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Kairin 2011-01-20 13:06

Madoka Magica - Episode 03 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Madoka Magica, Episode 03.

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Mef 2011-01-20 13:11

The first real episode.

Kanon 2011-01-20 13:16

Spoiler for episode 3:

The ED is very dark. Literally :heh:

sirn 2011-01-20 13:27

Holy shit.


jeena32449 2011-01-20 13:36

WTF??? :frustrated:

Story is very dark, i'm shocked :upset:

CrowKenobi 2011-01-20 13:42

Well, we've been waiting for the other shoe to drop... :uhoh:

aeriolewinters 2011-01-20 13:48

Riflewielder dies first again... Lockon, Mikhail, now this...

Arabesque 2011-01-20 13:49


Originally Posted by Kanon (Post 3447372)
The ED is very dark. Literally :heh:

Yeah, it was quite hard making out what was going on there. But I guess it fit the mood :heh:


Originally Posted by sirn (Post 3447382)
Holy shit.


''My heart is breaking because people call this Chidamari Sketch''

My ass. How was this a '' heart-warming happy story''? UROBUCHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

Originally Posted by jeena32449 (Post 3447387)
Story is very dark, i'm shocked :upset:

Well the show is nicknamed Chidamari Sketch after all :p

Midonin 2011-01-20 13:50

Spoiler for Madoka Magica 03 - Skyblue gradation:

Mentar 2011-01-20 14:01

This may sound pretty heartless, but whoever is really _shocked_ about this development hasn't been paying attention. Whoever holds Kyubey in high regards should take note what his sole priority was during the crisis. And at the end I really felt like bitchslapping Sayaka. "Give it back! This is Mami's..." - and THIS is what matters now? Your life has just been saved TWICE - from the witch, and from being contracted by force - and that's your idea of gratitude?

What a little kid.

Interesting though that the truth came out in a blatant way BEFORE either committed. What's going to push them into the meat grinder now?

Arabesque 2011-01-20 14:22


Originally Posted by Midonin (Post 3447408)
Spoiler for :

Spoiler for :


Originally Posted by Mentar (Post 3447422)
What a little kid.

To be fair, she is a little kid.

Originally Posted by Mentar (Post 3447422)
Interesting though that the truth came out in a blatant way BEFORE either committed. What's going to push them into the meat grinder now?

I suppose revenge? Or perhaps the desire to continue on ''honoring'' her memory (though from what I understood, she hated being a MG) or perhaps wishing for her to come back to life.

chou 2011-01-20 14:24

Mami ;__; After her "I'm not alone" speech, it was obvious things weren't going to go well for her.

Also, the ED is a little creepy.

edit: Oh hey, the end card is by the Sumaga/Axanael artist! It's also extremely out of place after this episode wwww

Yuna Amakura 2011-01-20 14:24

I don't think dark is the right word. I'm completely skeptical about words such as dark and complex. Maybe her death brought a heavier tone to the scene, but it is up to the next episode to carry on that tone.
I was kinda shocked with how the scene took place, but not with the result and I didn't find it sad at all. At least I think it was too soon for it to happen, hence I can't feel anything for Mami.
Anyway, loving the music, as I knew I would.

Midonin 2011-01-20 14:25


Originally Posted by Arabesque (Post 3447452)
Spoiler for :

Being unlike me is the last thing I'd want. Thanks for pointing that out before I fell too deep into that. But in this case, the conflict of light and darkness is more about fanbase reactions than the show itself. Far too often I've seen people confuse "dark" and "gravitas", and trying to pull a show so far in the direction of "dark" that it loses itself. The good writing of this one, I think, means that won't happen, though it is true I still want some hope and light in there.

My point about optimism wasn't about it not being a good show - I can tell that it is - but more that I hope things ultimately turn out not in complete "dark" territory.

Seihai 2011-01-20 14:27

Btw. did we just witness the first magical girl to die, like, ever?


Originally Posted by Mentar (Post 3447422)
And at the end I really felt like bitchslapping Sayaka. "Give it back! This is Mami's..." - and THIS is what matters now? Your life has just been saved TWICE - from the witch, and from being contracted by force - and that's your idea of gratitude?

Gratitude aside, Mami's death had more significance than the fact that they got saved at least for them, in that instant. It's fairly understandable imo. Sayaka didn't witness Homura's entrance before, too, which I think confirmed that she is not evil nor has ill intentions. Plus Homura's unchanging attitude towards them which Sayaka disliked from the beginning. And maybe it looked to Sayaka as though Homura was just waiting for her chance, or something. Since she didn't know she was immobile.


What a little kid.
Well, yeah.

panzerfan 2011-01-20 14:37

I have only the following lines to say regarding what I've witnessed...


Originally Posted by Prolog im Himmel, Faust

I thank you; for not willingly
I traffic with the dead, and still aver
That youth’s plump blooming cheek I very much prefer.
I’m not at home to corpses; ’tis my way,
Like cats with captive mice to toy and play.

And this is not the first magical girl that I've seen to die, although she is the first to die so early. Daigouji Gai, although also removed about as early on, is kind of a Magical Girl, but he fits the bill as a mecha pilot counterpart.

momobunny 2011-01-20 14:39

I was wondering when something like this would happen. I just didn't expect it to be so soon.

Mentar 2011-01-20 14:45

Well, I was always suspicious of Mami because she made the pitch for becoming a Magical Girl even though it was blatantly obvious that it’s a sucker deal at best, and a lingering death sentence at worst. She partially redeemed herself in this episode, because she was coerced into the MG life without any choice, and she was suffering the LONELINESS of it. So this is what she had to gain: Friends. It doesn’t fully absolve her in my eyes from encouraging other girls to jump into the same deadly mess she’s in, but I can understand where she is coming from. She's a victim, too. R.I.P.

So much for Kyubey – for those who still believe in him. His only interest during the crisis was to contract Madoka and Sayaka. The parallel between him and Mephisto in Faust is now clear as daylight.

I guess Kyubey will now start to put pressure on Madoka's and Sayaka's loved ones. Expect Madoka's mom to run into vocational troubles, and a rapid decline in Kamijou's health.

panzerfan 2011-01-20 14:54

Having said that Mentar, Mephistopheles is not a mere caricature of what is evil.


Originally Posted by MEPHISTOPHELES, Act 0
No, Lord! I find things there, as ever, in sad plight.
Men, in their evil days, move my compassion;
Such sorry things to plague is nothing worth.

And then this...

Thou fool, go in and comfort her! When such a head as thine no outlet knows, It thinks the end must soon occur. Hail him, who keeps a steadfast mind! Thou, else, dost well the devil-nature wear: Naught so insipid in the world I find As is a devil in despair.
In fact, the humanity in the avatar of the serpent is very fleshed out. To that end, I can say that Kyubey seems much more alien, with his inexpressive facade.

Found this image on 4chan... I think the parallel is not lost to most after all.

redgrnbluylw 2011-01-20 15:02

Honestly, I was VERY shocked by this episode. There I was, thinking "Oh there goes Mami kicking ass as usual", but the end really caught me off guard. At first I thought the witch seemed way too easy that episode, and it turned out it really was the case. And her past was very sad as well, she was pretty much forced into her situation. But she will be missed, I hope she has a cameo appearance later this season or something.

Now I'm ABSOLUTELY convinced Kyuubey is evil!

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