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marvelB 2010-08-03 10:01

One Piece - Chapter 595 (manga)
Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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Well, the new spoilers came out a little bit earlier this time around (presumably because there's a break next week). However, some of the info available is unconfirmed. Still, this is what we know so far from the 3 pics available:

-Chapter title is "Oath". However, note that while there's a color spread for the splash page, the chapter title appears right in the middle of the chapter itself.

-Trafalgar Law is still hanging out around Sabaody with his crew. It turns out that he has no intention of travelling to the New World right away. His crew is confused about this, but Law simply tells them that he wants to avoid meaningless fights, and that the treasure of One Piece won't be going anywhere soon. He simply tells them that they'll travel to the NW when the time is right.

-Meanwhile, at a winter island in the New World, Drake encounters someone who tells him that he's guarding the island for the Yonkou Kaidou, as it's one of his favorite islands. Drake asks him if the emperor would get angry if he were to raise some hell there, and when the guardian answers yes, the supernova transforms into his dino mode......

-We then look at a spring island in the NW, where Scratchmen Apoo's crew are being chased by some wild pigs that are apparently too strong for them to beat. However, when they run off a cliff..... it turns out that they're somehow still running in the middle of the air! :p

-At another NW location, Blackbeard's crew has captured the supernova Jewelry Bonney. However, Teach's crew runs away once admiral Akainu arrives at the island. The admiral says he felt a chill down his spine when he learned Bonney ran away from the government, but now it's all over since he'll capture her (seems implied that she's a rather valuable commodity to the WG). Bonney says she'll never forgive Blackbeard.....

-Doflamingo is having a conversation with an unknown person. It's confirmed that Gecko Moria is ALIVE. Apparently, he used his kage kage powers to literally disappear on the spot at Marineford. However, Dofla is unconcerned as he believe that Moria will die soon anyway, even if he did escape. The person he's talking to chastises him for being too sloppy with his assassination , but Dofla replies that he should watch his mouth or else he'll break the deal he made with him and leave the Shichibukai....

-Meanwhile, at the Torino island in South Blue, Chopper returns there as he says he understands Luffy's message and needs to get stronger. It also turns out that the island contains plants that could be used to make powerful medicines....

-Finally, at the Kamabakka Kingdom, Iva tells Sanji that the food at the island is made with a secret recipe that makes people stronger. Naturally Sanji wants in on the secret, but Iva says he can't learn it until he masters Okama Kenpo. Sanji refuses, so Iva gives him an alternative: The recipe will be scattered amongst 99 masters of Okama Kenpo, and Sanji must defeat all of them to collect the recipe. However, he must also deal with the rest of the island's inhabitants, who will do everything in their power to convert him into an Okama (again). Sanji accepts the challenge, as it will make him stronger....

Welp,those are the spoilers. Man, Drake calling out Kaidou sounds pretty freakin' awesome. And poor Apoo.... I guess he won't make it very far in the NW after all if he's having some trouble with a group of oinkers (wonder what's up with him running in the sky, though....). But man, Moria's survival is pretty much what made the chapter for me! :D I also love how Dofla doesn't really give a crap about the situation at all. Also, I'm guessing that the guy he's talking to is Vegapunk......

Man, these last few chapters gave us TONS of info, they did! As far as Bonney is concerned, I'm actually kinda guessing that she may be a world noble, if she "escaped from the WG". And it looks like a timeskip is pretty much guaranteed now that we have both Sanji and Chopper training (though I highly doubt it'll last 2 years like the fake spoiler said)..... man, to think we now have to wait another two weeks before we find out what happens next.....

Well, now to wait for the full chapter.....

BTW, note that the unconfirmed spoilers from before (like Law meeting with Sabo and the 2 year timeskip) were fake, so I deleted them.

Kallen4life 2010-08-03 10:07

uhm what ? 2 years .. don't believe until I see it

don't really want a 2 year skip

the pig bit is funny

this (One Piece) would be over in 2 in-universe years methinks

james0246 2010-08-03 10:24

@Marvel: Since you are including unconfirmed spoilers, you forgot the spoiler that indicated that Hawkins fell to Brownbeard...before Blackbeard showed up :).

And, there is another one where Rayleigh tells Luffy that he needs a coxswain...

And yet another one where the old lady/man helping Urogue is a bounty hunter...

