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Wavie 2004-04-13 11:02

Animeplay DVD Poll - PoI, DoL, AP
I have played all 3 of these Animeplay dvd's. (IT AINT HENTAI... no hentai in it what so ever)

Dont vote if u aint played any yet buy it and give it a go :P.

For a note i have been a fan of anime for years but there has never been a game that is non-hentai... all 3 of these animeplay dvds are and i have to say all 3 are very well done and more than worth the money... you can get phantom of inferno for 15 pound (25$) and its more than worth it as are the other ones.

Phantom of Inferno

This game is totaly amazing i have never played a game or watched an anime this good. Its interaction... you play the main character in the game then choose an option and the story takes place from there... it goes on for about 20 hours in total... I found myself playing this game non stop... Believe me you will want to buy more animedvd animeplay dvd after you have played this. You are zwei and have lost your memory and are being trained to become an assasign... along the way you meet a few girls and depending on what you decide to do can change the story... you can choose one route in which you end up on your own, go with a certain girl, become a killer, it all depends on you and its more than worth the money. You would not be dissappointed after buying this game.

**** INFO ON Phantom of Inferno from website ****

A great new interactive anime game from Hirameki International, welcome to the advent of AnimePlay DVD, anime animeplay dvd that you play not on a Windows computer, but on any standard DVD player. Use the DVD controller to control the game and make choices as you progress through the advanced story amd enjoying the beautiful game art and characters!

Assassinations by the Mafia occur repeatedly in the underworld. Rumors of a mysterious organization called "Inferno" and its most powerful assassin named "Phantom" begin to surface. A young man embarked on a trip alone to the United States and runs into "Phantom" by accident. "Phantom" turned out to be a young girl about the same age as him. Erasing the young man's memories of his past, the "Phantom" trains him to become one of the top assassins in the organization. In a violent and lawless world, his journey begins...

Playing the role of a student from Japan who sees something he's not supposed to see, you're thrown into a world of guns, cars and organized crime. As you progress through the multi-path game story, populated by beautiful women, violent thugs and an action-packed story with many different outcomes for great replay value. Experience interactive anime on DVD today!


Day of Love - Less interactive options than phantom of inferno... altho still good.


Amusement Park - Great game worth the money still not up to par with phantom of inferno.

Only gave info on phantom of inferno as that is best out of the 3... if you want to find more info on other 2 animeplay dvd type in....

Animeplay DVD on google

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