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Akumeru 2004-01-29 12:08

Ayumi Hamasaki
Has any one here herd of Hamasaki Ayumi????

Kanna 2004-01-29 17:34

Yes, she can't sing.

gravitation 2004-01-29 18:28

yeah i think tons of people would have heard of her coz she is really popular. Personally i like her music but i dont love it, gets kinda boring after a while....she also remixes to much, some songs have been remixed as much as 26 times!:twitch: overkill!

babbito2k 2004-01-29 19:37

Sure I've heard of her; she was much bigger news 2 or 3 years ago. Now she is so famous that you never hear about her anymore.

edit: what's the topic?

Chiaki Nozomi 2004-01-29 21:53

As for my opinion on Ayu, she sounds like a chipmunk. She can't really sing, and she puts out horrible singles. (Her last... well.. 7 have been utter crap and 2003 had no good songs for her whatsoever) However, when she does put out the occaisonal good song, it blows up, and it blows up BIG. Take Evolution. I can't think of anyone who I made listen to the song that didn't like it. Although her 'woah yeah' had to get some used to.

Her live performances are a hit and miss. If we have a decent sounding live, we're lucky. Lyric writing, yes, she writes, but the songs are simple. Utada Hikaru is a better lyricist than she is. But what do I expect? She's an idol. She's just supposed to stand there and look pretty. But Namie Amuro is prettier than she is. :P Although next PV I predict she does a 'Xtina' and goes all slut, just like Koda Kumi. After all, in her last PV she was a hooker-rocker in a song that was as pop as it could get.

Heh, as you can tell, I don't really like Ayu.

[edit] The topic is to get us to talk about Ayu so Akumaru can brag about how he is her 'cousin'. Don't pay any attention to him. I have a feeling I've seen him on other boards before....

ElvenPath 2004-01-30 04:47

Note: renamed the thread "Ayumi Hamasaki? Voice out your opinion" (was: Hamsaki Ayumi) to give it a real topic of discussion.

AzNKiDoOo2 2004-01-30 08:43

I love Her Songs ^-^..IMO She's Great =)...

CardCaptorMoody 2004-01-30 12:42

Ayumi Hamasaki.... well.... i have mixed feelings. Her voice is decent, though it is nothing to brag about. Her apearance.... well let's just say i agree with Chiaki Nozomi. As for her songs, well, they are ok, but i wouldn't listen to them on my free time/ go out of my way to buy her cds. I'v seen the ocasional MV of Ayumi, and frankly speaking, never watched one till the end.

Don't get me wrong, i don't hate here, though i don't realy like her either. Though some of my friends' opinions are "WAGH, AYUMI AER TEH ROCKZ0R", i just can't really put my finger on what turns me off about her.

Tboz 2004-01-30 21:05

Ayumi is quite hot around Asia, maybe died down a little due to the Korean Craze running around. But, I'm still quite suprised to see so many negative comments about her. She may sound like a chipmunk, but doesn't SPEED and other girls sound similar? :p

Actually I'm quite neutral about her, some songs I like (mostly older ones), some songs I don't (mostly newer ones). As mentioned, her songs do get repetitive after some time and I never tried listening to her remixes as I believe they are not better. :heh:

One thing that's worth mentioning is her multiple image change where she never fails to suprise/scare me. One moment she can be a sultry leopard girl (Surreal) and another time she is the divine goddess (I am). In this, she is much like the Madonna western listeners are used to. I believe that is also one of the reason she became this big, in the eyes of Japanese fangirls, she's all style and fashion goddess.

Btw, nice to meet you Akumeru. I'm Nagase, your cousin-in-law. :heh:

Mephisto03 2004-01-30 23:01

Yeah shes good. I just downloaded like 300 songs of hers. I mean 3 songs, yay thats it. Personally my favorite is the mega european mix & company. That song is tight. And er, can't think of the name of the song right now but its a remix song (original remix) and the ending is really good.

diabolistic 2004-01-30 23:11

i love ayumi's music, style, and mega-cute abilities..
i enjoy her new stuff more than her old stuff though, Ourselves and Real Me are two of my favorites.

Ayu trance (both volumes) are especially good, and regardless of what anyone says, i thought Rainbow was an excellent album ^^

ugupoo 2004-01-31 01:07

Ayu... I don't quite like her. It took me a long while to finally enjoy listening to her songs. For one thing, she does sound like a chipmunk but that's not the thing that deters me from her songs. She just can't sing. At least not Hikki level. SPEED can't sing too! Was it 'Hey Hey Hey!' ? I forget... but they had Hiro singing one of Glay's slower songs... and it was terrible.

As for Korean craze... I think Ayu kept her own during the Korean craze two-three years ago, but now that many of the old groups faded out (H.O.T., Shinhwa, Sech Kies, S.E.S. to name a few)... there's not much of a Korean craze anymore. FttS, G.O.D., and Baby Vox are still good ... FinKL is alright... but really... it was H.O.T. that gave KPOP life. Kang Ta by himself can't rejuvenate SM Entertainment. In fact, JTL is doing better.

Then you have Boa... and hey... I like Boa's music much more than Ayu's! But her Chinese is mediocre.

FinFangFoom 2004-01-31 12:25

I think she's pretty damn hot, but the only song by her that I really liked was "Fly High".

Tboz 2004-01-31 13:06

Actually I just know that the Japan entertainment industry was badly hit by the Korean craze these few years. Not sure who's involved as I watch a few Korean dramas and movies only. I'm not every much into their music, though I admit that the Korean guys sing very nice ballets. I do know however about H.O.T's breakup but shouldn't BoA be the main threat to Ayumi? :p

Biohazard 2004-01-31 16:12

I like her songs, i have lots of em, far away is my most liked one...

But well, i think Utada Hikaru is better...
SES is very good too... but their song titels are mostly just too happy for my mood, lol

Besa 2004-02-01 14:52

Yes,she's ok.

ugupoo 2004-02-01 16:59

The only Ayu song I like would be Fly High euro mix. Hehe. Hikki should be Ayu's threat but she's been out for quite some while and it'll take a couple singles to give her enough momentum to become a craze. H.O.T. is the group that sparked the Korean craze. Because of them, we got Fly to the Sky and Shinhwa. Besides, it was their dancing that Boa took upon. If you didn't notice, look back at Boa's Id Peace b and you might see some resemblance. It only makes me think they used the same dance choreographer. Right now, Boa's not quite a threat. At least I don't think she is. Her songs are nice, but she hasn't matched up with S.E.S.' flexibility, and her Japanese is still so so. I don't think Ayu has to worry... as long as she keeps up her chipmunk voice and her pretty face, she won't have to worry. The remixes will always save her career. ^_^

Shiori 2004-02-01 17:52

I think she is somewhat talented. My favorite song would be the 3rd ending for Inu Yasha - "Dearest" the acoustic version.

LiQuid|J 2004-02-01 18:55

I tend to not throw full-on adoration at jpop singers (barring a few exceptions like Mikuni Shimokawa :love: ) as it usually comes down to the music of the song and not the lyrics or the voice. Not understanding Japanese takes away the need to please me lyric wise, and a lot of jpop singers sound similar to me. So there are a lot of Ayu songs I like, but even more I don't like. Like I said it usually comes down to how catchy or cute the music seems to me.

oXKeNsHiNXo 2004-02-01 21:37

I luv her music. shes 1 of my fav singers :D. i like most her songs, some melodies are a little weird but i like her overall style and her lyrics actually are meaningful. :D her style incorporates a little of everything and i like it.

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