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Pellissier 2008-03-15 08:29

Hayate no Gotoku - Episode 50 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Hayate no Gotoku, Episode 50.

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Fruitfly 2008-03-17 22:19

Glad to see Mao, Chiharu, and Aika back. I wish they gave Chiharu and Aika more screen time because it feels like it was a waste to even introduce them.

But I thought this was a fun episode to watch. A lot of cameos in this one. I saw Shana I think, and some Clannad and Code Geass characters,

Fynal_Fyre 2008-03-18 12:18

I agree, nice to see Chiharu and Aika back.:)

And, for me, the most OMGLOLROFLMAO moment was:

Spoiler for LOL-worthy moments:

LeaD36 2008-04-04 19:13

Subbed version is out, hope to see some mass comments in the coming 2 days:D

Eviltape 2008-04-04 19:45

...those breasts... That ~tima woman has enormous breasts.

Good episode full of smiles, but JEBUS THEY'RE SO HUGE AND JUGGLY I WANT TO PUNCH THEM.

Major1138 2008-04-04 22:55

One of HnG's better episodes. Great mix of subtle (and-not-so-subtle) references to other shows and pop culture, and a fairly enjoyable plot which allowed the characters to do their thing. Nagi and Nishizawa make for a hilarious pairing, what with their constant bickering and all. I especially liked the title on their sign - "Main Character + Hamster"

LeaD36 2008-04-05 01:13

Spoiler for spoiler:

Shadowfox79 2008-04-05 01:47

Thats was a pretty funny episode, it game me a few moments where I laughed for a bit (Who wants to be a Millionaire, the "We're so close we bathe together", Animal Planet) and especially during the School Rumble reference, though I can't remember what was the name of episode 26 *starts googling...*

LeaD36 2008-04-05 09:49

shadowfox, what anime is your avi from?

Avantoe 2008-04-05 11:14

Really funny episode :)


Originally Posted by LeaD36 (Post 1511736)
shadowfox, what anime is your avi from?

that avatar is from "CLANNAD"

LeaD36 2008-04-05 18:06

thanks for the info

Deathkillz 2008-04-05 18:58

This was a good ep imo :)

Long time no see hamster in action, and it is always great to see how well she works together with nagi ^^

Now with 2 eps left, I wonder how they will end this. The preview sure was interesting.

gaguri 2008-04-05 19:47

Hey that was pretty cool. I'm glad they did something between their rivalry before the FIRST SEASON end.

dodgethis_sg 2008-04-05 21:10

Oh my, what a dig at the Seiyuu Awards for calling Nagi a supporting character. And the bubble wrap! What blatant advertising!

Katsu Koneko 2008-04-06 01:44

X3 This was an awesome episode. I lawl'd at the Millionaire, animal planet, school rumble remferences.

I also loved Hayate in that outfit~

Telliamed 2008-04-06 04:01


Originally Posted by Fruitfly (Post 1467752)
But I thought this was a fun episode to watch. A lot of cameos in this one. I saw Shana I think, and some Clannad and Code Geass characters,

Hard to say. Needing to draw uniforms for so many background people, there's a lot of "Generic Seifuku #1744" going on. Though I think I did spot a Milly Ashford look-alike.

Muyasuki 2008-04-06 05:31

"Man, I had a lot of lines this episode"

The narrator was just awesome this episode.

dave1992 2008-04-06 07:27

Well, although Nagi told everyone that she's a "Main Character", no doubt that the main female character is Ayasaki Hermione.

The Chaos 2008-04-06 10:40

Excellent Ep...Poor Hina-Chan..:heh:
But Glad That Nagi And Hamster Win ^.^
Well Witting Next Ep (Thanks Again
Static-Subs& Eclipse For Sub) :D

dave1992 2008-04-06 11:16


Miki should answer at least a single question now, but in the end, she's simply useless.

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