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NoemiChan 2010-12-28 01:39

Genji's Random Collections
Hi, I hope I make this correct this time. I just wanted to post some of my old drawings from my highschool days.

Genji Watercolor

Noemi Watercolor

NoemiChan 2010-12-29 04:10

By the way I made the two drawings in the same ways.

First, using a pencil for the sketching.
Second, ink it (signing pen). Then erase the pencil lines.
Third, watercolor for the most parts and color pens (for the eyes).
Fourth, watercolor again for the shadows and secondary colors.
Fifth, signing pen and correction fluid for finalization.

Please comment, I think I got some more drawings hidden at the basement (joke!)

Knightrunner 2010-12-29 05:05

Are they characters you created or are they from an anime?

NoemiChan 2010-12-29 05:10

I made them up, and the truth is I'm dreaming of making an anime and I just finished the a small part of the script that needs a ton of editing.

Its an epic... like lodoss war, lord of the rings and gladiator all mixed together

Knightrunner 2010-12-29 05:17

I like your drawings :) I see a lot of potential and I can't wait to see more characters. For some reason your drawings give me an Inuyasha vibe which isn't a bad thing. I definately wouldn't mind seeing some of your characters in a background setting or maybe doing some type of action like drinking tea or something to give them more personality.

NoemiChan 2011-01-03 02:14

Honestly, my drawing were inspire by the anime Rounin Kenshin specially the female (you know who she is....

This is the negative of a pencil sketch, again I want to put my culture in the design of the armor but from the looks of it, it still look like a samurai or na ninja, though in reality I wanted to picture a Filipino Muslim warrior. He's Genji Ibarra.

Obviously, she's Japanese. Why? It's like a tribute to the origin of anime and Phil-Jap relations. She's Noemi... she's a princess so I kinda find it hard to whether Japanese primcess have surnames at all, though I wanted to put Fujiwara.

Again, with the culture, can you see the three similar marks on the forehead? It symbolizes the letter "K" in the ancient Philippine alphabeth, probably Indian, I think but its not in use, hehehe

This a small picture a size of a box of matches (the smallest). I made that using ballpen (sketch) ,colorpencil (dress), colorpen (cherry blossom)

For the other characters, they are still in my head and most of them are male (generals), probably its like a shounen type. It focuses on war, responsibility and commitment for a cause.

Knightrunner 2011-01-06 06:44

Filipino artwork :) I can't wait to see more.

I'm wondering if you are familiar with these weapons

NoemiChan 2011-01-08 00:47


Originally Posted by Knightrunner (Post 3424763)
Filipino artwork :) I can't wait to see more.
I'm wondering if you are familiar with these weapons

Well, I don't know but my favorite weapon is the "Kris", its a long curvy sword, a symbol of the Malay race. Many Filipino Muslim tribes has these weapon. But it's race to see them now in the open.

Yes, I'm Filipino, half Bicolano (Catholic) and half Tausug (Muslim). By birth, I'm Muslim.:heh:

Knightrunner 2011-01-08 23:31

Is there going to be upper and lower class people? You can show this though the clothing.

NoemiChan 2011-01-09 01:50

What do mean? the Characters?

Knightrunner 2011-01-09 02:34

Any actually. The background characters, main characters, antagonist, background people, etc.

NoemiChan 2011-01-09 02:41

Oh, again, I' planning to make it an war epic so expect many male who are usually officials, captains, generals. The span of the story is 10 years, why? It's kinda an adventure as well, if this is to be a movie, it'll be like Star Wars Saga, I meant the length of the story. Genji and his army will probably travel across Asia to Africa then at last Europe, and back.

CaptGloval 2011-01-15 05:32

The influences to the art style seems familiar but it also has unique touches. But I can't help you much there since I'm more of a writer. How far have you gotten in the story? Do you have a chapter out?

NoemiChan 2011-01-15 20:48

No, not really, u see. I don't have the PC to start this formally though I got 1/4 of the story in a pile written in pencil but in my opinion, this still needs tons of editing because I have new paths that l wanted to insert, new philosophies etc.

until now I'm very far from starting formally, I got a job now so it seems l don't have the time ... huhuhu

I believe if these were to made a movie, it will topple, frodo.. heheheh

haydeejamison 2011-01-16 01:19

All of your creation are great for me...

I saw you gallery on FB and all of you drawings are cool...

You are gifted and creative...^_^

NoemiChan 2011-01-16 04:31


Originally Posted by haydeejamison (Post 3440557)
All of your creation are great for me...

I saw you gallery on FB and all of you drawings are cool...

You are gifted and creative...^_^

Domo!!! yah, if I just have a PC, I would do better. right now I'm stuck with pencil and colorpens heheheh...

NoemiChan 2012-01-19 02:45

Sorry but I must

king12354 2012-01-21 21:46

Space out paragraphs for a cleaner presentation, otherwise keep it up.

NoemiChan 2012-02-24 04:00

Some sketches inspired by RTW and Gundam. Done when I was in high school....

NoemiChan 2012-02-24 04:04

Samurai Gundams hahaha

Done with colorpen.

Some early versions of Noemi

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