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Kaoru Chujo 2006-02-03 01:40

REC is the first anime I know that is set in the world of seiyuus. I've been looking forward to it, and it started today. I enjoyed the first episode, with reservations.

The episodes are half-length, just under 12 minutes long. The animation is just okay, in my opinion. I've just taken a look at some of the manga and I like the character design better there. (So what else is new?)

But the story is fairly captivating, and they did a lot in 11 minutes. The basic story: a 26-year-old blah-looking salaryman is waiting outside a cinema and feels he has been stood up by his date. He is about to throw his tickets away when a girl tells him not to waste them, so he ends up giving her one and going in to see the film. She sits next to him speaking all the lines spoken on-screen. It turns out she is a new seiyuu...
Spoiler for episode 1:
The seiyuu for the heroine, Aka, does a nice job. The role is not easy, and kind of like a school exercise, since she is always pretending to be different characters, practicing constantly. Reminds me a bit of the role of Maya in Glass Mask in that regard. The seiyuu is a newcomer called Sakai Kanako 酒井 香奈子. The only other anime role she's done is one of the sisters (Chiaki) in Magikano. She was born 1986.11.11, so she's 19. She already has a good home page. She has done one game (Ar Tonelico) and has done some radio. More info on

The director, Nakamura Ryutaro 中村隆太郎, has a good resume: he directed Serial Experiments Lain, Kino no Tabi, and Sakura Wars. The animation director/character designer, Morioka Hideyuki 守岡英行, did key animation on Neon Genesis Evangelion, character design on Sakura Wars and Ultimate Girls, and was animation director for Sakura Wars. Animation by Shaft. Broadcast on TBS Thursday nights at 25:55 starting 2 February, and a week later at 25:00 on satellite BS-i.

Anime News Network page

official site

I was surprised there wasn't already a thread for this. If there was, please merge this post.

NeoSam 2006-02-03 01:59


Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
I was surprised there wasn't already a thread for this. If there was, please merge or delete this post.

There was one, and it had quite few posts in it, until it got deleted when the forum went down.


Its based on a manga thats serialized in the seinen(young men's) manga magazine Sunday GX (Sunday Gene-X).
For now there are 5 volumes released of this manga, here are the covers:

Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Info from AnimeNfo:


Matsumaru was stood up by a girl whom he had asked to go out with him. When he was trying to throw away the movie tickets, a girl blamed him for wasting the tickets. So, he gave her a ticket, and he went to the movie alone. However, at the theater, he found that girl reading the subtitles aloud.

This is the love story about a common man and a girl who has a dream to be a voice actress. Her apartment was in a fire, and they began to live in the same room together. Meanwhile, she was adopted as the voice actress in the TV commercial of Shomaru’s company’s product.
Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Keitarou 2006-02-03 02:30


Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
REC is the first anime I know that is set in the world of seiyuus. I've been looking forward to it, and it started today. I enjoyed the first episode, with reservations.

Same here, just without the reservations. ;)

I've not taken a look on the manga but the character design in the anime seemed ok. I liked especially Aka, she's just too damn cute. :D

Anyway the first episode was nice and had a few surprising elements.


I agree on the seiyuu for Aka. She does a splendid job in the first episode and I expect her to do even better in the next episodes when they show her in the studio. :)
Hmm, took a look on her page and I wonder, does anybody else think that she's looking quite cute on the photos? =P

Overall a quite nice first episode. The only thing I could complain about is the shortness of the episodes and the series itself, only nine episodes. :(
It felt somewhat rushed in the first episode, which actually might be better for a lot of people, though I wouldn't mind a somewhat slower pace. :)

Burner of Anime 2006-02-03 03:11

Hmm, lucky bloke.


Aristophanes 2006-02-03 17:56

I don't like the whole half-episode thing though....

suguru 2006-02-03 18:12

I wish it was normal length, but otherwise I loved the first episode. It's a different, more adult, take on a romantic comedy than I've seen in anime before. And Aka is really cute, which doesn't hurt things either.


Definitely looking forward to the subs so I can get all the dialogue, my Japanese skills suck enough I caught maybe 5% of what they were saying.

RunningTARGET 2006-02-05 23:08

I had an interest in this show so I took a look at the manga and I found it to be very hilarious, and I cant even read a word (here's hopping someone will translate it).

I havent seen the anime yet (awaiting the sub), so here's hopping some of the good parts get animated. The funny and the sexy. :naughty:

Oh yeah Aka looks alot like Mahoro in the manga.

Srin Tuar 2006-02-06 00:23


CaiSter21 2006-02-06 08:19

so is there a chance of this getting subbed by someone?

Paracelsus 2006-02-06 08:37

Let's hope so. I'd be pissed if nobody subs it <.<

NeoSam 2006-02-08 03:41


Originally Posted by Paracelsus
Let's hope so. I'd be pissed if nobody subs it <.<

I really hope so >.<

I had a look at the manga, and it looks great :)

Dark` 2006-02-08 12:07


Originally Posted by CaiSter21
so is there a chance of this getting subbed by someone?

Most likely yes...not that I'm insinuating anything... :heh:

Maceart 2006-02-08 20:45

Cross your fingers...

Anyways, great first episode, lots of story development, good voice acting (Aka's voice is quite good, ranging from high to low). I liked it a lot.

Too bad it's only 9 episodes of 12 minutes each.

Sylf 2006-02-08 21:57


Originally Posted by Dark`
Most likely yes...not that I'm insinuating anything... :heh:

Froth-Bite is actually waiting for the widescreen version of the raws to be available before making releases

Itachikun 2006-02-09 04:29

Miscalleanous released episode 1. Time for this to move to the fansub group!
Henry Ford Picture

providence 2006-02-09 15:24

dled Studio ADTRW/Buttrock's version, no subs?

Pellissier 2006-02-09 15:36

I couldn't miss an anime focused on the world of seiyuus.
I liked the first episode pretty much. It's very likely going to be one of those anime very focused on character development, which are my favourites in absolute.
Original way of depicting things and actions, the animation isn't outstanding but fits the mood of the show, that's the most important, imho.
*Excellent* work from the main girl's seiyuu, with a great range of roles all in one. she even gave quotes of the largely famous theathrical movie set in Italy and interpreted by Audrey Hepburn in the Fifties (1957 I think). I found weird they went to see such an old movie. Oh well.
The only major flaw here seems to be the shortness (both for single episode, both for series' overall lenght)

Looking forward to episode 2.

NoSanninWa 2006-02-09 17:26


Originally Posted by providence
dled Studio ADTRW/Buttrock's version, no subs?

Wrong. You've got a playback problem. Do what it says on the AnimeSuki Playback Guide. If you still have problems do NOT POST HERE. Post playback help problems in the Playback Help Forum.

froinlaven 2006-02-09 22:26

Just watched the first episode.

Anyway, here's my first impressions/the OP.

RunningTARGET 2006-02-09 22:55


Originally Posted by froinlaven
Just watched the first episode.

Well at least you know it's not going take untill the last ep before they kiss.
So this in my opinion shows how it builds on a started relationship, similar to, say Kare Kano.

Anyway i'm also a bit sadden that the show is only 8 eps long. Ep 1 was preaty much chpt 1 of the manga, so it seems they're not going to build on much of what Rec really is. Sad realy.

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