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ChibiDusk 2004-05-29 15:16

Millennium Actress
Millenium Actress - Satoshi Kon's award-winning film is going to be aired on TMN [MFest] tonight. For times in your area check the website @
Can't wait :D

Yamano667 2004-05-29 17:54

wow great I will check it out :D

aliensquare 2004-06-08 01:48

millenium actress anime
did you guys hear about millenium actress?

its by satoshi kon who made perfect blue.
its coming out in theaters in july 9 in korea. cant wait ^^

TronDD 2004-06-08 02:53

It's been licenced in the US for a while.

It is a very good movie. Original storytelling that works incredibly well. I'd recommend the movie to people who aren't even anime fans. It's just so unique and well done, it has to be seen.

Theowne 2010-02-17 03:50

What a low amount of posts for such a great work.

I think this has become one of my favourite films. It has the same kind of sincerity and heart that I like in Ghibli films, but with a different approach, both in storytelling as well as setting and backdrop. And I really enjoyed how the film started as a love story but by the end, confirmed by that final line, became more of an exploration about aging and losing childhood and innocence, with the way that Chiyoko wasn't chasing the man anymore, but rather her young self and the emotions and desires associated with it.

Such a great anime....

germanturkey 2010-02-17 23:07

really really good film. very bitter sweet ending, which i like.

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