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AirMaster 2006-08-22 09:18

I see some GX mecha there. Does it mean were getting new models for those?

kct 2006-08-22 09:23

The scales are rather off for some of 1/150 >_> ..

dj898 2006-08-22 09:24

heard there was some 1/32 UC Gundam kits...
anyone with link to picture?

AirMaster 2006-08-22 09:32

You mean this?

MakubeX2 2006-08-22 10:03

duotiga 2006-08-22 10:56

is that buster mod?

kct 2006-08-22 12:13

No, more like that Buster is looking at things to change it into Verde. Or that it is confused over its identity.

theOtherGuy 2006-08-22 12:34

Wait, so it's pretty much the same build with just a like extra parts?

dj898 2006-08-22 16:26


Originally Posted by AirMaster
You mean this?

No Bandai is planning to release UC Gundam figures and mechanics in 1/32 scale - think of military models but in Gundam UC

MakubeX2 2006-08-22 18:50

The 1/144 HG Verde Buster kit is just the 1/144 HG Buster repackage with extra parts.

You can basically choose to build the original Buster or the new Verde for this kit.

kct 2006-08-22 20:10

Wait...that means 2 kits in one?

McChar 2006-08-23 01:59

just read the gunota post for new kits, including
"MG GAT-X105 Strike Gundam IWSP - w/ Grand Slam, October, 4,410 yen"

What is the Grand Slam?

theOtherGuy 2006-08-23 02:11

The sword that the PG Strike has.

(I just love Danny Choo's Strike).

dbj 2006-08-23 02:17

i want to ask does alot of p[eople buy hg or mg?i really want to get a mg but the figures i want arent out so is hg worth buying? as i had a hg once its arm lossened alot because i kept on changing its pose

OmegaZEROCustom 2006-08-23 02:48

Hooray! An MG IWSP! Couldn't care less about the Grand Slam, but the IWSP is good news. I really thought we'd see the Strike Noir get an MG first, since it'd be another reuse of the Strike molds, but with enough changes that people might not gripe, plus the new backpack. Hopefully the IWSP kit will include the catapult stand, or maybe just the one the Freedom came with since it takes up less space.

kct 2006-08-23 04:20


FINALLY Bandai have decided that it would be awesome.

dj898 2006-08-23 07:35

enjoy it

now only if I have time to make PG RX-78-1... ^ ^

The Undertaker 2006-08-23 08:14

Does anyone have translations for paint colors? In the back of every Gundam manual, they always show the colors needed (like 50% something and 50% something) so I was wondering if anyone knew a site that had translations for the colors. It would help a lot :)

DarkWarrior 2006-08-23 13:40


Originally Posted by LynnieS
The V fins on its forehead? I would be afraid to transform it into its MA mode if that's the case, to tell you the truth. :) It might be too easily breakable even at the 1/100 scale. From the photo, the head's V fins look a bit big to fold up cleanly as well, IMHO.

I have to agree, breakable V-fins would be a problem.. and they do look to big to fold up. But at the same time, I don't want the V-fins to sort of stick out like they do in the HG 1/144. :)


To me and looking at the photo, its upper arms is slightly too thin relative to the shoulders, forearms and legs, which look like they are carrying a substantial amount of armor - almost a Popeye look. The face is a bit thin and overpowered by the parts at the sides of the head, and with these vents(?), the head kind of reminds me of a chipmunk with two walnuts stuffed in its cheeks. :heh: The head doesn't look entirely proportionate to the body either, but it could just be from the angle of the photo; looking at some of the models that I have also, they have pretty small heads as well.
Yup, I agree with everything you mentioned. I liked how Stargazer looked in the lineart, but this is definitely something I won't be picking up. Unless of course, this is just a very early prototype.


Originally Posted by McChar
just read the gunota post for new kits, including
"MG GAT-X105 Strike Gundam IWSP - w/ Grand Slam, October, 4,410 yen"

I bet it's the same old MG Strike with IWSP included... I wish Bandai would release a Strike weapons pack or something, that includes MG Sword, Launcher, IWSP, among others. If you already have a MG Strike, this is just a waste of money.

Nesty 2006-08-23 14:05

any idea if they will be making 1/100 of the new duel and buster?

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