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LCeh 2008-06-09 14:52

Kimi no Iru Machi (A Town Where You Live)
Written by Seo Kouji, who's the author of Suzuka, this is a new series published by Kodansha, and serialized in Weekly Shounen Magazine.

Anyway, enough with the intro...

Brief synopsis: Main girl (Honoka-look-alike) moves into Main guy (Yamato-look-alike)'s home, which is in the suburban area, because she wanted to go to the high school there. Main girl was from Tokyo originally, but because she came to this place before when she was young and really liked it, she decided to go back here for high school.

Basically the story will be about these 2 people living together (main guy doesn't really like the main girl at first), and there will be a triangle relationship with a Suzuka-look-alike (girl whom main guy likes).

Sorry, I will update with their names when english translations come out, but at this point that's the best I can do as far as the story goes.

NeoSam 2008-06-09 16:00

You mean, a manga published by Kodansha, and serialized in Weekly Shounen Magazine.

Though I wasn't active in the Suzuka manga thread, but I read all the manga and I loved it :) I have heard about this new manga from some japanese blogs that I read, and of course I'll be following this manga too :)

frubam 2008-06-09 18:31

I've never read Suzuka(i've seen all the anime though), but I hope its at least a bit better than Cross Over. Not that Cross Over is bad, just generic sports drama, so it's not that exciting to most(though I'm still following it >.>). And I'm not complaining, but Seo needs to make a new hair style.

Spoiler for cover from Cross Over:

yongshun 2008-06-09 19:16

All his characters look alike even his earlier works. Is this going to be another sports Manag? or is it slice of life akin to Pastel/Parallel?

LCeh 2008-06-09 19:29


Originally Posted by NeoSam (Post 1644344)
You mean, a manga published by Kodansha, and serialized in Weekly Shounen Magazine.

Thanks for the corrections NeoSam. I myself am not familiar with the publishers and stuff, so it's good that someone else is in the know.


Originally Posted by yongshun
All his characters look alike even his earlier works. Is this going to be another sports Manag? or is it slice of life akin to Pastel/Parallel?

From the first chap, it looks like slice of life/romance/drama, but we haven't seen them actually go to school yet, so sports may involve later on.

yongshun 2008-06-09 19:57

I like his work so if anyone scanlate or lincense this I will definately try follow this series.

Kylon99 2008-06-20 03:29

I kinda just skimmed over the first chapter. It's being offered on line from Shonen Jump's own website. You can read it here too if you want:

Click the image on the bottom left labelled "第一話"

The main girl, with the long blue hair, seems to be called "Eba Yuzuki" (Last name first) She says she comes from Tokyo.

The main guy, who speaks with a Kansai dialect/accent, is called Kirishima Haruto. The other girl that he was afraid to meet up with is called (神咲名海) Kanzaki Nanami, which is an unusual reading for the kanji of her name.

(Spoiler for ch1)

The series is serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump as the original poster mentioned. Chapter one started with volume 26 and now 28 is out, I believe. No raws (beyond chapter 1 from the website) or scanlations exist on line that I can find as of this date.

Anyways, that's all I had time to look up.

Kylon99 2008-06-20 03:36

Oops! Sorry, not Weekly Shonen Jump... Weekly Shonen.

No jump.



HayashiTakara 2008-06-20 04:28

Is this the authors way of making up for giving Honoka the shaft in the Suzuka?

I felt so bad for her... man, I loved that girl.

yongshun 2008-06-21 13:16

The main lead is such an idiot and a complete jerk. Then again the Honoka look-a-like is such a tease.

Dingo 2008-06-21 13:32

That was a horrible first chapter, is this another Akamatsu in the making? Cross Over then Suzuka and now this, I see a connection here. If so good for him, he is going be wiping himself with yen bills in a couple of years.

ZODDGUTS 2008-06-21 13:38

Decent first chapter. Not really liking the main male lead too hot headed and yeah does seem a bit of a jerk, the other main female lead seems a bit too pushy for my taste. Anyways how is this a sequel to Suzuka again?

yongshun 2008-06-21 13:51

This is the first time I have ever seen the Honoka character with such a personality.

stewie0814 2008-06-24 22:40

Well, i just read the first chapter. For some reason, it gave me a 'to love ru' vibe O_O, easily angered guy, outspoken girl, the guy likes a girl that seems to be the serious/shy type :o.

Too early to judge I guess, but it does seem to have a more kiddy'ish vibe than suzuka, I kinda was expecting something more serious :( (early judgement I know :p)

taelrak 2008-06-26 11:25

Well,Yamato2 is immature, but so was Yamato in Suzuka for most of the story...I felt like I was reading that manga all over again - at least at the beginning before they got all serious with their futures and all that.

I don' t think this is a 'sequel' per se - the character personalities and art is similar of course but beyond that I don't think it has anything to do with Suzuka...

I really like the Honoka-type character though...she has much more personality and is more interesting (like Miki!)...I hope she comes out better than Honoka did in Suzuka.

So we've had basketball....track....wonder what this one will be about?

at any rate, really looking forward to reading this...although waiting for each chapter of Suzuka was torture in itself...ah well

TOP 2008-06-26 13:06

I can handle this manga a lot better than Suzuka.

I really hope this manga doesn't become about sports. Even though I love sports, I can't bring myself to read manga about sports...

Jarppa 2008-06-26 16:19

Sport in suzuka was good, there wasnt too much of it. This new story seems instresting like all Seo's works and art is nice as allways.

stewie0814 2008-06-30 02:39

Hmm, well, i just read chapter 2, i guess the target audience is a bit younger than suzukas, judging by what ch 2 was all about, a bit disappointing for me I suppose : (

Mykas 2008-07-03 22:04

Kimi No Iru Machi: A town where you live
First let me say I wasn't the first to bring this new title up at this board someone else did over on the Suzuka board. Why? Well, because it is the new book by Seo Sensei.

The premise: Girl leaves Tokyo and moves to a small town (somewhere near Hiroshima I think) to go to high school. She moves in with a boy who is our presumptive main character (the narrative so far is from his POV) and our other characters so far are the boy's mother, a girl he has a crush on and his best friend.

The good: If you liked Suzuka you will like the art of this book and you might even like the story. the premise is sort of the reverse of Suzuka and it isn't as hopeless as it may seem. So far only two chapters are out but both of them are decently written and easy to follow along with.

The bad: this may all seem a bit too familiar to you if you have read Suzuka while the characters don't share personalities they certainly share appearances. though the best friend isn't a Yasonobu. The plot may also seem a bit contrived, I suggest giving it a try it is only two chapters out so far.

Conclusion? Who knows? Honestly this manga hasn't seen enough daylight to make a judgement I will stick with it personally. I like Seo's art and I like this sort of harem story. so try it and decide for yourself.

LustfulEnvy 2008-07-03 22:17

I loved Suzuka, I think Ill try this one out thanks =3

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