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-|(aGe-BuNsHiN- 2004-05-30 22:58

Really good pc rpg that is free?
Hey I'm looking for a game that is somewhat like Ragnarok or Final Fantasy XI that you dont have to pay a monthly fee to play online. It would be nice if it was pc. Any suggestions?

LazyFace 2004-05-30 23:03

there's a game out called Fairy Land... Although the game sounds really cheezy. Its RPG, and lots of people play it. Thats the only one i know thats for free. Run a search on this site...there was a thread on this topic.

oh yeah.. search for mmorpg games..

Slade xTekno 2004-05-30 23:49

It wasn't free, but my friend found FF7 for PC at a garage sale for a dollar...
I would have suggested Alien A A 2 years ago...

HoboGod 2004-05-31 03:20

diablo (damn old game that hardly anybody plays anymore after the sequal came out, but free multiplayer and you can probably find the game for dirt cheap)
diablo II (just buy the game for 30 bucks and multiplayer is free)
shadowflare (4 parts to the game, the first part is free, the other 3 parts are 5 bucks each and multiplayer is free)

but other than that, most rpg games are very evil and charge monthly fees for online gameplay

Necrodeath 2004-05-31 06:00


Originally Posted by HoboGod
diablo II (just buy the game for 30 bucks and multiplayer is free)

Dang, where do you live?
Over here in The Netherlands, Diablo II is 10,- and Lord of Destruction is another 10,-
I know this because I recently bought them again (because I lost them both :sad: )

An upcoming free MMORPG is Guild Wars, though you'll have to wait until it comes out.
You can also try Runescape, which is free, or you can pay for a larger world, more items etc.

-|(aGe-BuNsHiN- 2004-06-01 00:22

when will a time when people without credit cards can play this sux

well in general anyone recommend a good pc game?

wra1the 2004-06-01 04:19

I play a game called mu online , its similar to diablo but its free to download and play.

Domasai 2004-06-01 06:55


Originally Posted by -|(aGe-BuNsHiN-
when will a time when people without credit cards can play this sux

well in general anyone recommend a good pc game?

It lacks the depth of Final Fantasy XI, but I think City of Heroes is a remarkably fun little game. It costs to play it online -- but that's to expected to help the company with making server costs and upgrading the software on occasion.

ubb 2004-06-01 13:16

Runescape and priston tale are the two mmorpgs I know that are free(excluding the hundreds of MUDs I came upon on But you shouldn't get too hopeful that finding a free mmorpg that you like since free mmorpg is a rarity nowadays, if you don't mind interaction via plain text then go to and look up for free MUDs.

N1nj4 2004-06-02 04:28

Planeshift is a free MMO in the works. It is currently in a very early stage. All you can do at the moment is run around, talk to people, and collect gems. The next version, which will include monsters, and combat, should be released in a few months. It is definitly one to keep an eye on.

Personally, I'm waiting for Guild Wars.

-|(aGe-BuNsHiN- 2004-06-04 23:28

you know sorry to bother you guys about this but I am sick and tired of this horse@#$. (cover your ears....eyes little kids).

From this forum some people have been telling me to try and use the search next think I am totally oblivious of what goes on in this forum? Seriously you try looking up the words rpg games on the search and see what comes up. NADA. So arigatou gozaimas for those of you who gave me recommendations and those others...urusai!!

Edit: Oops...nevermind all the ranting i did there....i guess im a bit oldschool in this forum cuz there was no game section b4....i just noticed now...gomen (note i noticed right after i posted this....)

Betaone 2004-06-05 03:14

yah you wont find many MMORPG's to be free since the cost for servers and staff members to keep adding new quests features etc,, unless its in beta stages (ragnarok used to be free in beta but crazy lag due to massive people on 2 servers) their are private betas for some of the MMORPGS that are going retail if you sign up you might win (matrix online, and World of warcraft but i think the signups on both are over im prettysure about wow not about matrix) but good multiplayer rpg is and forever will be untill its next sequal

DIABLO 2 LOD (d2 expansion)

SPINAL-BRAIN 2004-06-05 14:44

-|(aGe-BuNsHiN- , if you are looking for a good pc game...then play Far Cry. Without any question, this game will surpass any FPS out there right now for pc. See for yourself...:|

Otsu 2004-06-05 19:43

You could always try MUD games...just plain ol' text games. There aren't many graphics (except fo Ascii art) but the gameplay is good for some of them and they're free too. BUt i doubt anyone plays MUD games anymore...

nojevo 2004-06-06 01:38

Just wait for Guild Wars to come out. You pay the price for a full game and you will be able to play mmorpg without having to pay a montly fee. But if you're that desperate, then you can always find a private server for ragnarok online. It will be free, but its not the same as the official server. Right now the best game you can get for the pc is Far Cry. You can also play Call of Duty if you havent played it yet.

Remian 2004-06-24 16:51

There are hardly any free MMORPGs Out there.

Try Gunbound however,(yes, Gunbound is considered an MMORPG)u can download it for free at

If u r into a complete MMORPG experience, try Runescape. I for one hate runescape because of its aweful graphics and reppetetive gameplay, but i guess that might work.....

Its hard to find good RPG's nowadays, everyone is trying tyo do the same thing...

I recommend gunbound though, they really think outtside the box.

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