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Kieli 2005-12-18 15:02

Mai Otome Episode 8 Discussion Thread
Y'all know the drill now....posts can be found here:

paTKany 2006-04-08 14:38

The reason why i bumped this old thread 'cos i spotted out something when i rewatched ep08 from the DVD. Sunrise lazyness...

They cut out Sylvie's tombstone entirely, and put Monica's there.
So far, so good. Ryuusui no Toukiseki can be R.W. (running water maybe?) Diopside.

But they failed with the other tombstones, because they copy&pasted this R.W. everywhere. (At least they changed the names.)
Ippolita ???'s, Jerid Messa's and Penelope Lowell's tombstone:

IchiKyo 2006-04-08 14:47

Interesting... I can help me to continue my Fic

Personnatly i rewatch the RAW and the DVD Version and...
I Wonder know If Sunrise has made a fault by watch Sylvain Tomb whereas Monica Tomb... I completely lost...
I rewatch it, at 17:08, we can see 2 Monica Julen Tomb... One of the left, and One on the Right
And in a middle, Yuta Minami

For the ??? , I watch 5 times the sequence, i translate it by Ippolita Pasia

kazekiri 2006-04-09 00:54

RW fits since the Japanese translates to something pretty close to that (I got 'Flowing Water', check the GEM thread for details). Now can someone figure out what in seven hells 'LR' is supposed to mean for the other one? It's the only gem I can't translate.

IchiKyo 2006-04-09 02:21

Hey, I remember for something... Jerido Messa... I heard that name before... In a Gundam series... Maybe Zeta... It's use for a man...

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