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NeoSam 2009-12-19 13:20

The shounen horror manga Shiki by Ono Fuyumi (original work & original concept) and Fujisaki Ryuu (drawing) will be getting an anime adaptation.

The manga is based on the horror novel Shiki that's authored by Ono Fuyumi.

An official site for the anime has opened:

Manga and novel:



The horror novel Shiki by Ono Fuyumi was originally released by Shinchosha in two parts in 1998.

Covers of the two novel parts:

Author: Ono Fuyumi

The shounen manga adaptation of the novel is serialized in the shounen manga magazine Jump Square.
Currently there are 6 volumes released of this manga.

Covers of the manga:

From MangaUpdates:


This series is about a village with a population of about 1300 people, and during one fiercely hot summer, many mysterious incidents happened one after another...
Original Work & Original Concept: Ono Fuyumi
Drawing: Fujisaki Ryuu

Genre: Shounen, Horror, Supernatural


Source: MoonPhase Diary


Winner of Animesuki 2010 Choice Award for Best Horror/Mystery Anime

Solace 2010-01-07 14:43

PV is up on the site now. Obviously not actual animation. :heh:

Hopefully they'll do the manga justice though. It's rare to get a more "realistic" vampire story in anime.

White Manju Bun 2010-01-07 19:08


Ono Fuyumi = epic win

Ooo the cover of the second manga is creepy! This is so on my "cant wait" list. Only thing that worries me is there are only like 19 or so manga chaps out, makes me wonder if theyll do a novel adaptation or just animate what the manga has out.

Crontica 2010-01-09 02:53

First impression: "Holy shi- Furudorika Berntaskel!?.. Lelouch!? Tantei Anime!?"

This is going to be epic and would wash away the bad aftertaste of Umineko.

Riza-chan 2010-01-09 11:25

I like the manga a lot, can't wait to see this animated.

amrul 2010-01-09 12:56

not related in anyway with kara no kyoukai, eh??? lol

reminds me of ryougi shiki...

Lacrimosa 2010-01-15 22:39

Ohh damn, I love this manga. Hope the anime will be able to do the art justice. <3

Haya_chan 2010-01-22 21:43

I'm looking forward to this anime and I'm dying to know which seiyuus are going to work in this. Does anyone know?

White Manju Bun 2010-01-23 17:02


Originally Posted by Haya_chan (Post 2880327)
I'm looking forward to this anime and I'm dying to know which seiyuus are going to work in this. Does anyone know?

I dont know about the offical site but nothing is listed on ANN who doesnt even have an anime page for this yet.

Dextro 2010-01-23 20:46

This sounds interesting and like Crontica it has a real potential of washing away the less than great after taste of Umineko.

Another one on my watchlist :)

Zwei 2010-01-24 12:10

I remember dropping the manga around 2 years ago. I should give it another go (after all, my tastes have changed since then...).

Bea Rabbit 2010-01-26 07:17

heard about these from a current scanlator who scans Pandora Hearts BD
I donnow that this manga too popular and become animated.
Imma gonna read before the anime.
thanks for the info anyway.

sapphire-pyro 2010-01-27 09:11

Ugh, I need to catch up on the manga....

And I remember seeing aniplex animating this . . . . I don't remember an anime by aniplex that didn't have nice animation~

the.Merines 2010-02-04 09:08

There's a PV up on the official site.
That's what I get for not thoroughly reading the thread...

SMT 2010-02-04 09:36

Was already posted.

I'd rather like a pv with actual animation. Will be watching this cause I love stories with mystery/horror elements.

Leo_Otaku 2010-02-05 01:29

any idea on when this is set to be realeased? Spring summer or fall?

I've read a bit of the manga seems interesting I would love to see it animated.

Westlo 2010-02-06 16:29

Shiki got confirmed to be a noitaminA series, and the noitaminA block is now 1 hour long so it will air 2 shows per cour.


Originally Posted by dtshyk
According to the official twitter, Fuji TV's timeslot noitaminA will soon run for a whole hour, showing two series per season instead of the previous single one.

This renewal of the timeslot coincides with the recent announcements of numerous noitaminA series - Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei, the live-action version of Moyashimon, Saraiya Goyou, and Shiki which has just been confirmed as a noitaminA series.

Yamamoto Koji, the chief editor of noitaminA, disclosed in his twitter that Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei and Saraiya Goyou will be aired together from this April.

Source: noitaminA Official Twitter, noitamina chief editor's twitter

Story by Ahuri

With Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei and Saraiya Goyou to air this April, it looks like Shiki should be this summer season.

LKK 2010-02-06 16:41

^^ I wouldn't automatically assume that Shiki will run for 2 episodes per cour based on that announcement. Another conclusion could be drawn. Such as: Shiki will run 1 episode alongside another as-yet-unannounced noitaminA show.

Leo_Otaku 2010-02-07 01:58

summer damn that is quite a long wait :(

Zu Ra 2010-02-07 09:35

As soon as I read horror I was curious. The plot seems interesting reminiscent of Higurashi . The art style is quite neat esp loved Vol 3 <splr> and Vol 5 <splr> Covers .

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