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NeoSam 2007-12-31 20:33

Nijuu Mensou no Musume
The seinen manga Nijuu Mensou no Musume Utsushiyo no Yoru (二十面相の娘 うつしよの夜) by Ohara Shinji will be getting a TV anime adaptation.

Broadcast is scheduled to start in April 2008.

The manga started serialization in the seinen manga magazine Comic Flapper on October 5, 2007.

The manga recently started serialization so there are no volumes released yet.

A previous manga titled Nijuu Mensou no Musume (二十面相の娘) by the same author (Ohara Shinji) was serialized in the same magazine Comic Flapper between 2002 and 2007. The manga is finished with 8 volumes released.

Covers of Nijuu Mensou no Musume manga:


Nijuu Mensou no Musume


Genre: Seinen, Mystery

duckroll 2008-01-04 07:58

Nijuu Mensou no Musume (The Girl with 20 Faces)

Director: Nobuo Tomizawa
Series Editor: Rikei Tsuchiya
Script: Rikei Tsuchiya, Reiko Yoshida, Natsuko Takahashi, Ikuko Takahashi, Naohiro Fukushima
Character Design: Koichi Horikawa
Chief Animation Director: Hiroaki Noguchi
Art Director: Hiromasa Ogura
Mechanical Designer: Kazuhide Tomonaga
Music Director: Hiromi Kikuta
Animation Production: BONES x Telecom Animation Film

Official Site:
Airing Date: April 2008, FujiTV

Edit: It should be noted the copyright for the anime is attributed to the original manga author, Media Factory and the Nijuu Mensou no Musume Production Committee. So yes, this is a Media Factory title.

duckroll 2008-01-04 10:32

The site is up now, complete with a teaser video (no animation footage). It appears my translation of the title is wrong, since it appears that "20 Faces" is a guy. So it's The Daughter of 20 Faces? No idea, never read the manga lolz.

Sakuya 2008-01-06 02:57

Does anyone have a short synopsis?

Potatochobit 2008-01-20 12:13

This is about vampire hunting?

monir 2008-01-20 19:38

It's actually a detective story that revolves around a female thief, our cover girl, named Chico. She is apparently the successor to a famous character (Kaijin Nijū-Mensō) created by a very popular author in Japan named, Edogawa Ranpo. One more interesting fact is that when his name is written in Japanese, it spells out another famous detective/mystery writer in English language who goes by the name Edgar Allen Poe. :) Looking forward to it.

duckroll 2008-02-05 00:45

Cast announced, Hirano Aya is playing Chico. And can a mod please tag this thread MFI? Thanks. :)

monir 2008-02-10 12:51

Just saw your post and have added the MFI tag on your word for now though I'm sort of puzzled by the fact MFI is going to distribute a Bones product.

duckroll 2008-02-11 11:09


Originally Posted by monir (Post 1391140)
Just saw your post and have added the MFI tag on your word for now though I'm sort of puzzled by the fact MFI is going to distribute a Bones product.

Thanks. Well, Media Factory owns the rights to the original manga, so that's the connection here. Beyond that, Media Factory is also behind the Soul Eater anime, which is BONES' other anime for April. The last BONES show that Media Factory was involved in was RahXephon, so yeah - it's been a long time.

Edit: For those that can't read the Japanese copyright, FujiTV has put up an English page promoting this title (to protential western licensees probably):

The page also has more information about the show in english, as well as revealing the episode count of 22.

-Kh- 2008-02-28 15:54

I hope this series gets its own forum here in AnimeSuki, can't wait to watch it and see how Chiko will turn up with Aya.

duckroll 2008-03-14 18:11

There's going to be a special stage for this at the Tokyo Anime Fair at the end of this month. Aya Hirano will be the main guest, and it's been announced that she's not only voicing the lead character, but also singing the ending theme titled "Unnamed world".

Sonhex 2008-03-29 12:13

Trailer from TAF.
Looks kind of steam punky or Victorian. I really dig the funky submarines, airships and car chases. Sort of reminds me of Secret of the Cerulean Sand...

There doesn't seem to be much love for Chico though, perhaps Soul Eater has overshadowed it?

DangerMouse 2008-03-29 23:09

I'd actually not heard about this show until seeing this excellent trailer tonight, I doubt I'm the only one who may have missed this until this addictive trailer.

I think more people will get interested as they see this trailer though, this looks really promising, LOVING the scale of the setting and the feel of the show's look and tech and the action and chases look really nice.

My only question was, as someone who has no knowledge of the manga, whether or not Chico was hopefully going to actually get to do anything or if she was just along for the ride/lead around? In such an action adventure heavy show it'd be nice if she gets to do a lot as such a primary character. And reading the thread again, a previous post above actually says she does become a "thief" herself, so if that's true that answers my question and makes it sound even more interesting.

The skilled guy seems pretty cool and looks quite a bit like Roger from the totally awesome Big O ;)

Naturally, it won't surprise me though if Soul Eater overshadows it though given the type of accessible show it looks like and many of fan favorite Bones' FMA staff, combined with Bones seemingly positioning it as one of the primary Spring series advertising wise.

I enjoyed what I got to see of Secret of the Cerulean Sand.

duckroll 2008-03-30 11:37

Trailer looks great, I'm definitely looking forward to watching it. ^_^

Westlo 2008-03-31 01:19

I have to say I didn't expect much after duckroll reminded me that Bones weren't doing the animation for it, but that trailer looks really good.

duckroll 2008-03-31 02:39

Telecom is a good studio, why would you not expect much? :)

ellifeedn 2008-04-05 11:34

When I saw the title I thought of CLAMP for reasons I don't know:confused:.

Westlo 2008-04-05 12:55


Originally Posted by duckroll (Post 1500527)
Telecom is a good studio, why would you not expect much? :)

I'll give an honest answer, I haven't seen a single thing they did animation production on, so going from one of my fav Studios in Bones to someone I've only seen do In-Between Animation made my expectations lower. At any rate the trailer was impressive and I see they have Robo Crosser on the way, so it looks like Telecom is going to be a lot more prolific from now on.

solomon 2008-04-05 13:32

Clarification time. Telecom animation studio, is more known as a studio for it's animation services, especially for TMS shows. They provided work for Inu Yasha and Kekkashi (probably some of the better animated episodes).

Fans think of studios that hold sway over all aspects of production and not just animation so, yea I can see why more people would recall bones rather then telecom.

Still Duckroll is correct in expecting good from telecom in that they normally make really good looking animation.

Westlo 2008-04-05 13:35

I've seen most of Kekkaishi (need to watch the last 7 eps sometime soon...) I don't suppose you know which episodes they did?

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