leaving their heads behind kind of clinches it, IMO.

-Kaidou most likely WON'T be the first emperor Luffy will face after all. I was just telling BDK in the last chapter thread that I believed otherwise, but the hype that Kaidou is starting to get now makes me think that Luffy will face him much later down the line. Also, I'm kinda starting to think that maybe Kaidou is part of that "new species" that Oda hinted at near the end of last year (Aohige's summary even noted that Nami was shocked at the "world's strongest creature" title, wondering if he was even human). Needless to say, I'm about 10 times more hyped for Luffy vs. Kaidou now (as well as Moria's inevitable involvement in that conflict). ;)

aohige 2013-01-30 01:47


Originally Posted by game2007 (Post 4533543)
Actually, the way "creature" is used here refers to an animal or something like that. Nami even comments that he's not human after that.

Marvel's point is, that's exactly how Hanma "The Ogre" Yuujirou is addressed as in Baki.

I read the original Japanese chapter. And I can confirm, it's the same.
Dunno if it's an intentional tribute by Oda, Baki tributes are usually a Toriko thing. :heh: (Shimabukuro does TONS of Baki tributes in his manga Toriko)

Btw, Doflamingo is sweating bullets, seemingly terrified of Kaidou.
Also Law telling him to return back to an ordinary pirate, while smiling smugly (on the den-den mushi) was amusing. There may be more to their former-brotherly relationship than meets the eye.

bonsobon 2013-01-30 04:49


Originally Posted by The Small One (Post 4533590)
So if I understand it correct, Doflamingo now has two options:
He refuses Law's offer. Then he can stay in the Shichibukai, but he looses two of his crewmates and Ceasar, which will put him to war with Kaido.
Or he accepts the offer. Then he gets back Ceasar and his crewmates. He can continue business with Kaido, but he has to make war with the marines.

Actually he has a third option which is to go after Law and take back Ceasar himself, thereby leaving his current relationships with the marines and Kaidou intact. This seems to be his only option if he wants to keep the status quo. Whether he can actually do that is another matter.

paradox13 2013-01-30 05:42

Hmm why is One Piece always released so much later compared to Naruto?

solidguy 2013-01-30 06:03

So the mysterious boat wasn't Eneru? :,(

articuzwolf 2013-01-30 06:06

Moria and his crew was annihilated like nothing by Kaidou
Doflamingo was trying to eliminate Moria for being the weakest shichibukai around
and yet Doflamingo is still afraid of Kaidou?
Damn, I always thought that Doflamingo was manipulating Kaidou and other SMILE customers
Trying to make them addicted to it and start making move to control them later.
But not anymore, this Kaidou must be one hell of a guy to make 2 (confirmed) Shichibukai shivers upon hearing his name.

vansonbee 2013-01-30 06:14

hehe I know where to keep Baby 5 body safe :P

But that was a scare, seeing their heads floating on a small sail.

Libros 2013-01-30 06:39

Law, as awesome as he is is playing with fire. Interesting development, I can't wait to see where this goes.

Breimoon 2013-01-30 06:40

i wonder what his plan is, want to know now _

Rawrz 2013-01-30 06:50

Just read the thing, glad to see that Donflamingo is not freaking out. Sure he is shocked to heard the news but I can gladly say that his situation is now something between %10 Worry + %90 Anger.

Also now Drake X deserves my respect. People are working this hard to take Kaiodu down without even touching him and he just simply went total Rex mode on his island guardian.

All those Supernova brats trying to act clever, I can foresee that cards will quickly turn against them faster than they can imagine. I wont be surprised if Donflamingo kills Law in future. Too bad guys fan service is huge.

Rawrz 2013-01-30 07:11


Originally Posted by The Small One (Post 4533818)
I think the problem is the time limit. He only has about half a day, and after this Law is (probably) going to kill Cesar. Not enough time to hunt him down.

Funny thing is, vivre cards may almost render kidnapping in One Piece impossible.
If Marines force brand every criminal out there with vivre cards they could retrieve any escaped prisoner later on without problems.
In that case, Caesar as a former prisoner. But then again a villain like Donflamingo might've asked for Caesar's vivre card at the beginning to prevent him from doing shady business behind him.

~Yami~ 2013-01-30 07:45

I imagine Law using troll face after speaking with DoFlamingo....
finally we can see smile-less Doflamingo...
that's so funny to see his subordinate only got their heads chained in the wood..

oh... and it seems like G5 won't mess with Strawhat anymore...
no more Luffy vs Smoker or Zoro vs Tashigi then...
and the kids want to be pirates... LOL!

Kanon 2013-01-30 08:04

Even with Law's plan, Luffy and him only have a 30% chance of winning. Just goes to show once again what a big deal the Emperor are.

I'm curious to find out what Law's true plan is. Didn't expect him to cut a deal with Doflamingo. What is he truly after?

Undertaker 2013-01-30 08:52

I don't know, all things considered, 30% is pretty good odd.

I mean even if you are one of Yonku, to take out another Yonku would only net you about 50% chances right? Consider that their crew strength should roughly be about equal.

So 30% chance really isn't as bad as it sound considering that neither Luffy nor Law (I assume) had an army worth of crew.

But the current situation is interesting, could it be that a huge chunk of Law's plan depends on how Doflamingo responded.

At this point Law is betting on Doflamingo not renounce his Shikibukai status and earns the wrath of Kaidou as result.

But then why even offer him the choice then? To buy even more time?

I don't think this raft is the same as the mystery raft from few chapters ago, after all we just see Law cut Baby and Buffalo up this chapter not before.

Randrak42 2013-01-30 10:05

Talk about being put between a rock and a hard place xD

and nobody is talking about it...but I liked the scene between the Strawhats, the marines and the kids this chapter xD

carcanclaw 2013-01-30 10:31

So Doflamingo will leave the Shichibukai, and Law will still refuse to give Caesar back. Effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Or Dofla will stay with the government and Kaidou may or may not come after him. One thing Law hasn't considered is that Kaidou might try to capture Caesar for himself and not even bother with Dofla, who is just a middle man.

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