And, of course, the pièce de résistance, Buggy becomes a Shichibukai because his crew's combined total bounty is worth 5 Billion :eyespin:...

Spoilers are fun :).

marvelB 2010-08-03 10:24

BTW, I know the fact that Bonney hasn't been mentioned so far may lend some credence to the theory that Blackbeard took her out, but I still wouldn't go counting those chickens before they hatch, since..... well, the full spoiler still isn't out yet. :p It may turn out that the gluttonous pirate is fine after all, stuffing her face somewhere in the NW.....

edit@james: Yeah, I was really tempted to post those spoilers about Brownbeard and Buggy, but I considered them to be too radical to be real (as in, things that I actually want to see happen, but I know never will). Well, the Shichibukai Buggy part is actually plausible, but not that bounty (though again, I do with is WERE true)..... :p

khoa1708 2010-08-03 10:34

sabo fights people in a wheelchair? uses haki to move the chair instead of his arms? :uhoh:

and 2 yrs...? wow

Kallen4life 2010-08-03 10:41


sabo fights people in a wheelchair?
obviously he's OP's version of Charles Xavier .. they already have Magneto in Kid L@L xD

Finre 2010-08-03 10:41

İf 2 year time skip is true , i am excited to see how much their appearance will change :). Would be good to see luffy in a captain coat and 2 year is long enough to learn how to control haki.

marvelB 2010-08-03 10:48

Hey, new pics appeared, showing Blackbeard's crew (which seem to have nothing to do with those unconfirmed summaries)! Uh... apparently, Shiryuu's name is actually spelled "Shiliew", which means we were completely wrong about the romanization all along. :p Now to wait for a translation...

Oh, looks like Basco is spelled with a "V", as well.

Edit: Welp, looks like we got confirmation of Blackbeard taking out Bonney's crew.......

Moar edit: Heellooooo, Akainu! ;)

james0246 2010-08-03 10:57

^That sucks. Hopefully there will be a brief flashback of her downfall, if only to find out why she was crying...

marvelB 2010-08-03 11:00

^Well, she's actually not dead. Apparently, Teach made her his bondage slave or something (looking at the pics), but then his crew runs away when Akainu arrives. Still, if Teach left her to deal with Sakazuki, she may not be too well off, after all.....

Edit: Aaawww yeah, Doflamingo now...... :D

kayote 2010-08-03 11:02

kind of dissapointed with oda. if there is a/most likely will be a time skip, i really thought Oda would be able to continue the story without a time skip.

ashesatdusk 2010-08-03 11:02

The only reason I see a two year skip possible, is the one piece pilot which had a picture of adult luffy at the very end. If oda plans on using that version of luffy, a time skip of that length would be necessary.

I really realy really really really really don't want a 2 year time skip.

marvelB 2010-08-03 11:07

Uh guys, remember that the 2-year skip is an unconfirmed spoiler so far. It's not really guaranteed to happen (besides, I don't want a 2-year skip, either). Let's just wait until the rest of the pics come out to be certain.....

Oh, and that reminds me: I'll edit the opening summary once the spoiler pics have all been translated. Anyway, it looks like Dofla's talking to a mysterious new character. I wonder who it is.....?

John D. 2010-08-03 11:13

Looks to be a cool chapter, I especially liked the bit where Blackbeard gets floored by a chained Miss Boney...

From the pictures, it looks like Blackbeard summoned Akainu to turn in Boney and though Blackbeard always was reckless, I wonder where he got the nerve to call on the Red dog. I guess they could be temporary allied by a shared objective, Blackbeard helping Akainu capturing pirates in NW while at the same time thinning out any potential competition (Blackbeard must have been very persuasive to convince Akainu, considering the latter's hate for pirates).

EDIT. Didn't notice that the Blackbeard Pirates ran away when Akainu approached. ^ At first glance I thought they were working together...

marvelB 2010-08-03 11:23

Pics of Chopper appeared..... and it looks like he went back to his island in South Blue. Methinks this means it's training time for the reindeer..... ;)

Edit: Yep, there's apparently confirmation of Chopper training after all, since it seems that he says he needs to become stronger....

Edit again: Okay, aohige explained the blackbeard scene, so I updated the summary a bit. Also, looks like the end of the chapter involves Sanji and Iva (guess they're going to train, as well).....

