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Rising Dragon 2012-09-22 19:51

... damn. That's... damn.

Kuroi Hadou 2012-09-22 21:31

Wh-Wha... What the hell is that?! :eek:

Zeydra 2012-09-22 21:54

That has to be the single most ugly Mobile Suit I have ever seen. Very fitting for a final boss, looking forward to seeing it tonight.

Revolutionist 2012-09-22 23:33


what better way to round out this mediocre series than with such a stupid looking mobile suit?

Scorpiopt 2012-09-23 00:19

how the hell they got data to copy sid? apart from the fight itself

Rising Dragon 2012-09-23 00:37


Originally Posted by Scorpiopt (Post 4364825)
how the hell they got data to copy sid? apart from the fight itself

Sid likely rebuilt itself and then they captured it.

Se7en Sabers 2012-09-23 01:17

Vagan Gear.... Metal Gear ! :heh:

This Metal Gear Sid looks like theCyberdark Dragon :

Obelisk ze Tormentor 2012-09-23 01:53

That Winged-Final-Boss thing in the previous page looks like my bird I used to have years ago :heh:.

GN0010 Nosferatu 2012-09-23 04:01


Originally Posted by PzIVf3 (Post 4364454)

Looks pretty good to me. It won't make a good kit or action figure though. Those super scrawnny legs and arms will be its undoing in plastic form.

Znozzy 2012-09-23 04:02

The way it was animated in the show didnt help either, it was horrible CGI all over.

overloard 2012-09-23 04:53

Lol, the thing is truly ugly. Looks like Gurdolin got serious competition.

Patriot's Blade 2012-09-23 06:36


Originally Posted by PzIVf3 (Post 4364454)

Gundam Sandrock is soooooooo gonna have nightmares tonight....... :uhoh::heh:

StratoSpear 2012-09-23 07:18

That thing looked like something out of Megaman Legends :\

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