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Dark Paladin X 2014-04-19 22:23

Dub cast for Ben-To recently announced at Sakura-Con:


Lead Cast
SATO – Austin Tindle
SHAGA – Morgan Garrett
YARIZURI – Trina Nishimura
OSHIROI – Felecia Angelle
Supporting Cast
SHIRAUME – Tia Ballard
NIKAIDO – Ian Sinclair
ENDO – Chris Rager
UCHIMOTO – Keith Kubal
YAMAHARA – Josh Grelle
DANDO – Patrick Seitz
ABURASHIN – Christopher R. Sabat
KANESHIRO – Marcus D. Stimac
ASEBI – Lindsay Seidel
MATSUBA – Caitlin Glass
GOATEE – Scott Freeman
HERACLES – Clifford Chapin
ADR DIRECTOR – Joel McDonald
ADR ENGINEER – Cris George

Murakami Kai 2015-02-14 10:48

I haven't kept up with this, but how did Ume get to be a main when her only skill I saw was being a perfect candidate for Lesbos Nazis of the century for hitting the MC all the time? And if so, she must have been through a lot with him to even get an ending with him.


Originally Posted by 00Coyote (Post 3919532)
This fact annoys me to no end. Every male MC is the same, same character design, same personality, same generic background, seemingly mass produced in some sweatshop assembly line and imported into anime. In order not to hate and rage against practically every male MC in anime, I'm forced to call "respectable" those MC that I'm not actively cheering for their sudden, violent and permanent death.

"Congratulations, you pass. I don't hate you enough to kill you."

"Err gee ... thanks."

It's this kind of Tumblr Feminazi generalizations of male characters that forces me to not take many people seriously.

leoninoscp 2015-07-31 15:51

How ended the light novel?

DeliriousEagle 2015-08-01 08:24


Originally Posted by leoninoscp (Post 5608689)
How ended the light novel?

Go to page 111

thatoneguy 2015-08-10 23:09

i know that this question had probably already been asked a lot, but just wondering if anyone is, or has plans in the future to translate this novel?

Hanafi Bouchebout 2016-01-31 15:20

One of the Greatest Series ever :)

Akinosei 2016-03-05 11:43


Originally Posted by DeliriousEagle (Post 5073281)
Well here is the Volume 11 summary as not sure if its been already posted. Am half-asleep right now.

Spoiler for Volume 11:

Well time for what i got for Vol 12

Vol 12 is an epiloque after the confession between sen and sato. It basically is a multiple ending for you to choose freely as your wish who is going to end up with sato.

There are 6 main heroine for this vol.
Shaga Ayame,
Yarizui Sen,
Shiraume Ume,
Yarizui Marika,
Hirobe Ran,
and Sawagi Kyou

Spoiler for Ume:

Spoiler for Hirobe:

Spoiler for Marika:

Spoiler for Sen:

Spoiler for Shaga:

Best i can give you sorry. Now for the visuals.

Spoiler for Faceless chick:

Spoiler for Ume has nice buns:

Spoiler for Cute:

Spoiler for I already forgot who she is:

Spoiler for Season 2 never:

Spoiler for Higher quality cousin:

Spoiler for Best girl Kyo:

Spoiler for Volume 12 cover:

This is all i can give you and most likely all i will ever be able to find. Hopefully someone else one day will come and expand upon volume 12. I find it amusing i even forgot about the series sadly.

Thanks for this~

Though I don't see Kyou's spoiler here, only the visual..

Anyway, I envy him in Sen's imouto ending.. The lucky bastard

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