....And it is confirmed! Sanji's gonna freakin' learn Okama Kenpo! :D


Anyway, looks like I was a little hasty about the Sanji bit. I'll update the summary as soon as aohige clarifies a couple more details.....

Shiroth 2010-08-03 12:15


Originally Posted by marvelB (Post 3172534)
....And it is confirmed! Sanji's gonna freakin' learn Okama Kenpo! :D

I've wanted this to happen ever since his fight with Bon Clay. Sweet news. :D

Kallen4life 2010-08-03 12:15

I hope to God that training won't last 2 years

derbeder 2010-08-03 12:25

Confirmed Spoiler

シッケアール王国跡 -
ゾロ「!! 手を貸せといった覚えはねぇぞ!」
ゾロ「…船長の命令なんだよ…」「どうしても……ここはおれの力だけで…乗り越えなければ…… 」

- 新世界-
ババア「素直に傘を買っておけば……。どっちにしろ覇気も使えんお前さんは遅かれ早かれこの海 ではやってい けんよ」
『賞金稼ぎ 覇気使い 傘売りのコウメ』
- 新世界-
茶ひげ「!? ……お…お前は…! ぬぐっ!」

- 女ヶ島-
新聞「道化のバギー 七武海に任命」
【見出し 総合懸賞金(トータルバウンティ)50億以上の大型海賊団誕生】

Full translation

-Shikkearu Kingdom-
Perona: You're going again?!
Zoro: Of course! I've understood Luffy's message!
The Humandrill attacks again.
Zoro: I don't have time to hang around with you guys! Shit!
Bon! (SFX)
Zoro: !! I don't remember asking you for help!
Perona: My heart starts beating fast just looking at you! With my hollow-hollow powers...
Zoro: Don't get involved!
Perona: !! (shocked!)
Zoro: ... It's the captain's orders... No matter what... If I can't overcome it... With my own strength... I won't be able to face him again! The same thing will just happen again!
Perona: ....

-New World-
Crew: Priest!! What... What just happened!?
Urouge: We came so far...
Old woman: If only you'd listened and bought an umbrella... Whatever the case, people like you who can't use haki will soon be swarming these seas
Crew: Ahh! The priest....!
Old woman: 108,000,000 berri. It's not a lot of money.
[Bounty Hunter. Haki user. Umbrella seller Koume]

-New World-
Hawkins has collapsed.
Hawkins: Ughh...
Crew: Captain Hawkins!?
Brownbeard: Oh? You're pretty good.
Hawkins: You're a scary one, Brownbeard. But with a screwed up name. ... Its to be expected since your territory extends even into the New World. I underestimated you because of your bounty.
Brownbeard: I'll have you know, kid. In the new world, bounties mean zilch!
Hawkins: !?
???: Zehahhaahaha...! That's right...!
Brownbeard: !? .... You.. You are...! Ngh!

-Island of Women-
Luffy: Ehhhh~~~!!?? How did a guy like this!? But he's so weak!
Jinbei: I thought he'd be one to do or cause something but....
Rayleigh: Oh... This is nostalgic. He hasn't changed at all.
Newspaper: Buggy the clown appointed Shichibukai
[Heading: The birth of a huge pirate crew with a total bounty exceeding 5 billion]

TN: I hope I got the place names right.

james0246 2010-08-03 12:26

^1) It is forbidden to post large sections of translated text.
2) That spoiler is false.

Damn that cockroach...I mean Moria is still alive...:p.

marvelB 2010-08-03 12:29


Originally Posted by Shiroth (Post 3172634)
I've wanted this to happen ever since his fight with Bon Clay. Sweet news. :D

Actually, I was a bit hasty when I posted that.... check out the updated summary for the full details. Sanji's training still sounds hilarious, though! :p


Originally Posted by james0246 (Post 3172649)
Damn that cockroach...I mean Moria is still alive...:p.

Heh heh.... can't keep down an old gecko, I say! :D I'm assuming he escaped Dofla with the aid of his Doppelman, Absalom, or both. But man, now I definitely can't wait to see how he'll reappear in the main story! Maybe he's actually in possession of Oars Jr.'s corpse and will travel back to the New World to challenge Kaidou for a rematch (assuming that Drake gets thrashed, as well)....?

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