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Kakashi Sensei 2004-01-06 18:57

Are Rose of Versailles and Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi good?
Are Rose of Versailles and Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi good? Are they worth watching? And what are the plots, if you don't mind? :)

kamehameha 2004-01-07 16:31

Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi is supposed to be good as it is based like love hina, my friend told me it was good but i think its liscnesed.. so i will have to see when i find time to buy it.. Abt the other it sounds gay lol

Seelenfang 2004-01-07 19:50

I've only Ai Yori Aoshi, and its nice, not perfect, but nice, its romantic story, but u could have done better, cause the plot is really nice.
For Rose of Versailles, I can tell nothing, cause I've not seen it yet


NoSanninWa 2004-01-07 23:25

Ai Yori Aoshi is licensed, so we cannot encourage you to download at all. I'd recommend waiting until it is available on DVD. I've never seen it anyway so I can't recommend it to you.

I can recommend Rose of Versailles though. It is a truly awesome series. It takes place in France during the decade leading up to the French Revolution. The main character becomes the commander of Marie Antonette's guard. While the main character of the show does not exist in historical fact, most of the people that she interacts with and the situations that she finds herself in did actually exist. This show got me interested enough in French history to read up on the historical happenings that are discussed in the show.

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